We have been married for 5 years!!!

A blessed journey......

We could never remember the date of our marriage, but luckliy we have the ROM date engraved on our wedding ring. So have to peek on the ring to know the date. It's 28th September 2003. It's been a good 5 years. We are also a bit blur of how many years we have been married, since we knew each other for donkey years - more than 20 years! But funnily, I do remember, for whatever reason, our traditional wedding was on the 20th November 2004.

Didn't do anything to celebrate (as a matter of fact, we don't celebrate anything). So probably it's good to take the opportunity to have a quick look back of the past 5 years........

After knowing each other for so long as best friends, Baba and Mama only started to dating, to "officially" become an "item" since 2000. To cut the story short (Mama can tell you more if you are willing to listen), Baba proposed to Mama when we were in Cambridge, UK. Mama couldn't remember the date (I doubt Baba could). But Mama remembered it's by the River Cam, by the library of Trinity College, one of our favourite spots around Cambridge. Without any delay, of course Mama said yes to Baba, as Baba is the only man that Mama wants to be married to :-) We broke to news to families and friends, none of them were surprised, but only made some of them difficult to adjusting as they can't accept us as a couple...... but they finally did (that's another long story all together.......).

We came back to Singapore for our first job in September 2003. First thing first, before we started working, we ROM-ed, at the Buddhist Association at SS. All 4 grandnies and a bunch of close friends were there to witness. Nothing fancy, just signed on the dotted line and there we formally became husband and wife. Baba was very sweet, he told mummy this - "since we are going to live together in Singapore, it's better we get married so there will be no rumours to hurt your feeling". Well, we have been living together since we were in UK (*naughty naughty*), but then, that's an ang-moh country and everyone is open minded :-)

After we ROM, we started to plan for the traditional wedding, which to us, to grandpas and grandmas, it's a very important event, much more important and meaningful than the ROM. We had a good time planning our wedding, even the actual wedding is kinda fun. As I said, it was on the 20th November 2004.

After 1.5 years working in Singapore, it's time for us to move on. Baba went to Tasmania to further his study. Mama couldn't get a job in Tassy, so ended up spending the next 1.5 years in Sydney. It's not an easy time for us to live in different cities, but it's still better as it's at least closer to each other, and Baba would come to Sydney to accompany Mama during school breaks. Not very exciting in OZ, and we didn't like it there, though it's a good experience to have. So as soon as Baba finished his study, we moved back to Singapore, once again.

Since we got married, your paternal grandpa, ie, Baba's baba, had mentioned to su sooooo many times why don't we have kids, he mentioned until Mama got really upset with him. He never listened to us, we told him we still haven't settle d down at one place, how are we going to have kids? He just doens't understand, or he pretends not to understand.
Like I said, we moved back to Singapore in October 2006. And yes, this time is to settle down, and not going to move anymore. So without the nagging of your grandpa, we planned for our first baby, ie, YOU, baby Hao Re. And bingo, it's as precisely planned, Mama got pregnant with Hao Re exactly the day we planned you to (mummy has to work for 6 months before got pregnant to enjoy the maternity leave, so have to plan carefully, can't let "accident" to happen).

So, since mid April 2007, baby Hao Re is part of Baba's and Mama's life. Mama and Baba got very excited, and the best thing for mama, your baba became more affectionate and more caring, that's a big bonus to Mama :-) Hao Re is a very well behave baby, even when in Mama's (very big) tummy. It's a very smooth pregnancy.

When Hao Re was still in Mama's tummy, Mama and Baba have brought you to fly for the first time, thanks to Hao Re being such a good baby. We brought you to England, to re-visit Manchester and Cambridge, where Baba and Mama had spent the best, so far, 3.5 years of their life, and where Baba proposed to Mama 4 years ago. Mama has lots of picture to show you your first "holiday".

Hao Re decided to arrive on the 4th Jan 2008, 2.5 weeks earlier than the expected delivery date. Hao Re arrived to this exciting and wonderful world, and that changed Baba's and Mama's life forever!!!

