Xi Yu and her pediatrician

We, Hao Re, hubby and me, have all fallen sick (cough and running nose) and is either recovered or recovering. Xi Yu, who has been fighting hard with the bug, has finally lost the battle. Her mild cough started over the weekend and we heard phlegmy and blocked nose since yesterday. So we decided not to take any chance, considering that she is still at the very tender age of 5 months old.

Paid a visit to Dr Keoy's clinic this morning. To my surprise (and relief) Dr Keoy said her cough is really mild and she is actually on the way to recovery already! Phew, no more worries and can go back to work with a peace of mind :-) I like to think that it's because of my breast milk that kept her away from the bug and later helped her to recover fast. Yes, it must be my breast milk :-)

The nurse weighed and measured her length and it's 7.5kg and 67cm, respectively. Dr Keoy commented that Xi Yu grows very well! This really helps to stop my worries. I worried that she might not gain much weight due to the poor sleeping habit at night over the past month. But she has gained a total of 1.1kg in a month, yeah!!!

Starting this week, she sleeps a lot more better, with a couple of nights that she only woke up one time from 1030pm to 7am the next morning! What a big improvement! But the funny thing is I am actually more tired than the previous weeks, why? My body still hasn't adjusted to uninterrupted sleep, and wanting to wake up often :-P

Now putting her to bed is a little bit (well to be honest, it's quite) challenging. She wants to sleep as she started to rub her eyes and face already. But for don't know what reason, she just can't. And when she finally wants to sleep, she sings (as in make sound as though she is singing) for a few minutes with her eyes closed. At first it was cute to look at. But when this happened for a few consecutive nights, it becomes irritating :-( Again I can only hope for better.

Some suggested we should sleep train her. But we know we just can't do it for sure, so might as well save all the crying. Meanwhile I just have to endure and look forward to a even better day (night) to come.

And not forgetting the promise we made - we want our kids to grow up happily and healthily, and they are. Nothing else matters!

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West Coast Park revisited

More or less the same activities for the past weekend

Ya, nothing new for the past weekend, but we were having a good time with the kids all the same!

For Saturday, it's music class at the Staccato. Came back home for the kids to nap. For don't know what reason, Xi Yu was wailing quite fiercely for her afternoon nap. We were worried that she might be uncomfortable due to teething / hunger / infected by flu bugs? She cried so badly when I had to put her on the bed so that I can get the Desitin from the other room (where Hao Re was sleeping in), and she continued to cry pitifully and very loudly when I was changing her diaper. I only managed to soothe her after carrying and comforting her for 10-15min. After that, she couldn't sleep soundly, and kept waking up once I put her onto the bed. After another half an hour or so, she finally got too tired and slept soundly for nearly 3 hours!

Having a nice hearty English breakfast at Picotin, HorseCity just before the class. See Xi Yu can sit very well in the high chair, and she is VERY interested in our food! She is quite ready for solid food already.

We went for a retail therapy at Jurong Point on Sunday morning. Bought a len for our camera, the 50mm, f/1.8 AF, recommended by CT, one that is ideal for taking (children) potrait photos. Then we went to Kiddy's Palace and bought a Thomas the Train set for Hao Re, as a very belated birthday present. And got 1 set for his little friend, Issac, who will be turning 2 years old this Friday. Then bought some nuts for Hao Re and ourselves. Hao Re pointed to the macademia nuts and said "鸡蛋" (egg). Haha, yes, macademia looks like mini egg, right? When we were about to leave, Hao Re just started to become uncontrollable, running wild in the mall, phew :-P

Oh, on a separate note - we absolutely hate Huggies diaper. Hao Re was on the Huggies Comfort Ultra diaper that day. He pooed, and the diaper couldn't "contain" all his poo and soiled his pant (which was not the first time this had happened), and he was pant-less at the shopping mall (okay, it's partly my fault that I forgot to bring a set of clothes). Hao Re being a "poo-poo king", sometimes he can poo A LOT, and can't imagine if he is on the Huggies while he was doing a huge business. And before this, he had a very bad diaper rash after using Huggies for a day, that's why I stopped using it, but now just have to finish the pack and then I am not going to buy any more Huggies. Petpet is still the best and cheapest so far and it works well for Hao Re, but too bad it doesn't have XXL size. Now that Hao Re's tummy has shrinked a bit, maybe I should let him use Petpet XL again? Xi Yu is on MamyPoko and I don't like it that much either, but at least not as bad as Huggies.

