Shopping, swimming, music class and botanical garden

That's the activities for the past weekend

(note: Xi Yu sleeps earlier nowadays, so leave me with more time to blog (and watch tv while pumping), yeah! But to blog the stories on the same day is pretty much impossible, can only do it whenever both the kids are zzzzzz)

Saturday morning - went to JB for breakfast, shopping (for the kids, didn't have time for my own shopping, **sob sob**), lunch then came back home. There was a big play area at the Jaya Jusco next to the children department. Hao Re was so excited when hubby brought him there (for the first time). He touched this and that, but we didn't let him get on any rides/games, shall hold on for now until either he requests for it or when we lost our control :-) We were very pleased that he was willing to leave the play area when told without any fussing, phew! Then we proceeded to the Popular/Harris Bookshop. There is a big children session, with lots of space for the children to run/sit/read, and they don't stop the children from flipping the books. Bought another puzzle for Hao Re, 2 sticker books and a memory board game. And he chose a small board book (he already had a similar book with exactly the same animal pictures), and didn't want to let go of this book. Oh well, we bought it, it'll be for MeiMei.

Sunday morning - went to Bukit Batok CSC for swimming. We didn't bring Hao Re for swimming for 3-4 months already. Oh boy, oh boy, this little fella is definitely a water boy. He was so excited to see the pool and wanted to go into the pool straight away. The dad-and-son pair was "swimming" for more than 1 hour! At the end of it, hubby brought him to slide down the spiral slide and ended up in a 1 meter pool. Hao Re was immerged into the pool, we thought he was going to get a big scare. But when he came out (floated up) the water, he looked at hubby and said "还要!". Hubby lifted him high up and literally dumped him into the 1m pool, and when appeared from the water, he still demanded for more, kept saying "还要,还要!". I didn't record it down as the battery died at the very moment, grrr! We should come back for more fun. And this time round, I will make sure I charge the battery to the max to record this down!

The first photo shows when the pair splashed into the pool from the spiral slide......

Sleep, sleep, sleep and more sleep......

Sunday afternoon, 4pm - went to Tanglin Mall for the Juzmusic trial. Hubby accompanied him to the class and I was not allowed to go in as the room is too small :-( Hubby feedback the class was ok, but he thinks it's pretty steep to pay $420 per term (3 months) for this. So we didn't sign Hao Re up for the class. Put on hold for now.

Sunday afternoon, 6pm - proceeded to Botanical Garden, since it's nearby. Had dinner there, and surprised to find that the food was pretty good. After dinner, let Hao Re run around the park for almost 30 min, then headed home when the day turned dark.

Hao Re enjoys his drumstick and lime juice (ya, somehow he likes the sour lime juice). And wipes his hand and face with a piece of tissue when finished his meal :-)

Can you spot where's mummy and Hao Re in the first photo? Run, run, run to daddy, quick!

The sleeping beauty finally wakes up :-)

It's a busy but fun weekend. Especially that Hao Re was pretty well behaved. Look forward to the coming long weekend, more fun awaits!!!

Ops, forgot to mention about Xi Yu :-) Well, she slept most of the time when we were out. She is a very good girl. She likes car ride. After we buckled her in her car seat, she either looked at the window or looked at me and made the "cho cho, oh oh, ah ah" sound, during the whole car ride. Once we got off from the car and I slinged her, she, almost immediately, fell asleep. Her gorgor can't wait to have fun with meimei!
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Xi Yu is 3 months old

And so is my breastfeeding career :-)

We, as in the 4 of us, have survived the past month pretty well, I would say. It has been a month since my parents left and since I am back to work. Everything and everyone has settled well into the daily routine. I found the last month was dragging though, most probably due to the stress I got from breastfeeding, which I am going to tell you later. Else, everything was in good order 知足常乐吔!

