Dr Keoy Soo Shin, Consultant Paediatrician & Neonatologist

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Hao Re's paediatrician at TMC

I mentioned in one of my previous posts that I am going to say something about Hao Re's PD's Dr Keoy. When I was reading and posting at the SM forum, we mummies have contradictory views on Dr Keoy.

I have to admit, I was not very impressed by his professionalism at the beginning. My hubby said he has this sleepy look, not sure if he is fully awake or not when seeing baby :-) When Hao Re went back to his clinic for the 1st check up, he was diagnosed with very high level of jaundice, and need to be admitted immediately. From then on, I can sense that he is indeed a very caring doctor. He arranged for Hao Re the immediate admission, talked to and made sure the sister-in-charge understood the urgency and seriousness of Hao Re's situation, although there was a long queue outside. Hao Re's jaundice level was so high that he has to be on 4-way phototherapy (usual is 2-way, and more serious case is 3-way, but Hao Re needed 4-way!), and Hao Re was on drip also for his dehydration (high level of jaundice was mostly because of the dehydration). After that, he came to the ward and checked on Hao Re every 2 hours or so until the jaundice level had gone down to safety level. And thanks to his "sleepy" look, he was very cool and calm all the time, which really helped in calming me down.

We went back to his clinic for the 6-in-1, pneumococcal and rotavirus jabs. He was very patient with baby. He checked Hao Re thoroughly on every occasions, and when administered jabs, Hao Re didn't cry out loud, the most cried for a few seconds and that was it. Dr Keoy knows and understands babies, he knows how to handle and calm down babies. And he is absolutely right to comment, after assessed Hao Re when he was 5+ month at that time, that Hao Re is a very active baby and would start crawling and walking very soon. Very true, Hao Re started crawling at 6 months, and started cruising at 7+ months, and his first step can be anytime from now!

Adding to that, there was a recent case, whereby a friend of mine, whose husband was posted to China. My friend and baby joined the daddy when baby was ~3 months. Unfortunately baby was diagnosed with uninary tract infection when he was 6+ months. She was totally helpless as they are at small rural town, not big city, so no PD to advise. She called to one of the clinics at TMC, where his baby's used to see the PD, the nurse refused to transfered call, and kept saying the PD is very busy and would not take phone enquiry, despite the fact that they have the clinical history of the baby. I asked my friend to try Dr Keoy, as I really think he is a very caring and kind PD. True enough, Dr Keoy answered her call and explained to her patiently what should she do for her baby etc. As my friend was calling from China, the line was cut off a few times, but Dr Keoy never lost his patient, repeatedly picked up the calls, and helped my friend along! She was really grateful for Dr Keoy, as it's very reassuring to have advise directly from a PD rather than reading info from website or get advise from friends/family.

Of course it's up to everyone's personal liking and experience to judge the professionalism of a doctor. To me, I am convinced Dr Keoy is a good doctor, and he will continue to be Hao Re's PD until when Hao Re is ready to see GP or when finishes all his jabs.

Thank you, Dr Keoy, for taking care of baby Hao Re.
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Lost track......

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Since when baby Hao Re managed to pull himself to sitting position?

A pair of very blur mummy and daddy!!! We lost track one of Hao Re's development milestone. I think it's because Hao Re doesn't follow the "normal route", i.e., flip, sit, pull himself to sit, crawl, stand, pull himself to stand, cruise and walk. For Hao Re, he did this instead - flip, sit, crawl, stand, pull himself to stand, either pull himself to sit or cruise (not sure the sequence), then now learning to walk.

Only yesterday, mummy suddenly realised, yeeeee, Hao Re can sit up by himself already from crawling position. Probably he already did this many days ago? I really don't know. Have to be more observant!

Hao Re is kind of very stable now in term of sit, crawl and stand. He hasn't fall and knock for a couple of weeks already :-) Less worry for mummy (for daddy, it's okay to let him fall so he learns :-P)

Mummy promises I will not miss your 1st step walking. Good work baby, and JiaYou!!!
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Claping "hands"

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Playing and cruising

Got this "hands" thingy long time ago, now it has become Hao Re's toy. He was initially gotten very excited when we made sounds with the "hands". Later he found out how to clap the "hands", and see how agressive he was......... And see he managed to stand with 1 hand holding to the sofa, and later started to cruise along....... My dear boy boy, mummy loves you so much, muak muak!!!