Went home after lunch. Let the kids take naps and we have some rest too. Then we set off for the West Coast Park. We haven't been there for a few months already. It's a nice park, except that parking is really a big problem, we parked illegally :-)  It has got a few different playgrounds to suit different age groups. Hao Re enjoyed the time so much that he refused to leave after spent more than an hour there. We have to drag him away as the day was getting dark. We are sure will be back, one day.

Now, it's photo time!

Our 2 beautiful kids! We are so blessed to be gifted with them!

Hao Re exploring the playground. He likes this most as it's meant for his age.

Xi Yu suddenly decided that she can sit unassistedly when we put her on the picnic mat. She can in this position for a good few minutes, not bad ya, for a baby who just turned 5 months. And she (her foot) has first taste of the sand!

Daddy and his precious princess. Cool photos, ya!

Xi Yu and mummy :-)

(End note: Hubby was very busy over the weekend. Why? Because he has got his iPhone also!!! Busy exploring his new gadget!)
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Singing full songs (nursery rythm)

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Some video clips for you to enjoy!

It was a few months ago since I last talked about how much Hao Re likes singing. Amazingly, until now he still loves singing, a lot. And his singing skill is improving day by day. As of now, a 24 month old toddler, he is able to sing quite a number of nursery rythm in full lyrics! It always amazed me how a young kid like Hao Re can memorise all the lyrics! Mostly in Mandarin, but he enjoys the English ones all the same. And thanks to the classes he attended at Staccato, he also knows Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So, La, Di, Do already.

And after so many failed attempts, I have finally managed to capture some videos (with my iPhone, of course!), though it's not decent, but good enough to share it here.

The first song is "小星星" and the second song is "哥哥爸爸真伟大". We as his parents, can certainly understand what he is singing. How about you? Enjoy :-)

He was already singing the 2nd sentence when I started recording. This one is more challenging to figure out what he is singing. Do note the ending whereby he purposely slow down to mark the ending :-)

This one is definitely better/clearer :-)
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Xi Yu turned 5 months

Another month has passed, and Xi Yu is 5 months old as of yesterday. It's not a good month for me (or should I say it's actually a bad month, or the worst so far). But for Xi Yu, I think she enjoyed the past month very much as she grows and learns and she is still a happy and contended little one!

Update on Xi Yu (before I start ranting.......)

Xi Yu manages to flip from front to back, but she is not keen on doing that, only did it for a few times, and she hasn't flipped from front to back yet. In fact, she doesn't like to be put on tummy, and she doens't like to be put lying down either, so there is very little time for her to learn to flip either way. Though she doesn't like to be on her tummy, I still let her do at least a few minutes everyday, to encourage her to learn to crawl/creep/turn around her body. She did that (creeping and turning her body) one day, when I put her favaorite rattle ball in front of her, she was tring all she can to grab the toy. I just left her there and when I came back a few minutes later, she was actually holding the rattle in triumph! So, ya, tummy time is on going regardless she likes it or not :-)

And she doesn't want to sit either. She would scream when we put her in sitting position on the mattress. But if we carry her in sitting position, she is okay with it. And she actually sits up well and steadily when we put her in the stroller and high chair, which is pretty good, I reckon. Hopefully she will be able to sit unassisted soon?

If she does not like to be on tummy, to lie down, and to sit down, what does she like, then? She likes to stand! We are so glad that we have an exersaucer (all thanks to her lovely gorgor who won one for her :-)). The exersaucer saves us from muscle pain and saves our wrist from getting hurt from carrying her upright. Once she is in standing up position, either in the exersuacer or we hold her to do that, she becomes happy and would even screaming/screeching out excitedly! She likes to "talk" in very high pitch. Her nanny's son said she is practising her voice every day to become a 女高音 :-) I think she is going to be a very talkative one. At this young age, she loves to babble (a lot) specific sounds in an attempt to get attention and will "talk" back when spoken to.