So yes, Xi Yu is 3 months old now. Brought her for her pneumococcal vaccination and routine checkup last Saturday and to follow up on her TSH level. She weighed 5.7kg and measured 60.5cm in length. Her TSH level is now within the normal range, but still on the high side, so Dr Keoy advised to continue taking medicine until the next blood test (Xi Yu screamed/cried so badly during the blood taking, which is now from her hand, don't want to think of the next one in January, would ask hubby to go in with her instead).
Xi Yu is a very cheerful baby, who is never stingy on her smile. Every morning after she wakes up (usually very puncture on 7am, no matter what time she was last fed), she starts her day by some stretching exercise of her arms and legs, and then a bit of singing (making cho cho sound), and when we say good morning to her or call her name, she returns with the sweetest smile in the world :-)

During the day she is at the nanny's, she follows a routine:
8am - Bath then sleep
10am - Milk then sleep
2pm - Milk then sleep
5.30pm - Bath
6pm - Milk then sleep until we pick her up

Right, I am sure all of you working mum/dad/uncle/autie here are sure jealous of Xi Yu's life :-) Nanny said she usually manages to catch about 6-7 hours of sleep, which I think is really good. The more a baby sleep, the faster/better she grows, and the stronger her immune system. When we reach home, it is already 7pm. Play a while with mummy/daddy/gorgor. Another round of milk feed at 10pm, or dreamfeed at 11pm if she is already asleep.

Since I have to put Hao Re to bed, hubby is the one who take cares of Xi Yu from 9pm onwards, to do the milk feed, to entertain her and to put her to bed. And guess what, this very hands-on (and experienced) daddy really does a VERY GOOD job (*clap clap clap*)! I think he is far more patient than I am. I often want to rush things as there are 101 things in my mind I need to do before I can call it a day, and so become more impatient.

To be honest, I often felt I have never spent enough time for Xi Yu, right from her day 1 till now. Sigh, being a mum is already not easy, and now, being a mum of 2 is even more challenging - how to make sure that I give both of them enough (and equal share) love and care? Maybe I can never be? And I have to keep reminding myself that Hao Re and Xi Yu are 2 unique individuals, and so don't compare them (again, easy say then do), and let them grow at their own pace. But I am sure I need to spend more time on Xi Yu, so that I won't miss out her development milestones. At the same time, I have to make sure Hao Re is learning what he should be learning at this age and that I don't ignore him. I have to be even more hardworking than I am now for my 2 little darlings.

That's the update on Xi Yu. I am sure the next update will be a lot more interesting, when we see/witness many of her "first" and she might start turning/rolling soon. So, till the next update!

Come to breastfeeding....... (those who are not interested can be excused to reading second part of this post :-))

Start with a good news - yes, my boobs are still working hard to produce enough milk for Xi Yu, and I have now total breastfeed her for 3 full months! Happy (and proud), I am :-)

I made a visit to the Thomson Parentcraft Centre on the 21st October to consult one of their lactation specialists. No major problem, but to assess if there is any problem with my right boob, which is producing a lot less milk than the left one (aka "lopsided breasts"). After the assessment, it's confirmed that my right boob is indeed not as hardworking as my left one, whereby the right only produces about 1/3 of the left. Can't figure out what causes this, maybe the breast tissues of my 2 boobs are just different. So, practically, I only left with 1 "good boob" to produce enough milk for my baby. The specialist recommended me to take Fenugreek capsule (a herb that is believed to increase supply), and so I have been taken Fenugreek from that day till now. My supply seems to be ok, but the "good boob" continues to be boob, and "bad" one continues to be bad, Fenugreek doesn't do the magic to reverse the lopsidedness. But that's ok, as long as I have enough milk for my baby, that's what I hope for, I don't want to be producing a lot of milk anyway.

Talking about stress that I have due to breastfeeding. I don't have any pressure from my family. In fact, my hubby told me many times that if I am too tired of expressing (after a full day of work and taking care of the kids), I should slow down and stop it anytime and start to supplement baby with FM, he has no problem with that. I am thankful for him being so understanding, but on the opposite, this means I don't have a person to motivate me on keeping up with BF. My mum also worries that I am too tired, and once in a while, she hints that I should start supplement with FM so I can get more rest. So good thing is no pressure, bad thing is no motivation/support, duh, it's never perfect, right.

So, all the stress I have is from myself. No one to be blamed on :-) Sigh (have to let out a BIG sigh first)!!!

Yes, breastfeeding is never easy (not for me anyway). Latch on or express. Either method gives me different set of worries. I told myself many times to be relax about breastfeeding, but it's hard not to worry about it - that if I have enough milk and that how long I can go on breastfeeding my girl. Honestly, I thought about giving it up a few times already, and at 1 night, I almost opened up the tin of EnfalacA+, but eventually still dragged myself to pump....... And to think about the WHO recommendation to total breastfeed (TBF, meaning baby should only be fed with breastmilk and nothing else) baby for 6 months is already stressful. I know, if I (and WHO, etc) don't stress on TBF, then I can (I hope) be a lot more relax. Now, there is this one thing that keep me wanting to TBF for 6 months.