Mama and Baba wrote a journal in a A3 size logbook to note down Hao Re's first 9 months in Mama's tummy. Baba and Mama also took a lot of photo since you were born and shared with our families and friends in multiple (http://geneseng.multiply.com/). Then mummy started blogging since 2 months ago. We have the full record to tell you the stories when you grow up, and I do hope you appreciate that :-)

If we look ahead for the next 5 years, very likely we will be living in Singapore, as the way we are now. Mama's job is kind of stable and won't make any move. Baba is working very hard to become a chartered architect. Hope Hao Re will continue to become a good boy and Mama and Baba wish you to grow up happily and healthily. Maybe the biggest plan will be that Hao Re will have a baby sister or brother in 1-2 years time.
I intented to write something only about ourselves in this blog. But it's very hard to do so, I "automatically" have to link Hao Re in our story, and so I think that's the way to be, as we are now a family of 3, and not 2!

Happy anniversary, my dearest hubby, I love you as I always do!
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Hao Re's favourite activity

On Sunday, we brought Hao Re to CSC for a swim, again. Hao Re really enjoys it, and it's really good for Hao Re to get some fresh air and to get some sunlight (for the important vitamine D). We decided to bring Hao Re to swim regularly once a week.

This time round Hao Re became braver, according to daddy. So what daddy did on Hao Re was to immerse Hao Re totally into the water.

This is the first time, but I didn't catch the "going-in" moment, this is the "coming-out" moment:

Daddy tried again, and bingo, this time round, I caught the "going-in" moment perfectly, while body, include head into the water:

Came out with a bit of shock and excitement, still manage to give dadday a smile :-)

Daddy and son relaxing in the Jacuzzi pool after a good 20min swim:

Mummy has to rush them out from the pool as it's getting hot (close to 12 noon) and baby Hao Re didn't put on sunblock:

Daddy went to the adult pool to swim 1 round before we headed home. Swimming story for this week ends here.
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Walk, walking, walked

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Not quite yet, only with the help of a Playskool Walker

Hao Re is still not ready to walk. Mummy was too excited and hoped for too much :-) Since Hao Re can stand freely quite stable for >10 seconds, mummy thought he might be showing his first walk over the weekend. But, no, not happening (though he was braved enough to move his leg half a step a couple of time).

However with the help of a Walker, he manged to walk around the house! The Playskool Walker that daddy bought for Hao Re is finally used for its purpose. The little guy knows how to put his bump down when he's about to fall, and knows how to pull himself up and continued his walking game.

This is Hao Re's current way of "walking":
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New hair cut

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Am I a handsome?

Finally brought Hao Re for a hair cut last Saturday. Well can't say this is the first one, as Hao Re's hair was shaved off when he turned 1 month old (oh ya, talking about that, should take pictures of his "Tai Mao Bi" and post here). Okay, considere this 2nd hair cut, almost 8 months after the first hair cut, can tell how slow his hair is growing.

Surprisingly, Hao Re sat still (moved a bit, but still manageable) and didn't fuss during the entire cutting process. Amazing! Initially I was worrying how could I bring him to the hair saloon for the hair cut seeing that he is such an active baby. This taught me one lesson - no need to worry about things that are not yet happened, just do it and you will know the outcome, rather than keep worrying this and that. I have to remember this lesson.

So, presenting the handsome Hao Re with his new hair cut (to me, he looks more grown up after the hair cut)

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Showing off his crawling skill

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Up you go!

Hao Re has been crawling very well - fast and stable. And he is a happy little crawler. When he is at school, he crawls even more, and the flooring is made suitable for them to crawl.

His new stunt last week was to crawl up the slide! Hao Re is really a very active baby, who likes to explore things and very brave baby, who never scare of trying new things.
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Teething biscuit / rusk

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Why the biscuit didn't want to go into my mouth?

Previously posted a blog on teething biscuit where we introduced Nestle teething biscuit to Hao Re for the very first time. And Hao Re enjoyed it, holding and eating very well with it, but it's kind of messy.....

Learned from Vivien and other mummies that there is this very hard teething rusk from Heinz, it's so hard that it's very good for baby who are teething to "massage" their gum, and also won't make a mess, because, again, that it's so hard that baby can't really eat it, just keeps sucking, licking, biting......

Gave Hao Re to try out. First time, he was not very interested. Put into his mouth for a while, realised he can't really eat the biscuit, he threw it on the floor after a few mintues.

