Cost for delivering a child at Thomson Medical Centre

It's the $$$ matters......

Today is Saturday. We didn't go anywhere. Hao Re developed a mild fever on Thursday evening, and recovered on Friday night with just 1 dose of paracetamol. I don't think it's due to any infection, my guess is he might be teething! Let's see how true my prediction is in a few weeks time. Anyway, we decided to stay home and let Hao Re to rest better.

Since I have some time, I thought it's good to note down what we had paid for delivering Hao Re 1-2 yeras ago. It's good to have a reference (so that I can refer to immediately, no need to dig out all the bills) and to know what to expect (to be paid) for our coming #2 baby.

So, here are the bills (oh yes, I keep all of the receipts, only lost one :-)):

28th May 07
First consultation at week 8 (including urine and blood test, and ultrasound) - $135
Pap smear - $24
Utrogestan (30 tablets, to stabilise the preganancy) - $36

11th June 07
Dr WK Tan package - antenatal and part payment for delivery - $1300
Urine and blood test package - $75
Utrogestan (28 tablets) - $33.6
Obimin (100 tablets) - $18

09th July 07
Blood test (antenatal studies) - $145
Blood test (for OSCAR) - $170
NT Ultrasound - $130

03rd September 07
Details scan (Dr TC Chang) - $??

01st October 07
Obimin (100 tablets) - $18
Calcidan (calsium supplement) - $11

30st November 07
Neogobion capsules (iron supplement) - S7
Calcidan (calsium supplement) - $11

17th December 2007
3rd trimester fetal growth ultrasound @ 3D scan (Dr TC Chang) - $180
HVS culture (for testing Streptococcus Group B) - $25

26th December 2007
Neogobion capsules - $7

Hospital and doctors charges for mum06th January 2008
Normal delivery with Epidural (1 bedded 2 days) - $1,880
Dr Kwa Bee Hwa (for epi) - $375
Dr WK Tan - $1391
Accommodation for spouse - $150
Drugs/medicine - $103.7
Medical supplies - $51.2
Medical laboratory fees - $69
Procedure - $69
Use of equipment - $125

Hospital and doctor charge for newborn06th January 2008
Baby package (2 days) - $338
Medical supplies - $37
Medical laboratory fees - $113
Procedure - $70
Dr SC Keoy - $225

Hospital and doctor charge for newborn (admitted for jaundice) Neonatal jaundice (w/o accommodation) 2 days - $468
Accommodation - $200
Drugs/medicine - $10.5
Medical supplies - $67.5
Medical laboratory fees - $161
Procedure - $65
Dr SC Keoy - $203

Total (pre-natal) - $2325.6
Total hospital charge (mum) - $4213.9
Total hospital charge (newborn) - $783
Total hospital charge (jaundice) - $1175

Grand total (before GST) - $8497.5
Grand total (after 7% GST) - $9093.3

Gosh, that's not a small sum, is it? But I guess it's already considered normal or acceptable bill for delivering a child in Singapore. Hopefully with baby #2, we are able to draw more money from the Medisave account. We were unable to withdraw to the maximum for #1, as we has just become Singapore PR for a few months then.

Money matters aside. The journey we have been through so far, from getting conceived to become pregnancy to delivering, to Hao Re is now 14 months old, is definitely an enjoyable one. And we have got now is a wonderful little young man, who brings us happiness and laughter everyday!!!


  1. Hi Kam, it is a very good summary reading your blogs, glad that you started motherhood when u r young, as I browse your recent blogs ur child is already 7 . Time flies isn't it. I m hui min, mum of one boy.
    Same like you , I also choose to migrant to sin for a more comfortable lifestyle . And , same like you I also went WK tan , but I cannot remember how much I have paid.
    Yeah it is bad I know. .. Thanks to your blog , it solve my problem.
    But I got confuse cos I saw some blogs says their gynae charge them like 800 plus... A bit strange when I called up WK Tan and they say the package is 3000 now.

    Love to be your fren and we can keep each other company during train rides, on what's app . My mobile is 90239988. Hope to hear from you soon n clearing my confusion....
    Thanks for the effort of maintaining a blog

    1. Hi Min,

      Thanks for leaving a comment here. Actually I started motherhood late, haha, otherwise I would have been mum of 4 and not 2 :-p

      I guess it depends on how the gynae would want to package their service. Seven years ago, as you can see from my post, she charged 2x - one for prenatal package and the other for delivery. Her prenatal package is quite significantly more expensive than other gynaes as what I could remember, but her delivery charge is lower. So added up together it's about the same (though Dr Tan is still more ex back then). If you add two costs together, $1300 and $1391, it's $2691, and that's 7 years ago. Probably now they put both together and charge one time, $3000. If my guess is correct, then I think $3000 is pretty reasonable. You can always ask them for a better clarity.

      Hope this helps!