And this one thing is - ezcema. Reports have shown that babies who are TBF for 6 months of longer has a much lower risk of getting eczema. And this is really the only one push factor now for me to TBF till Xi Yu is 6 months. That's after seeing how much Hao Re suffers on eczema, and his is only a mild eczema. Everytime we see him scratches him arms, his hands, his legs, his body etc, we really feel so sorry for him. So yes, if TBF can help XY to not getting (lowering the risk of) eczema, I will try my very best to TBF her for up till 6 months, at least. And I hope this alone is enough to keep me going (meaning I have to deal with the stress for another 3 months!!!). I know, there is no guarenteed that Xi Yu will not have eczema, it's just a lower risk, I know, but it's worth the effort, is it not?

Though I have to say it has been quite smooth-sailing for me in breastfeeding - only get engorgement if the boobs were not attended to for >6 hours, no leaking (so don't have to worry about the embarrassment of wetting my blouser/shirt while at work), I can pump 3x a day while at work, I really should count my blessing (and no complain should be allowed). And hey, what's more, I have returned to my pre-pregnant-with-Xi-Yu's weight, most likely due to breastfeeding? But then, there are still 10kg of stubborn fat that was leftover from my first pregnancy :-( Maybe I might still shed another few kgs if I continue to TBF for another 3 months (motivations!)

Now that I am breastfeeding Xi Yu, I think I am too preoccupied with it, that I might not have enjoyed motherhood as much. As compared to when I have Hao Re, I did really enjoy more and spent more time with him (partly because feeling bad for not able to breastfeed, so tried to make up to it). Some experienced mummies told me breastfeeding gets easier and easier when baby gets older, and I seriously hope this is true.

Now, wish me best of luck on TBF, my friends!
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First video of Xi Yu

It's Xi Yu's turn IN ACTION!!!

有没有被我电到 :-)

My very sweet girl from TJ Kam on Vimeo.

Keep fit 要趁早 - 大家齐来做早躁!

Exercising from TJ Kam on Vimeo.


Singing from TJ Kam on Vimeo.

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Hao Re and his puzzles

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One of his favourite toys

We first introduced puzzles to Hao Re back in July this year, and he started with the basic slot-in animal puzzles, which only took him a couple of days to understand the game and did it well (and learned all the animals in English and Mandarin). He moved on to the more advance 6 to 9 pieces puzzles. This set took him a long time. He played with it on and off and sometimes with our help. It took him almost 3 months to figure out how to these puzzles without any help back in early October. Only yesterday night, I finally managed to video it down.

Started with the 6-piece (a bug), 7-piece (a dragonfly), 8-piece (a bee) to 9-piece (a butterfly). He can do this effortlessly, and often sing along a song when building the puzzle :-) We bought him aother 12-piece one and this time round he learned it very fast (since it's the same concept as those insect puzzles), he can do it almost on the same day, but I have yet to video that.

Now, enjoy my darling Hao Re IN ACTION!!!

Bug puzzle from TJ Kam on Vimeo.

Dragonfly puzzle from TJ Kam on Vimeo.

Bee puzzle from TJ Kam on Vimeo.

Butterfly puzzle from TJ Kam on Vimeo.
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"Terrible twos" and "Discipline"

Is disciplining necessary for a 2 year old?

I last mentioned about "terrible twos" about 4 months ago when Hao Re was 18 months old. I spoke too early. Compared to now, his behaviour back then was considered very easy to manage. He is much more difficult now, just another 2 months to 2 years old.

He threw tantrum again last night. Luckily this time was at the car park downstairs. So I went up to our house with Xi Yu, while left Hao Re for hubby to handle. While waiting for the pair to come back, I was thinking a lot about how should we handle Hao Re.

A lot of books/magazines are talking about disciplining. Many say if you don't discipline a child at younger age, it's even more difficult if you want to do it when they are older. I have been thinking hard and through yesterday night - should we or should we not start to discipline Hao Re?

All of a sudden, I got my answer! And the answer is NO!!!

I first asked myself, what does discipline mean? In my own understanding, discipline a toddler means to make him following an instruction or the rules. But, to make a toddler following an instruction or a rule, he must first understand the instruction/rule. Hao Re started to understand some of the things we tell him, but not everything. I feel that it's not fair for him if we want to discipline him before he can understand what we want him to do.