The video below is the second time I gave him to try. He got more interest, and kept on "playing" with the biscuit for a good 10 minutes before he threw the biscuit away. At the end, only managed to eat maybe 1/5 of the biscuit, after the biscuit was turned soft as a results of soaking in Hao Re's saliva. Trust me, this Heinz biscut is REALLY REALLY HARD! Even when I tried to bite on it - no success!


We found that teething biscuit comes in very handy when we are out for a meal. Once our dishes are served, we will give Hao Re one biscuit, and we tuck in our meal. Once we finish with our meal, it's about time when Hao Re gets bored with his biscuit, just the right timing! We only give Hao Re teething biscuit when we are out and need something to distract his attention. Don't give him in other situation, as to me, processed food is still best to avoid as much as possible.
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6 teeth at 8 months

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and more to come.....

Finally managed to capture a photo showing's Hao Re's teeth - 4 well grown plus 2 growing, 4 up 2 down. So far, his teeth look kinda nice :-) Hubby mentioned we should start cleaning Hao Re's teeth since he eats before bedtime and without proper cleaning might lead to decay. '

But how to teach a 8-months old baby to clean/brush his teeth? We have bought the baby toothbrush and toothpaste but still finding out how to do this though. Hope can learn from some one......

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Very, very close to walking

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Rolling over, sitting, creeping, crawling, standing, cruising, and walking

Over the past weekend, we observed that Hao Re was daring to let go of his hand and stood freely for a few seconds, like 2-3 seconds. We were quite excited by his new stunt.

On Tuesday night, he stood freely and stably for like 5 seconds, and then sat down. An improvement.

Then yesterday when I picked him up from his school, I was chatting with the teachers and he continued to play. Then I put him to standing position, and let go of my hands. He stood very stably for a good 10 seconds, and even attempted to move his legs! WOW, my boy is going to WALK very sooooooon!

When we reached home, same thing, I let him stand then let go of my hands, again, he stood for a while and then tried to inched forward his left leg. But he didn't dare to, I think. Hubby saw it for the first time, so got his camera ready to took down this special moment. But Hao Re was not cooperative. He refused to stand anymore once the camera was ready. Too bad, gonna wait for the next time to capture this.

Summary of Hao Re's "movement" development (as much as I can remember/recorded):

4 months - Rolling over back to front, front to back
5 months - Sitting without support
6 months - Creeping (moving by dragging whole body on the floor)
7 months - Pulling himself to stand
7 months 1 week - Crawling (on all fours)
7 months 2 weeks - Cruising
8 months 2+ weeks - Standing freely
8 months 3 weeks (???) - Walking

The most important point of all, that I wanted to say, is that, as a parents, we have never forced Hao Re to acheive this or that. We adopt an open approach, and we are very relax parents, what we do is to provide the right environment for Hao Re to explore and to learn. And to learn and play together with him (e.g., I would crawl together with Hao Re). And I think we are on the right track, are we not?

This has to thank to hubby who is very relax and cool and calm when comes to handling baby. When Hao Re was learning to sit/crawl/stand/walk, he had fell and knocked his head many times, yes, many, numerous times. I panic, but hubby said, that's the way baby learns (though, I am not sure, deep down in his heart, was he actually panicking or can really be so calm, or just pretend to be calm so I don't feel more panic? That I don't know). So when Hao Re saw baba and mama was not panic when he fall, he recovered from the fall very soon, and continued his learning/exploring/playing.

Our aim is for Hao Re to be a happy and healthy baby. We never wish for our baby to be a "super" baby in any sense. He doens't have to be excel in his class, he doesn't need to score many 'A's in his exams, he doens't have to attend extra classes if not something he asks for. Baba and Mama only wish that we have provide enough care and love, and a suitable environment, for Hao Re to be whoever he wants to be........

Gonna stop here, becoming a little emotional now :-)
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Mid-autumn Festival

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Lantern festival at Chinese Garden

This a a back-post. Mid-autumn festival was on Sundy before the last, 14th September 2008.

Didn't do anything special this year, as didn't travel back home for the reunion, and nothing much to do in Singapore really. Except, we went to the Chinese Garden for the lantern festival. It's not that an event we would go, if not for baby Hao Re. Hao Re likes to see lantern, or in general, anything that was hang up above his eye level or anything that is lighten up . So we decided to bring him to see many many lanterns in one single night.