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A different weekend spent!

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Hao Re changing his routine + an extremely exhausted mummy

This weekend is somehow different from the past weekends for a few things:

1. Hao Re is changing his routine??> Baby Hao Re refused to take the morning and evening nap. Ended up he only took ONE afternoon nap from 12-2pm for both Saturday and Sunday. Baby as young as this can remain active for not sleeping for 7 hours! But then he slept pretty soundly from 9am to 7am to the next morning. So total 12 hours of sleep (which is not too bad for a 7-month baby), and 12 hours of play and eat. Mummy became extremely exhausted because daddy has to work on both days. So only left with mummy to play with this very active baby for 12 hours a day! Really have to salute those SAHM........

2. Didn't go out much, stay at home 1/2 day on Saturday and full day on Sunday> For the past few months, since Hao Re was 3 months old, we went out on almost every weekend, either to the park, swimming, shopping, meeting friends etc. This is the only weekend when baby and mummy spent most of the time at home. Partly because daddy was tighted up with work, and partly because of the rain.

3. Hao Re stands up with 1 hand and cruises more and more......This little baby is really so daring to try out new things. Because he was holding his toy with 1 hand, doesn't want to let go of the toy, and so he attempted to pull himself up with 1 hand, and he did it!!! He was soooooooooo active all the times, and moved non-stoppingly. Cruised/walked more and more steps and stood for longer and longer, and at the time he was not at the standing position, was on his all four to crawl, rarely sit still and play. What a active baby! He doesn't like his exersaucer so much nowadays as he learns that when mummy put him into the exersaucer would mean mummy has to do something and he has to be "locked" inside.

4. Hao Re caught a cough
> Baby got a cough. The first cough heard on Wednesday, but because we didn't hear the phlegm, so we thought we could continue to observe for a little longer. Finally brought him to see a PD at Jurong West (as we were near there for some reason, see point 5), not his own PD, Dr Keoy at TMC, as it very super long queue at Dr Keoy'c clinic on Saturday. Was told by this PD that baby Hao Re has a sensitive nose, and hence it's very easy for baby to get infection, which could lead to bronchitis or other complication if not treated promptly. The PD is very talkative and he has a pretty long chat (~20 min) with us (think because we were the last patient for that day). When I was thinking he is kind of nice...... I changed my mind when I saw the bill - $70 for consultation and $60 for medication (2 for the cough, 1 antibiotics) - even more expensive than Dr Keoy at TMC!!! I will stick to Dr Keoy, but will try to avoiding Saturday (Dr Keoy is a really good doctor, will tell the story later).

5. Baby contest at Jurong Point by Channel 8
> Was very excited to know about this contest. It's for baby boy only from 7-12 months. We planned to be there early, but finally reached Jurong Point at 9.45am, and it's already very long queue. The show only took in 50 registrations, and we got no.90. Though I wanted very much for Hao Re to participate in the contest (as I think my baby is the cutest :-)), but we gave up when we got the no. We brought Hao Re to Jurong Point was also for the PD consultation for his cough, as we thought there was a PD clinic in Jurong Point, but found out it has moved. Ended up we randomly found out this PD at Jurong West and brought him there (see above). My hubby was not comfortable for Hao Re to see GP (only GP available at Jurong Point at the newly renovated B1, no more PD).

With these notes, it kind of highlighted what's happening over the weekend. Look forward to the next weekend....... hopefully daddy will be at home, and so mummy can be more relax :-0
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Cruising @ taking steps by holding on to something

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An active baby boy!

Since a couple of days ago, Hao Re started cruising. This is really a BIG milestone for Hao Re!