Take an example. We give him an instruction that you must wash your hands before and after a meal. So, at first, we must teach him and show him how to wash his hands. Then explain to him why he must wash his hands. Then test him by telling him, "wash your hands now" and see if he can follow the instruction. Only this one simple instruction, it may take months for him to understand and to able to follow the instruction. When we are sure that he can understand and hence follow the instruction, then we can talk about disciplining. That is, when we ask him to wash his hands, but he refuses to, then we can use some disciplining tactics, like "times out", etc. (note: there is no cane in our household, not now, and I hope we don't need one in the future).

I think we often mislead by the books, which the authors have emphasized too much of disciplining. I find their approaches are often too harsh. Well, it may work for some parents, but certainly not for us (I speak for my hubby but I am very sure he shares the same sentiment). We are using the soft approaches, and think this suit us better. Okay, I admit, at times we might and we will lost our temper when Hao Re throws tantrum, and feel like giving him a punishment or such. But I think I would have to remind hubby and he has to remind me to stay calm when that happens. We hope we are doing this right and we would try our best to bring out the best of Hao Re.

To sum up, we are trying to use the 爱的教育strategy. Joining the club, anyone :-)
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Let's go to the ZOO.........

Brought the kids to the Singapore Zoo on Saturday morning. It's quite a nice trip and a good morning spent (was there for about 2 hours). Xi Yu didn't sleep much this time, but to observe her surrounding. Hao Re, as usual, was very happy to be running in the outdoor. He can definitely recognised most of the animals he saw. It's very heart warming and touching to see how much Hao Re loves his MeiMei.

Don't want to say much. Let's the photos do the talking :-)

Having breakfast at the entrance of the zoo.

Left: New way of ferrying 2 kids on 1 stroller - with Hao Re standing in front of it, and he loved it, probably thinking is a new game :-)
Right: Hao Re is playing peek-a-boo with MeiMei.

The sea animals show at Splash Amphitheatre.

Photo taking time. Hao Re tried to put up a "V" sign, but could only manage 1 finger :-)

The cheerful little girl enjoying her first trip to the zoo.

Left: Arrived home. Daddy and son sharing a banana. Meimei can only sit and watch.
Right: Having a Ice Lemon Tea break.

Hao Re suddenly developed a fever on Saturday evening, at about 7pm. The fever was on till the next day, varying from 37.5 to 38.3C. Since it's mild fever, and he was very active as usual. we didn't give him any medication, hoping his immune system can fight off the germ. Fever still persisted, so gave him 1 dose of paracetamol before his nap and the fever has gone soon after that.

Didn't go out on Sunday until 5pm. Brought them to the CCK park for a breath of fresh air. Hao Re enjoyed running around.
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My 22 months old boy

Discovered a different side Hao Re!

(p/s: 1 day late to post this, , as I was too tired to log on yesterday night.....)

Gonna write this down to mark Hao Re reaching 22 months.

We went to Lot 1 shopping centre for dinner yesterday. After that, I went to NTUC to quickily grab a pack of Huggies for Hao Re to try out (because he has outgrown the PetPet XL size, and PetPet doens't have XXL, duh!). While waiting for me, Hao Re demanding to get down from the stroller to walk. But he refused to put on shoes, and also we were rushing to go home. So hubby didn't allow him to get down. It really took us to a huge surprise to see he reacted this way. He wailed, but hubby decided not to give in to him this time round also. Hubby carried him and we headed to the carpark. He continued to wail and wail, and hubby really had a hard time carrying him.

While in the car, he didn't stop crying. Didn't matter what we said and did, he just refused to listen, just continued to cry and said "走走" (meaning he wanted to get down to walk), we just couldn't soothe him no matter what. Luckily it's just a short car ride. Then he refused to get out from the car. We unlatched his seat belt but he hold on the seat belt tightly and won't let go. At the end, I literally pulled him out of the car and carried a struggling toddler back home.

I let him off to the floor (with bare foot as he still refused to put on his shoes) while in the lift as I just simply have no energy left to carry him. He continued to cry and cry and cry. Then refused to go home. Tried to push me from our door back to the lift, and said "go", "走". I gave in and decided to bring him down for a walk. But this stubborn boy still refused to put on his shoes. So I said firmly "NO, if you don't put on your shoes, we won't go for a walk". He didn't listen to what I said. So I again, carried the wailing boy back home. Our neighbours must have been shocked to hear the loud crying, as this was the first time ever!