It's raining since in the evening. We were battling whether should we go or not. Finally we went despite the drizzling.

It was not very excited on what's on show, the theme was Hello Kitty, not something that I like and not something my big man and my little man would like either. We just walked through the whole display area to let Hao Re see all the lanterns. Hope he had enjoyed it.

Managed to ask someone to take a family photo for us, so that's good:

It was annouced there would be a firework show at about 8.45pm. So we waited for that. Daddy said this will be Hao Re first sight of firework and wondered how his reaction would be.

And so here is how Hao Re reacted to the loud firework sound - a picture explains a million words - totally shocked and scared when he heard the firework!

Afterwards, got to relax a bit and wathcing the firework show, but would close his eyes tightly whenever hearing a big loud sound.

Ended up it was quite a good night spent, at least something different. And that marked our first Mid-autumn Festival spent with Hao Re.
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Can Hao Re recognise daddy and mummy from a crowd

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Yes, he can!

We went to JB on Saturday to meet up with Uncle Michael and to get some stuff. Went to Jaya Jusco for a walk. Mummy left Hao Re with daddy to do some shopping. When mummy came back to look for Hao Re and daddy, mummy walked passed them without realising. To our great surprise, Hao Re managed to identify mummy through a crowd, and he made a loud "wow wow" sound and banged his hands on his stroller to indicate he saw mummy! Mummy heard his voice and turned back. Hao Re gave mummy a big smile and mummy gave Hao Re a big hug. Such a good boy! Imagine if he can say "mama" already, mummy will be so thrilled!

After that, we daddy was queueing up at the cashier to make payment, mummy was carrying Hao Re and stood a few meters away from daddy. Daddy waved to Hao Re, Hao Re saw daddy, and responded with continuous and exciting waving to daddy, accompanied by funny noise! When later daddy returned from the cashier and carried Hao Re, Hao Re got excited and screamed (yes, a loud scream) besides daddy's ear. Funny, but a torture to daddy's ear, haha!

I was so touched to see how fast and how well Hao Re has grown. And I wish Hao Re will continue to grow healthily and happily with mummy's and daddy's loving care.
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"Swimming" at CSC

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A Sunday morning at the CSC, Bukit Batok

I found out that I am actually eligible to become a member of the Civil Service Club, since I work at a Statutory Board. Mummy received the membership card a week ago.

So for the first time, we went to the CSC at Bukit Batok on Sunday to bring Hao Re for a swim, it's free for member. It is quite a nice place, up on a hill, with a lot of greeneries, very windy and feel very fresh up there. To be honest, it is so much better than the public pool at CCK that we brought Hao Re for a dip last time. We haven't been bringing Hao Re for a swim as he caught a cough after the last swim and the PD linked that to swimming.

Hao Re enjoyed a lot swimming with daddy. Hao Re has accidentally drank a few mouthful of pool water, which mummy is worried that might bring up a cough again (touch wood, touch wood), but then as daddy said don't have to worry so much, just enjoy the great time spent with Hao Re! Both of them were in the water for a good 30 minutes or so (until Hao Re fingers started to wrinkle) and mummy busy being the photographer. We didn't buy any float, as daddy said should let Hao Re to learn the "real" swimming. Daddy is a good swimmer, so mummy is not worried to let daddy in charge of this (note: mummy can't swim :-(). With a few more practicing sessions, maybe Hao Re can manage basic swimming skill already, do you think? Maybe...... or maybe not.....

Warming up session, by splashing the water under the shade:
Continue the splash, now under the sun:
It's time to have a go:Not bad, Hao Re knows how to position his 4 limbs:
Relaxing with daddy, lying down in the water, after some hard kicking around:

Like father, like son - like to post for the camera!
Last few minutes spent in the Jacuzzi pool. Hao Re was simply too excited, as he can't reach the floor, and he kept kicking his legs, so funny:

After the swim, mummy fed Hao Re some cereal by the pool. Then we went to the cafe to have some snack. While daddy was having his chips, this active boy suddenly stood up and grabbed and knocked down the hot mug of coffee. Luckily the coffee was not too hot and didn't get to his body, phew! He did get a shock on this.
When Hao Re reached home, he was so exhausted. Already slept during the car ride. Slept for almost 2 hours, woke up for a milk feed, then continued to sleep for another 1 hour.