Hao Re' s daddy (and mummy, and Jiu Jiu) already started "training" him to stand and to walk since 5-6 months (or even earlier, can't remember clearly) by holding Hao Re's arm, and he is very happy when we do this. He managed to stand very stably with support, and managed to walk pretty well with us holding his arm, it's "adult-like" walking, raise his leg one by one and move step by step, think he's mimicking us :-)

Since Hao Re was 6-7 months, he was trying very hard to stand up (after mastering his flipping, sitting and crawling skills) on his own by holding on to something, like the coffee table, sofa, tv console, etc, etc. After practicing for a couple of weeks, he is now able to stand up pretty effortlessly, as of when and where he wants to stand up (in fact, he does this very often). What he likes to do most now is to pull himself up to standing position, then try to grab whatever he can reach and bite on it (e.g., remote control, phone, book, etc).

Just the last couple of days, we observed Hao Re actually MOVE a few steps! The first time we saw that was when he was standing up holding to the sofa, he moved 2-3 steps in order to reach to the remote control. Then I saw him moving from the coffee table to the sofa (which were placed just very close). Yesterday morning, when I put him into his cot (with the side raise up to the highest position of course, can't let him do the gymnastic stunt and fall off from his cot again), he was happily holding on to the side and cruise from one end to the other, and with the evil smile on him...... ohhh, naughty boy! When I asked his teachers, yes, they observed the same thing, they saw him cruising already!

Like what Hao Re's PD, Dr Keoy pointed out, Hao Re is not afraid to try out anything. With this characteristic (or personality?), he learns things really fast. I see it as a very positive and good thing, although it means more effort from mummy and daddy to look after him and to fulfill and provide opportunity for his urge to learn and explore new things.

I asked hubby - is it likely that Hao Re starting to walk before he turns 8 months, and thus becoming the youngest walking baby that I know of (beating mummy's record at 9 months).

Will keep updating about Hao Re's walking journey :-)
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Hao Re now has 4 teeth

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2 down 2 up

Just realised a couple of days ago the 2 upper teeth has popped, now can see 2 white lines on his upper gum, maybe half a millimeter ! His first 2 teeth at the lower gum has grown bigger to a few mm already and quite visible, but don't think his teeth is considered big. Now the 2 upper one will be growing, and soon Hao Re will be able to bite and eat more food. Hope mummy's or daddy's finger/body will not be his first thing to bite on when all 4 teeth have grown to reasonable size.

Not able to catch a good photo so "show off" his teeth...... will try and try and add in here whenever mummy managed to catch a good photo.
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Mama's best friend - Mickey Mouse

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Is Mickey also Hao Re's best friend?

The lovely Mickey Mouse is mummy all time favourite. Mummy made daddy to buy a lot of Mickey Mouse gadget, like the Mickey Mouse phone in the photos below (it's functional one that we really DO use it). Hao Re is also eyeing on this Mickey Mouse phone. He loves to pull that phone (of course he still hasn't got the strenght, so mummy got it down for him) and then play or "eat" the wiring and phone receiver. So far, this MM phone is one of Hao Re's favourite toys.

My friends teased me since I like MM so much, they thought I would get MM brand for Hao Re for everything, esp to buy for him a lot of MM clothing. But no, mummy is a very democratic mummy, won't force Hao Re to make Mickey his best friend. It's up to Hao Re to decide if he likes Mickey or not. BUT, mind you, daddy was somehow "forced" to be liking Mickey. So it might end up we have more and more of Micket gadgets at home, if Hao Re decided to be Mickey's fan also!

And note for daddy - don't stop buying Mickey stuff for mummy. Mummy still loves Mickey, though he has to queue after daddy and baby :-)
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New shoes from "Jiu Jiu" and Yi Wen "Ah Yi"

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Why mummy put this thing onto me?

My brother, or Hao Re's "Jiu Jiu" and his gf Yi Wen "Ah Yi" went shopping on the weekend and bought Hao Re a pair of shoes from Cartoon Network. So we tried it on Hao Re, and here is Hao Re's reaction - he was very puzzled what thing is (by the way, the pair shoes which is meant for 6-12 months baby could just barely fit in Hao Re big foot), couldn't stand up properly with the shoes, and kept wanting to "eat" the shoes, haha, funny!

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New game

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Why so funny?!?!?!?