When we were at home, he went near the door and said "走" pointing outside. I offered to bring him out, but he still refused to put on his shoes. So I closed the doors. Tried offering him other things to distract him - opened the fridge to look for food, watched tv, etc. He just continued to cry and didn't want to cool down. Suddenly, he stopped crying and wanted to play with his Thomas the Train. Phew, finally!!! And with that, he had cried for about 40 minutes! This is the longest cry ever, and he had not cried this much for the past few months added together! After that, he was ok, back to normal and still went to bed as his usual 9pm.

This is what we discovered - an extremely stubborn boy we have! He is those type of 吃软不吃硬. To deal with him, our strategies have to be - distract him with something else, or offer him something, or follow what he wants for a short while then do it our way. For this incident, if hubby has had allowed him come down to walk with his bare foot for a few minutes, then asked him to go home, the whole episode could have been avoided. But well, never mind, at least now we learned a new side of him.

No matter what, he is still my dear darling boy. I feel I don't have enough time for him after the arrival of Xi Yu (side note: at the same time, I also feel bad that I don't have enough time for Xi Yu. I guess I still need time to adjust myself from being mother of 1 to mother of 2). He has been a good boy, as he always is. Hao Re, mummy loves you, wish you well, happy and healthy always!

Other than this, not much update. He is still eating, drinking, pooing, peeing, playing, sleeping, etc, as usual, and continues to talk more and more. Now we and his teachers can communicate with him pretty well, we tell him what to do and he is able to follow the instructions most of the time.

Till the next post :-0

(small note: Guess the monthly update is more and more redundant now when he gets older. Probably will change to do bi-monthly or quarterly update after he reaches 2 years old).
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The charming Penang Island - here we come!

On the 29th to 31st October 2009

At the very last minute (only booked the air ticket on Tuesday night and departed on Thursday afternoon), we decided to make a short trip to Penang. Hubby was on leave and we wanted to let Hao Re fly and see what's his reaction to it. Decided on Penang as we would have free accommodation at our buddy's place and for the cheap ($0.01) ticket. Was considering of visiting KL (most of my families are there) or Kota Kinabalu (my young brother is there). But I guess the Penang food lured us there :-)

We cannot bring Xi Yu along (and we were actually glad that we didn't bring her, else it's too difficult to handle 2 kids on the plane due to the space constrain) because of her visit pass. She is still on extended short visit pass and can only apply for PR in December (a very long story). She cannot leave the country now or she wouldn't be allowed to come back in to Singapore.

I worked half day. After sending all the expressed milk to nanny, we were set to go to the budget terminal at Changi Airport. It was very rush but still have enough time. We bought a pack of sweet for Hao Re to suck on if he has built up air pressure in his ear. This pack of sweet has helped us a lot to keep him occupied during the flight, and he has had so much sweet in that hour, more than all the sweets he had consumed from birth till now :-) Oh well, either this or you get a cranky toddler wailing in the cabin. It's quite a smooth flight and Hao Re didn't feel a thing, maybe it's just like a car ride to him? Hubby did bring him to the toilet so he has the chance to walk on the aisle.

At the budget terminal waiting for boarding.

We arrived at Penang just passed 7pm. Our dear friends, Ah Fei and Ah Hiong came to pick us up. And first thing we did was of course EAT! Went to a hawker centre on the way back to their place. In Penang, most of the stalls selling nice and tastry food, so just drop by any of the hawker centres/shops would do. It's only the matter of extremely nice, very nice, or nice food. If you are so lucky to have some not so nice food, then sorry, it's bad luck :-) We have our first bowl of Penang prawn noodle and char kuay teow, yummy!

This is where our friends stay, up in a hill along Batu Feringgi. Nice view, isn't it? Better than staying in any hotel.

This trip was, obviously, free and easy. So we slept in till about 8am, without having to wake up to feed Xi Yu, that's like heaven! After I pumped and get everything ready, we went to have breakfast. For me, no surprise, it's prawn noodle and char kuay teow again, my all time favourites. Hubby has curry mee and shared a bit of my kuay teow.

First destination is the Kek Lok Si 极乐寺. We have been there many times. It's still like before. The big Kuan Yin on top of the hill is still under construction. We just walked around, donated a bit, and taught Hao Re to 拜拜.

Spent about 2 hours at Kek Lok Si. Hao Re was on his own feet most of the time, walking/running around, and climbing up the stairs. Didn't ask them to carry. Very well behaved!