Her finger grasp has improved a lot. She is now able to accurately track objects with his eyes and grasp them with both hands. One of her favourites is to grasp the mobile musical toy hang on her cot, she would follow the movement and attempt to raise her hands and grab, and she succeeded a few times! It's common for baby this age to wanting to touch, hold, turn, shake, and mouth everything within reach, I guess. Again, thanks to the exersaucer that comes with lots of stuff for her to explore, hope she won't get bored of it too soon.

This little girl is such a lovely darling that she loves to look and smile to people, even at strangers. She is just so sweet to play with! And with her trademark headfull of dark (with tint of brown highlight) hair, she is sure an eye-catcher. People would turn to look at her when we are out for shopping or for a stroll at a park, etc, and "Oh, she's so cute!" is what we heard all the time!

Dear gal, may you please continute to grow up happily and healthily!

Right! Now allow me some time to rant.......

While I have convinced myself to let go of TBF (she is supplemented with 1 feed of Enfalac on weekdays, and fully latch on during weekends), and while I have become relax on BFing and learns to enjoy it, there came another big issue - sleeping! She is no way near to sleeping through the night, I wouldn't even dare to dream about it. Over the past month, she has become such a poor sleeper at night, which makes me loss my temper a few times! Can you imagine how bad it is, which really tests my patience to the max!

Initially she refused to sleep at night. Only wanted to sleep (with me forcing her to) after 11pm. And records being 1.30am! With that, I had very tired and long nights and plus 2-3 times of waking up for her to latch on. That's actually not that bad, since I don't go to bed early anyway, the only thing was I didn't get to do house chores and my own things, but only to accompany her. She did that for about 2 weeks. And out of a sudden she was willing to sleep at 9+pm! Before I had time to celebrate this, the worst has started alsmot simultaneously. She woke up very frequent at night. When I said VERY FREQUENT, it's like on average about 5x a night, or 3x on a good day, but on bad night, she woke up for 10-20x!!! We are not able to find out the particular reason(s) for her frequent night waking (Teething?? Growth spurt??), nor did we change her routine. I only know that I am exhausted with all these night wakings. There was one night, I couldn't take it anymore and hubby heard me screaming (not to Xi Yu, but to the wall), and so he came in to take over.

As of now, I am still able to wake up every morning and go to work (with the help of 1 cup of coffee every morning). And I feel very tired and sleepy after lunch. With some light walking after lunch, it does help me to refresh and to hang on until I knock off work at 6pm. I am just hoping that I can still keep my cool and wishing that Xi Yu will sleep better at night soon.

Luckily Hao Re is willing to sleep with daddy at night and not asking/crying for me anymore. Else, I either cry together with them, or I would have gone mad!

And luckily I have a supportive and capable hubby who now take cares of Hao Re's nap and bedtime 100%. I don't have to worry a bit.

And finally - despite all these, I am still not losing weight! So I gave up already. I accepted whatever weight I am, as long as my kids are healthy and happy, I couldn't be bothered how much I weight (and hope hubby doesn't mind either :-))

That brings to the end of this long post. I hope there will be good news in the next update......
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Finally broke out a bad cough

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My poor little boy

Hao Re hasn't been ill for about half a year already. We are so proud of him! Then came this cough......

Hao Re has had a very mild cough since about 2-3 weeks, so mild that he only coughed lightly at night, before going to bed. We thought he was strong enough to fight off the bug. But, no. Starting last Friday, his cough has become worse, he coughed badly especially in the middle of the night. Over the weekend, his cough got even worser and he coughed throughout the day, it's phlegmy cough and he was nursing a running nose as well.

Since it's weekend and it's not possible to consult Dr Keoy, we went to the Chinese medical hall, and the lady recommended a pre-packed mixture, which contains 南杏, 北杏, barley etc, and meant to help in lessen the cough and phlegm. This is the first time we tried this and it worked!! He didn't cough much on Sunday night, and we were happy.