Hubby knocked off work early yesterday. So we picked up Hao Re together at his school. Later hubby told me he kind of arranged his work in such that he could come home early because after reading my previous blog ("Hao Re is affecting mummy's mood"), he wanted to make sure both me and baby are doing well (so very sweet of hubby, thanks, thanks!). This makes me think I should blog more often and "force" him to read my blog :-<

Anyway, after I took bath, I was bringing my soiled cloth to the laundry basket. Hao Re and daddy were playing. Daddy told me Hao Re was so active that he crawled around the living room a few rounds already (maybe he was excited to see his beloved daddy at home?). When I walked pass Hao Re, he looked at my cloth. So I throw the cloth to him, and later I covered his head with the cloth, then he took the cloth down and laughed out loud. This is really a simple and silly game, and Hao Re loves it. So I played with him and daddy managed to capture a shoot.


Baby Hao Re is a happy and lovely baby!

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Hao Re is affecting mummy's mood

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An emotional evening

It is to my huge surprise to find out how much baby Hao Re can affect my mood, for him being just a young baby, still very naive and can't do and say much.

Yesterday when I picked up baby Hao Re from his school, for the very first time, he didn't put on his big smile, and didn't even look at me when I called him. For the past few months, since he can recognize mummy and daddy, he will surely put on his big smile when I/we pick him up from school, without fail. But only yesterday, just yesterday, I didn't get the welcome/hello smile from Hao Re. I wonder if this is a protest from Hao Re to "show face" to me as I was running a little bit late yesterday (close to 7pm, compared to the usual 6-6.30pm).

When we reached home, he was not as happy as he usually is, with a bit of strange behaviour, and he refused to eat pumpkin puree, only took in a few spoons. I thought he could be tired so I tried to put him to sleep, but he refused to sleep too. I continued to play with him, but he also didn't smile/laugh as much as he used to :-( Finally I managed to feed him 180ml of milk and put him to sleep at abaout 8.30pm.

It made me very sad and worry to not to see him as cheerful and happy as usual. I know I am, maybe, just maybe, a little bit over-sensitive, but as far as I know my baby, he is a very happy baby. And why he behaved like that yesterday? And that, made me to worry if he is well or not, and kept appearing in my mind, resulting in having a bad night, kept woking up and checking on Hao Re all night.

This morning when he woke up, he is perfectly all right, and is a happy again, putting on his big smile as before!!! So he is OKAY.

Maybe, or in fact, I was over-sensitive. Hubby is very busy with his work, and so I didn't share my emotion with him yesterday, which made things even worse. When hubby reached home, he has a bad headache, so I didn't get the usual cuddle and kisses from him, which made me more emotional, but I promised I won't give him too much pressure, so I didn't tell him my worry and try to keep it to myself. And maybe, it's also because I am very tired these few days. So I decided to take 1 day off on Thursday to catch up with some good rest.

Make me wonder:

1) Happy mummy = happy baby, or
2) Happy baby = happy mummy, or
3) Happy daddy = happy mummy, or
4) Happy baby + happy daddy = happy mummy???

No. 3 used to be my answer. But now I have 2 men that I love and care most in my life, and so no.4 will be my answer.
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Food, food and food

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You are what you eat :-)

I have introduced so many things for Hao Re for the past 2-3 months. Really glad that Hao Re took all types of food very well, and (finger-crossed) no allergy reaction so far.

Think it is time for me to list down all the food he has taken so that I can keep track of it better and plan a good "food schedule" for Hao Re (e.g., didn't give him avocado for almost a month already).


1. Plain rice cereal (school and home)
2. Rice cereal with mixed vege (school only)
3. Rice cereal with mixed fruits (school only)
4. Rice cereal with (school only)
5. Brown rice cereal (school and home)
6. Oats with prune (home only)

Fruit/vege puree (all given at home only)

1. Avocado
2. Local / Japanese sweet potato
3. Pumpkin
4. Apple
5. Banana
6. Papaya
7. Rock melon
8. Pear
9. Chinese spanish (yuan cai) - the only one Hao Re doesn't like
10. Baby green pea
11. Carrot
12. Watermelon


1. Tofu
2. Chicken streak
3. Fish (ikan kuran) streak

Porridge (all given at school only, mummy hasn't started cooking)

1. with carrot
2. with spanish
3. with pumpkin
4. with fish
5. with fish and spanish
6. with fish and pumpkin
7. with fish and carrot
8. with fish and mixed vege
9. with chicken and carrot
10. with chicken and spanish
11. with chicken and mixed vege
12. with chicken and celery

Think mummy has to work harder in planning out a better schedule for Hao Re, cannot repeat the same food all the time because of conviences :-( And will start mixing vege/fruit when Hao Re reaches 8 months in about 2 weeks time.