Now, here comes the highlight of this trip - scumptus Ayer Hitam Penang Laksa!!! Sure we can't miss this! This is one of the main reasons drawing us to Penang. It's still like before, the stall, the uncle, the laksa, the pasar opposite, the shops around, the road, the traffic, everything remains unchanged (except now with a toddler in tow), still felt like 4 years ago when we last visited Penang.

For Penang Laksa lover, this is really yummy!

After that, we went back for Hao Re to take a nap and for me to pump. Then the rest of the day was to do a bit of shopping at Gurney Plaza. Bought Hao Re his second pair of Clarks (size 71/2). He cannot fit in his first pair (size 6) already. Dinner was at a very unique place (think only locals know and able to find this place) for fresh seafood. It's indeed very fresh and nice and the cooking style was very unique too. And with that we called it a day!

The next morning we went to the beach. Surprisingly Hao Re refused to go in to the water. Only stood in the water for a while, and then he said "No" firmly. Didn't want to play with water. Oh well, so it turned out to be sand play, not water play. Duh, as long as he's happy.

Mum and son at the beach. Daddy was busy taking photos for us (and looking around for hot babes!)

So happy playing with the sand, we got all dirty :-)

After that, went home to bath and for me to pump (ya, I know, it's troublesome, but well, some small sacrifactions have to be done for the goodness of the breastmilk) before going out for lunch. Then again, we were forced to go shopping again as Hao Re has used up all the diapers. Then we just went around the city a little bit in the car, and bought some biscuits to bring back to Singapore.

Went back to the apartment to pack. Hao Re loves their dog, Barky, who is a Bug. He spent good time playing with Barky and was obviously amuzed by the barking, the running around, eating, pooing, peeing....... He just loves dogs!

The handsome Barky and Hao Re

Time to leave this wonderful island. It's another a few months time before Hao Re can meet up and play with Barky again, when we go back home for Chinese New Year.

We have a short but nice holiday. Thanks to Ah Fei and Ah Hiong who have hosted us. It's ashamed that we would not travel back home for their wedding (on Christmas Day), but our best wishes to you all the same!
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Settling in to the routine

Mummy back to work

Hello all, it's been quite some days ago since my last post. I was back to work on the 26th Oct, Monday, and my parents have left Singapore last Thursday (22nd OCt), so it's more difficult for me to find time for blogging, but I will try. And we made a last minute trip to Penang for 3 days 2 night from Thursday to Saturday, bringing Hao Re along but left Xi Yu with nanny (detail will be in the next post). Thus even less time for blogging, sorry for the long wait :-)

We have adjusted well. That was because hubby took 1 week off from work. Though his intention was to have a break from work to release his work stress, he has been a great help with the kids - plays with Hao Re, feeds Xi Yu EBM, puts Xi Yu to sleep, buys me dinner, etc, just to list a few. Without him, don't think the last week can pass so easily, the timing cannot be any better. Thank lots, hubby :-)

The kids are okay with their carers. The nanny discovered more about Xi Yu and so can provide better care for her. For Hao Re, sometimes he still cries when we send him to his school, but his teachers said once we left, he stopped crying immediately, so it's okay, not to worry. Hao Re missed his Porpor and Gonggong. For the first 2 days, when he reached home, he would look for them, but after that, he learned that they have gone and didn't look for them anymore, and the house has returned to the usual quietness, without my parents around playing (or being bullied) with Hao Re. Our night time is mostly dedicated to the kids, can't do much, once we put them to sleep, it's almost time for us to knock off already. With my mum around, we were able to steal sometime to go for a cup of coffee, guess no more luxury for us, for a while at least.

While for me, I have been pumping 3x a day while at work. And thankfully the supply is just enough to fill Xi Yu's tummy.

Last weekend, we brought the kids to the East Coast Park - first time to venture out without my parents's help. It's been great, but quite tiring, to be honest. Hao Re has had a good time playing with the sand, and Xi Yu has some fresh air too. We will try to bring them out over the weekend so that Hao Re can continue to enjoy the great outdoor, just like before.

No photos of Hao Re (wait till next post - our short trip to Penang).

Some nice photos of Xi Yu - she is a very happy cheerful little gal, never fail to give us a warm nice smile when we talk to her.

Xi Yu goes to East Coast Park for the first time. Managed to take some nice photos of her before she dozed off.

Some many different expressions of Xi Yu. Love her smile!
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