While we thought he was on the way to recovery, I heard him wheezing on Monday night, which made me worry. Though his cough has definitely improved, he still has a lot of phlegm. So we decided not to take any chance, and brought him to consult Dr Keoy on Tuesday morning. Dr Keoy commented that his nose was badly congested, it looked like a bad infection and he prescribed one course of antibiotic for Hao Re. He also saw Hao Re's rashes on his face and hands. He commented besides the eczema, Hao Re actually has very sensitive skin, and should avoid go under the hot sun and swimming. He precribed a medicine to help with the sensitive skin.

Only after 1 day of medication, Hao Re has more or less stopped coughing, and no longer nursing a running nose. That's why we trust Dr Keoy so much :-) Think probably just another day, the cough and running nose will be cured totally. And the funniest thing is, Hao Re LOVES taking medicine. When I tell him it's time for medicine, he would drop his toys and runs to the dining table, get himself on a chair and wait for me to feed him the medicine. Totally 4 liquid (2x 3ml, and 2x 5ml) and 1 tablet, he takes in all happily, because the medicine is sweet?!! Despite the coughing and running nose, Hao Re was actually pretty much like his usual self, the illness didn't seem to bother him at all. And I got to spend some quality time with him at home, you know, just me and him. I treasured these times very much. I love you very very much, my dear boy.

For those who engaged Dr Keoy's service - FYI - Dr Keoy has a new clinic now at the Novena Medical Centre and Novena Square 2 building, 9th floor. He no longer sees patients at TMC.

Just for my own record, the medicine prescribed this time round (with a total damage of $130.60):
- Singulair tablet (5mg) (7 tablets), $21 - take 1 tablet every morning
- Augmentin syrup (118mg/5ml), antibiotic, $24.15 - take 5ml, 3x a day
- Muscosolvon liquid (AXOL) (60ml), $6.60 - take 3ml, 3x a day
- Rhiniramine 60 / Prednoislone 60 (120ml), $10.80 - take 5ml, 3x a day
- Ventolin syrup 2mg/5ml (60ml), $5.52 - take 3ml, 3x a day
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Update for last week (11th - 17th Jan 2010)

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Just an usual week

Last week was a more of a quiet week compared to the one before (as we have 2 birthdays that week). Weekdays gone passed really quickily. Hubby was ill (caught a flu) since the start of the week and he finally took medical leave to rest on Wednesday. He came to have lunch with me and so I decided to take half day leave to accompany him. We have a short few hours of (last minute) quality couple time!

My brother and YW left Singapore on Tuesday. Hao Re didn't look for his Jiujiu when he reached home that evening. Probably that's because Jiujiu was not at home everyday since they sometimes went out till late hours. Nonetheless, I am sure Hao Re missed his Jiujiu and YW Yiyi, who has been his "best friend" for the past few weeks. Now he has to stick to me and hubby again (Hao Re says "boring"..... :-)

One of the big change for this week was that we finally decided to let Hao Re and Xi Yu sleep in different rooms, to avoid they wake each other up in the middle of the night. I think it's a good move, as Xi Yu is waking up very often these few nights (could it be due to teething? Growth spurt?) and making louder and louder noise to get my attention. At least now Hao Re and hubby get to sleep better (also because they don't need to share the bed with me, hence more space for the 2 of them). While for me, I still have to deal with Xi Yu might wakings, and I hope she can sleep better soon (and I have to keep reminding myself to be patient with her).

Weekend was the same as the week before - Hao Re attended music class on Saturday morning, and we went to CCK park in the late afternoon. We made a short trip to the Zoo on Sunday afternoon, as Hao Re kept saying 去动物园 when we were in the car, and indeed, he really enjoyed the Zoo a lot. The only different was we didn't bring camera, so no photos this week :-)
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A nice day spent at the park!

And it's the first day Hao Re attending his music class

We have been looking for a music class for Hao Re, since he likes music and movement a lot. Went for 2 trial classes and finally enrolled him at the Staccato, the Beethoven's Toddler Class. Last Saturday was his first class. He likes it! He's way too young now to really appreciate music, we just hope he would have fun in all the coming classes (8 to go), and learn a little bit about music along the way.