Mummy's main aim is for Hao Re to take in as much variety of food (with different nutrition values) as possible so that Hao Re continues to be a healthy baby. Second aim is to "train" Hao Re's taste bud, so that Hao Re gets use to all different types of food, and hopefully later in life, Hao Re will not be a picky eater (mummy and daddy loves food, all kind of food, esp vege, so hope Hao Re will join us in our food hunting). Finaly aim is to make baby Hao Re becoming a chubby baby :-)

Since Hao Re is such an active baby, and is now crawling/standing up/cruising ALL the time (yes, it's all the time, except sleeping and eating), he needs a lot more protein to help him build up his little muscle, and other nutrients to help his brain and body development.

Dear baby Hao Re, let's work hard together!
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A typical day of the week

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On Monday to Friday when Dada and Mama are at work

Hao Re wakes up between 6.30-7am, while we are still zzzzz or while we are getting ready to work.

(Note: Hao Re wakes up later and later nowadays. Record so far is 7.30am).

Hao Re plays on his high chair while waiting for daddy and mummy.

We leaves our house at 7-7.30am for Hao Re's school and us to work.

As it's only a short drive, so Mama usually carries Hao Re and sits at the front seat. Yes, we know this is not good practice, but mama just want to hold Hao Re more.

(Note: Just read that it's actually an OFFENCE to not buckle up baby/toddler in the car seat, and the fine is similar to which when adult get caught for not wearing seat belt)

Hao Re reaches school aka the Infant Care Centre, between 7.15-7.45am. And off he goes, he will eat, sleep and play with his teachers and other babies for the next 10-11 hours.

At school, he usually naps 2 or 3 times, ranging from 30-120 min. And will have 4 or 5 feeds of milk/cereal/porridge and fruit. And the rest of the time? Play and play and play and play......!!! Lots of teachers there to play with him and lots of toys to keep himself entertained.

Mummy (and sometimes together with daddy whenever daddy manages to knock off work on time) picks up baby between 6-6.30pm.

Sometime we stop by the park, which was just downstairs and let Hao Re plays for a while if the weather permits.

Reach home at 6.30-7pm

Play for a while. Give Hao Re vege/fruit puree at 7-7.30pm.

Continue to play until he shows sign of tiredness, i.e., rubbing his eyes and/or start to make fuss. Sleeping time varies from 8 to 10pm. Usually it's between 8.30-9pm.

Give him last feed of milk of the day and he falls asleep right after the feed (with a few nights of exception whereby Hao Re took longer to fall asleep for whatever reason (teething? hot? still want to play?)

Wake up for midnight milk feed between 1.30 to 4am. Mummy won't wake up Hao Re, but to follow whenever Hao Re wants his milk.

Start of another day............
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Time for our 2nd baby?????

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And the answer is...........


We have got more and more of the same question recently - quoted "so, baby Hao Re is growing well, is a well-behaved baby, meaning you can start your 2nd one now?"

To answer this question, one and for all - no, we are not planning for the 2nd one at this moment (and trying hard to avoid any "accident"). We are both working, and it's not easy (and expensive) to have 2 young babies at the same time.

Ideally, we will try for the 2nd one when baby Hao Re is at least 1 year old, or he should be able to walk and talk and understand what Baba and Mama is telling him. Then we can talk about no.2. So confirm baby Hao Re will NOT get a "rat" brother or sister. Maybe an "ox" or a "tiger", hehehe....... Oh yes, Baba always want a baby girl. So we would work hard to get a baby sister for Hao Re in, say, 1.5-2 years from now?
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"Upgraded" crawling skill

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Baby Hao Re is now getting up and crawling on all fours

Since more than a week ago, baby Hao Re can do "push up" to push his body up the floor so that he managed to get up on all fours. Later he tried to move/crawl on his fours, but didn't managed. Few days later, managed to make 1 step forward then fell back to the "commandor"crawling style. Then slowly he moved more and more steps.