Think we should bring him to swim more often, as he likes water and it's a good exercise to help him get fit.
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Daddy and son bonding time

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Bath time!

This blog is especially written for daddy. While mummy being the one who writes all the blogs, daddy felt he wasn't being involved enough in Hao Re's blog. And he is so busy at work that he couldn't possibly have time to blog, so mummy writes on his behalf. Mummy just hope that daddy would find time to read through all blogs patiently and thoroughly, after all, this blog is meant for the Kam family. And mummy won't mind to write on daddy's behalf, as of when requested :-)

So here is what I want to write about. The very special bonding time between daddy and Hao Re - the bath time. Why? That is because since Hao Re was born, daddy is the one who bathes Hao Re, and daddy is doing such a great job on this. Mummy only bathed Hao Re a few times only when daddy is not at home. Daddy is so brave, he takes up this duty happily and enjoys the time with Hao Re. Brave, for that a lot of daddy, in general, don't even dare to take bath, but my dear hubby baths Hao Re since Hao Re was few days old till now. Daddy does this alone, don't need mummy's help, and mummy leaves the two man alone to enjoy their time together.

And you think this is the only thing daddy does? Of course not. Although mummy is considered as the main caregiver at home taking care most of Hao Re's stuff, daddy often offers a good pair of helping hands. Besides that, daddy is the one who cleans the floor, cleans the toilet, sometimes do the ironing, washing dishes etc. Most appreciated of all is whenever mummy needs a late morning, daddy would wake up with Hao Re so that mummy can sleep for an extra 1-2 hours. Hao Re, see, what a great daddy you have!

True, sometime mummy is still not satisfied with all this, and still complains? What for? Only for one reason, i.e., daddy is very busy at work, and often comes home late, and by the time he reaches home, Hao Re already falls asleep, and sometimes even have to work on weekend. Daddy works so hard is also for the good of the family, as daddy is striving hard to do well and get accredited to become a chartered architect. When that happens, both mummy and Hao Re will be so proud of daddy. Mummy knows daddy is trying very hard to have a balance between work and home, but sometimes when mummy was very tired or when mummy really need a helping hand, then mummy starts complaining :-( Dear hubby, I will try very hard to be more understanding, okay! You also have to try to be more relax when at home, okay!

Here are the photos taken for the special daddy-and-son's bonding time:

Preparing for taking bath:

Hao Re, please be more cooperative:

That naughty daddy pours water over my head, yick, can' open my eyes!!!

Playing with the whale which can jet out water, so fun:

Daddy, why can't I catch the water?

Daddy, I haven't had enough yet, can we go in again?
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What happened to my little cutie today?

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Separation anxiety?!?!?!

Hao Re woke up at 6.30am this morning. I was co-sleeping with him after his night feed at 2am. He slept pretty well last night. When he woke up, he was kind of in a good mood, babbled and played with me on the bed for about 10-15 min. Hubby has to go to work earlier today as there is an early morning meeting at the east, so he took MRT to work today.

After I was done, we went downstair. When I was packing Hao Re's bag and my own, he started to "show face" and didn't smile to me since! On the way walking to the car park, he looked very dull and unhappy, and not interested to listen to what I said and see what I pointed to him. And during the car ride, he quietly sat there with a not-so-happy face. Reached his school and passed him to his teacher, until I left, Hao Re still didn't give me a smile, sigh!!! It was totally opposite on a "normal" day - from the time he wakes up till the time I passes him to his teacher, he wouldn't stop smiling, giggling laughing, babbling....... WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU, my dear little darling?

Separation anxiety? Hungry? Not enough sleep? Not in a good mood? Not feeling well? Missing daddy? Have too many things to thing about? Or as simple as mummy being too sensitive?

I wish you could tell me why. Guess I have to stop worrying, maybe can give teacher a call later, and hope when I go to fetch him this evening, my baby will be a happy little cutie again!

