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Baby Hao Re is a big eater!!!

I like the idea of starting baby with solid food. As I see this a very important milestone for baby, a sign that baby has grown up. I have been waiting and waiting for the day to come.

When baby Hao Re was close to 5 months old, he showed signs of readiness for solid - able to sit up/hold head up unassisted, do not have tougue-thrust reflex, turn away from bottle when has enough milk, interest in our food (very excited when me and hubby are eating), double of birht weight. So without any delay, I started baby Hao Re on commercial iron-fortified rice cereal (Nestle) when he was 5 months old.

First he only took a few teaspoons full and that was all he is willing to swallow, and milk time was still the same as the old schedule. This continue (same when he was at the Infant Care Centre) for 1 week. On the second week, his teacher said he can eat like 2-4 tablespoon full, and that's a lot! On week 3 onwards, teacher can already replace rice cereal as one of his milk feed, with 4 tablespoons of rice cereal mix with Enfalac A+, and between week 3 and 4, gradually increased to 2 feeds of rice cereal per day. I only bought the plain rice cereal. But at the Infant Care Centre, they have all sort of flavours and Hao Re was lucky that he doesn't have to stick to that boring plain rice cereal. At week 4, teacher also let him tried brown rice cereal.

It's all became very excited when Hao Re turned 6 months old, as I can start to let him try other food, i.e., fruit and vegetable purees! I went to Courts and get a Braun hand-held blender. And here I go, I am ready to make puree for Hao Re!

The first puree that I made was the avocado puree. Well, won't say Hao Re likes it, but he is willing to eat and doesn't reject it, and so I think he is already a very cooperative baby. I applied the "4 days waiting" rule (though didn't follow strictly though) to monitor for any reaction he might have. The next one I made was Japanese sweet potato puree, and huala.... he LOVES it! I guess because it's sweet. At the same time, teachers have started to give him blended porridge with fish and vege (carrot, pumpkin, and spanish) for lunch, and very small piece of fruit (papaya, banana and apple) to try out. According to Teacher Kwan(with 10 years experience in infant care) , it is good to start baby with puree and porridge at the same time, so that baby will not be only liking the sweet taste of the puree. I don't have to cook the porridge, and since Hao Re is willing to eat, why not!

The list of the puree that I made getting longer and longer. Until today, fruit/vegetable purees baby Hao Re has tried avocado, Japanese and local sweet potato, pumpkin, banana, apple, and baby green pea. And I have bought Chinese spanish (yuan chai) and carrot to let baby Hao Re to try out in the next few days.

Intially he only took a few teaspoons. But from this week onwards, he can eat a lot already, like 1 whole avocado, 1 whole banana, 1 whole apple, a quarter of (small) pumpkin, 1 medium size sweet potato. And he gets very excited when he knows that I am going to feed him puree. We think he might become very fat very soon :-) as he is taking 4 feeds of Enfapro A+ (210ml each), 2 feeds of rice cereal/porridge and 1 feed of fruit/vege puree everyday. Isn't this a lot for a 6+ months old baby!?!?!!

Oh, and yes, the funniest part of all is when baby Hao Re has had enough of the food, he first closes his mouth tightly, then blows bubble, then shakes his heads. With all these obvious NO signs, I know when exactly I should stop feeding.

And also, starting a couple of days ago, he got very annoyed if I have already put him into the high chair, but there was no sign of his bowl of food yet. He will make a lot of noise and bang on his table. Haha, cute, sometime I purposedly delay giving him food so to see his angry face :-)

Hao Re is a big drinker for plain water also. Thanks to my mum who introduce water to Hao Re since he was only a few days old. When I feed him solid (cereal or puree) he can drink like 150-200ml of water! Truly thanks to this wondeful water, that Hao Re has never had any constipation problem.

Anyway, I am a happy mum to see my little Hao Re happily exlporing new food everyday!
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Baby Hao Re first tooth

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Satu gigi.......

Finally, baby Hao Re first tooth is out!!! I can already feel the tooth out of the gum since last week. Instead of the usual two, baby Hao Re only has one so far. We are so lucky that Hao Re was not cranky at all despite teething. We don't have to give him anything to release the uncomfort. But the usual "symptoms" were observed, like drooling (A LOT!) and bitting on whatever he can get. I remembered he had a bad week in late June, with mild fever and mild diarrhaea. According to my mum, it could be due to teething. Wonder when will the 2nd tooth come out.......
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Finally start blogging.......

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The Start of the Journey of Blogging......

I have been wanting to blog, to pen down the growing up of my little darling, baby HAO RE. But being a first time mummy, and a full time working mum, with no helper at home, this thought had been dragged and dragged and dragged.......

Finally, now, after 6.5 months, I finally created an account, on the 24th July 2008, and here I am, I am now a blogger! I hope I can continue blogging.... what, baby Hao Re, you have something to say???.......oh, not good enough...... em, let me rephrase - okay, I promise I will try my best to write a blog at least once a month, as long as I have time (and energy) at the end of the day.
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