Until yesterday, he can crawl on his fours for >10 steps!!! It's really very cute to see him move this way :-) Get to catch some pictures to post (since mummy doesn't know how to post video yet). And he managed to pull himself up to stand position pretty easily nowadays, though he still doesn't know how to sit himself up from a lying down position (think he most likely will skip this step). So we are pretty convinced he will start walking in no time! I really do think it has got to do with his "classmates" at school, as they are all older than him, and some of them are now learning to walk, so he might have learnt that from other babies and wants to walk like them too.
Hao Re is really developing in the very steady and good pace. So we are absolutely very happy about this. Very well done, baby! Mummy and dadday really really love you lots!

Here goes to picture:

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Mama and Baba

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Was Hao Re REALLY calling us that?

A couple of weeks ago, hubby said Hao Re "accidentally" calling him Ba. I was not there to hear it, too bad. Then never heard him making any sound close to ba or ma.

Yesterday when I picked him up from the school, he was very excited (teacher said like a little bit over-excited :-)) and kept making some very funny sounds, something that I didn't hear before, it's not er, oh, ah, it's something very difficult to describe, more adult-like sound.

When we reached home, I put him into the exersaucer, and he was such a good boy that mummy managed to finish cooking a 2 simple dishes for dinner, baby didn't make any fuss at all. Also steamed tofu for him to try out for the first time. I mashed the tofu with fork and gave him as a pre-dinner snack. To my surprise (I tasted some, it's really very bland, pretty yucky taste), he finsihed half a bowl!!! Hubby reached home when Hao Re nearly finished his tofu. Then it's our turn to have dinner. Hao Re sat in his high chair and played with his toys while accompanied us for dinner.

After dinner, I brought him to the bedroom. He was reluctant to sleep, I purposely hold him down and didn't let him move. He was very annoyed and started to make funny sounds again, and then I heard him called out MAAma!!!!!!!!!! I was so intrigued by this. So I hold him down again (evil mummy), and this time he called out PAaaa (daddy not beside him, was taking bath)!!!!!! Since he refused to sleep, we brought him to the living room and played with him till he rubbed his eyes (his sign of wanting to sleep). Gave him milk and he fell asleep right after finished his milk.

Though this is just the very preliminary, but I am convinced baby Hao Re will be able to say his first word very soon!

"Jia You, Jia You, baby!"
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The moment has arrived, when......

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......baby Hao Re fell off his cot!!!

Since Hao Re managed to sit well and pull himself up and stand up stably, I always fear that one day he might pull himself up by holding at the side of the cot, and then fall off from the cot. We have lowered the cot to the lowest position, but because I am short, so cannot pull the side of the cot to the highest position, else can't put baby nicely into the cot.

On Sunday morning (20080810), baby Hao Re woke up about 6.30am, I played with him while he was still in the cot, and later he demanded for milk at 7am+. So I left him in the cot and went off (just a few steps away, in the same room) to prepare milk for him. When I was counting to 5 scoops (he is drinking 7 scoops now) of EnfaPro, I heard him crying in the unusual tone, when I turned around, ha, saw one of his legs "hanging" onto the side of the cot, head down on our double bed, and body in the air (can you imagine the scene?)

Luckily he was not hurt at all, as he fell off to our bed, not the floor (oh no, can't imagine if he fell to the floor). I was kind of prepare for that, so I always pull the cot close to our bed, and lock the roller of the cot. From that day onwards, once I put him down to the cot, I always raise the side of the cot to the highest position, even if he is sleeping, so that this would not happen again.

Wait..... where was daddy? Daddy was still sleeping soundly downstairs, until mummy told him about this later. And we laughed and hugged baby Hao Re tight!