(Note: I couldn't wait for the evening. Kept thinking of my baby. So made a call to Teacher Kuan at 2pm. She said Hao Re is OKAY, playing happily, sleeps well, eats well........ So it's just mummy being too sensitive, perhaps :-))
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Started off Sunday with a cut on the finger

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A not-so-good first time experience - bleeding

Hao Re was playing with empty soft drink cans on Sunday morning. We gave him the cans to play many times already. But not aware of the hazard.... it might cut! Yes, it's true, it does cut. Mummy was having a nice late morning nap (a gesture from daddy who woke up at 7am to play with Hao Re). Daddy played with Hao Re initially. Later daddy was working on his PC while Hao Re conitnued to play. Then, Hao Re crawled to daddy and waved his hands to daddy. Daddy at first didn't realise Hao Re got a cut, until later he saw blood! Our dear boy is SO BRAVE, he didn't cry at all, for that he is just a 8 months old baby! Daddy put on the antiseptic and wrapped his little finger with a plaster, and he just sat quietly and let daddy did the job (while mummy was still sleeping :-)). Oh, my dear little darling, you are such a brave boy.

Will try to take a photo and post.

As I mentioned, Hao Re can crawl very fast nowadays. The cut didn't slowly him down on crawling or any other forms of activity. He loves to play hide-and-seek. Previously, mummy went to hide and Hao Re came to look for mummy. This weekend, he learned the game. He actually went to hide, either going to another room or behind the sofa, and let mummy look for him. Once mummy got him, he laughed so loud and excitedly. Clever boy! How I wish I could capture this moment on my video cam. But this precious moment is difficult to be recorded, it's only on our memory.......
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The buzzing Orchard Road and the quaintness of the Botanical Garden

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That's how we spent our Saturday

Last Saturday, daddy wanted to visit a bookshop to look for some reference books. We decided on Kinokuniya. This was the first time we brought Hao Re to the buzzling Orchard Road. Me and hubby are not shoppers. We don't like shopping and especially that branded stuff is a big no-no for us. We are simple persons who like "normal" and simple stuff and only shop for what we need. Therefore, Orchard Road is very unfamiliar to us, we only go to Orchard Road once or twice a year (sometime more frequent if we have visitors). We used to go Orchard Road more often before the arrival of Hao Re, as hubby, the movie lover, likes the Cineleisure, he thought that is one of Singapore's best cinema.

Here we were, at the Orchard Road. Initially we wanted to travel by MRT, as Hao Re has never been on public transport, so we thought it will be another adventure for him. But it was raining, so we have to drop our plan and drove instead. Had our breakfast at the Food Republic at Wisma Atria, we think the fried Hokkien mee is pretty good. Then we headed for Kinokuniya. While hubby went to his section, me and Hao Re was "reading" (errr, playing is the more suitable word in fact) at the children corner. Here is a snapshot of how amazed Hao Re was with mountains of books. He wanted to bring all books home! At the end, daddy didn't get any book, while mummy bought an baby food book by Annabel Karmel, hope to make more yummy food for Hao Re, since Hao Re is taking solid very well, don't think he likes to be eating puree/porridge/cereal for a long time period.

After that, as usual, we didn't shop at all. Went to Takashimaya basement for the Mooncake roadshow. But didn't get any mooncake as didn't feel like having one. Left the shopping centre and went to the centre front courtyard of Takashimaya to get some snapshots of Hao Re (evidence that Hao Re has been to Orchard Road).

Mummy, are you sure you let me sit on the floor......

Hao Re looking at moving ants......

Sitting on a patch of glass, feeling funny......

Get me out of here!!!

Here's me and daddy and me and mummy, who did I take the look from? So far 95% said daddy, only 5% said mummy, what say you?

We only spent about 2 hours at Orchard and it's only afternoon time. Since Hao Re loves to explore, we thought it's kind of a waste if we went home. So we de-toured to Botanical Garden instead. Last weekend, we saw enough of animals, so this week we brought Hao Re to see some greens.

Hao Re was sleeping during the car ride. Think it's good, as then daddy and mummy have some time to ourselves. After Hao Re woke up, we put him on to the grass, but unfortunately the ground was wet as it's raining in the morning. His little feet have been dirtied by mud. Brought him to walk around the garden, and even explored the rainforest track. After that, it's time to go home.

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