Baby Hao Re, behaves yourself, it's good to be active and like to explore, but mummy doesn't know how to make sure you are safe all the time leh :-( Mummy and daddy will do what we can do, but eventually it's all depending on yourself lor, baby.
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Daddy, mummy and Hao Re

Our family photo

A Jan08 mummy asked why never see mummy's photo in the blog? So here it is, our family photo taken way back when Hao Re was 4 months+, in mid May.

Mummy is as "round" as baby Hao Re, and daddy looks skinny (only piling up on the tummy). Mummy still can't get the weight down, still overweight, before and after delivery :-) But mummy couldn't bother, as long as I am still as healthy and happy. And grandma said that's because baby Hao Re didn't give enough hard time for mummy to suffer, hehe......

Baby Hao Re at that time only have batches of hair here and there, but now hair grows nicely already. One same thing is Hao Re is always a happy baby!
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Hao Re's new toy for this week is......

.......a Step Start Walk 'n' Ride by Playskool

Since Hao Re is very interested in standing up and attempting walking, we wanted to get something to help him achieve this. Walked in to Toy r us, happy to see both the Playskool and FisherPrice Walk 'n' Ride or Walk 'n' play were on sale! Daddy chose the Playskool as he thought walk and ride is better than walk and play.

When got back home, daddy assembled the Walk 'n' Ride and there we were, ready for Hao Re to have a go on it! He is extremely happy to play with this new toy, and I think this Walk 'n' Ride toy will engage his attention for some time. Enjoy, baby Hao Re!

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Hao Re reverts his sleeping time to the usual 8pm

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Constant changing is a normal behaviour in young baby

At the very same day (07082008) when I published the blog on Hao Re delayed his sleep time to 10pm, Hao Re reverted his sleep time to 8pm. Why? I don't know. And don't think I could find out the reason. Just follow the clues he signals every night. Good thing is mummy is able to read Hao Re signals pretty accurately, so usually Hao Re goes to bed peacefully (except a few bad nights) :-)

Initially I thought since baby Hao Re only went to bed at 10pm, he could accompany us to watch the Grand Opening for Beijing Olymphic 2008. But he decided to go bed at 8pm+ that night. Worse still, hubby also had to work late that night due to some unforseen circumstances. So ended up watching the opening with my brother and his gf Yi Wen, and hubby only joined me to watch end part of it, better than nothing.

I wonder, would Hao Re changes his bed time tonight, since now that I have written this blog?!?!?!
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LiveWell Baby magazine Talent Search

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Baby Hao Re, time for you to put up your beautiful smile :-)

I like the LiveWell Baby bi-monthly magazine very much (first copy given in the "Congratulation Package" from TMC), which I now usually manage to get a free copy from either the Kiddy Palace or Guardian. I like the articles, the information is useful and practical, and less commercial ad than other magazines.

In the June/July issue, there was an ad that looking for >6 months old baby to be the magazine cover model. The deal was such that have to go to a appointed photography studio, and they shoot unlimited shoots, and eventually we got 12 copies of the selected photos on CD, no print copy given. Baby Hao Re just managed to sit unsupported at that time, so we thought it will be good if we get some nice pictures of Hao Re, and if he got selected for being the model, that's greater.

Finally received the photos on 080808, after 5 weeks of waiting.

So, here comes the photos:

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Now you see...... now you don't

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Hao Re snacking on sweet potato puree

Try to capture how much puree Hao Re can take at 7 months.

Before...... about 1 medium size of sweet potato (red flesh)
During....... eating and playing
After............... finished all in about 20 minutes.
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Stannnnnnnd up!!!

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Attempting, attempting.......

Since 6 months, baby Hao Re keeps trying to stand up by holding on to something.

Managed to take some interesting shoots yesterday night:

- Chewing/biting the books and holding on to the magazine rack.

- Getting ready to pull himself off with kneeling position.

- 1 of his feet on standing position already

- Here he goes, off the floor!!!

- And managed to reach the books in the inner shelf.

- Still standing strong and playing with the books.

- Still okay........

- Oh no....... falling.....

- Amazingly, baby Hao Re is strong enough to pull himself back and hold on the magazine. He didn't fall! Good boy, well done!

- Continuing to play with the books....... would he turns out to be a book-worm, haha :-)
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