Went back home to rest after the class. Later in the afternoon, we thought we should pay a visit to the Choa Chu Kang Park, where we haven't visited for quite some time, and the bottle of blow-bubbles that we bought for Hao Re has been sitting on the shelf for about 1 month already.

When we were in the car, Hao Re said "去动物园". We told him we were not going to zoo. He kept repeating the same, as we brought him there last weekend and he might be having a great time there or missing the animals. Hubby tried to approach him a different way, so he asked Hao Re "do you want to play with bubble or go to the zoo?". He said excitedly "BUBBLE!" And so we went to the Choa Chu Kang park.

Ended up we have a lovely evening at the CCK park! We played "blow bubble" with Hao Re, and mummy accompanied Hao Re to climb up and down the slides, and being silly with Hao Re. While daddy accompanied Xi Yu and took lots of nice photos! When the day turned dark, we have to call it day, but Hao Re did not want to leave. So hubby has to drag him away from the playground. We have our dinner there before heading home.

Here are some photos taken at the park:

Special bonding time with their loving daddy :-)

Our cheerful boy happily playing with the bubbles and running around the playground

Top panel: Our dear darling girl leaning how to stand, and can still pose for the camera! By the way, this little girl is very sensitive to camera, she would look into the camera direction as soon as she senses one.

Bottom panel : And see how loving her big brother is :-P

Multi-shoot of Xi Yu  淅瑜十连拍 :-) You may pick the face(s) you like, all FOC! She is really very photogenic. Anyone wants to hire her to be a cute little model :-)

Just right before bedtime, Hao Re came into the kitchen while I was doing something there. He opened the fridge and before I knew it, he pulled the top tray out and dropped a glass bottle of jam (that we just bought at the restaurant near the Staccato, and it's really nice jam!). And he got himself a few small cuts on his foot. He didn't cry at all, don't think it hurt him, but more of got a shock, that of the bottle dropping and broken into pieces and my screaming :-P

An injured foot...... daddy helps him to disinfect and apply plaster
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About my mow-mow job

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A big thank you to all my friends for your advise, support and for listening to me!

Yup, since my last updated about my breastfeeding journey, I have been struggling with my milk supply. Just right after the Christmas holiday, we have been supplementing one of her milk feeds with formula cow's milk (EnfalacA+). Also, I had been through a period of depression, whereby Xi Yu had used me as a "human pacifier"! Now I think of it, most probably Xi Yu had gone through a growth spurt and thus been wanting to latch very often.

All thanks to my dear friends, who shared with me with their experience, offered advise and support and their willingness to listen to me. And not forgetting my dear hubby who trusts me and supports the decision I made. After talking to them (well, mostly through e-mails and FB), I have been thinking a lot, I took a step back, reflected on myself, thought through the whole thing, let go of total breastfeeding, adjusted my mindset, etc.

So now here I am, got out of the depression and I am back again, with a positive mindset and ready to breastfeed my dear gal as long as possible! I even accepted the fact that I am now a human pacifier!

I am actually feeling better after supplementing Xi Yu with 1 feed of FM per day. Because that means that I don't have to struggle with supply. And I can omit the pumping at night. Now I just need to latch her for the last feed, then I can go to bed already (provided that Xi Yu has already gone to bed). No more pumping at night means more time to do other things. Although I still go to the bed at the same time, but I am more relax and happier. And I am so confident that Xi Yu is growing up just as well!

"Letting go" it's the key - 放下, 别执着!

Till the next update :-)
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Happy birthday, hubby!

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Dearest hubby, wish you a Happy Birthday and many happinesssss to come! You always have the most special place in my heart!

Dear, I want you to know that you have been a wonderful husband and daddy! I cannot tell you how much you amazed me with your fatherly instinct. You surprised me numerous times (sometimes I told you, sometimes I didn't) with what you have done for the kids. Hao Re and Xi Yu are so blessed to have a very hands-on daddy who is so caring and loving and participating fully in their lives since the day they were born. Thanks for believing in me in taking care of the kids and the household. Thanks for your unique humour that can still make me laugh (and agitate) after so many years. Thanks for going through yet another challenging and fun year with me. No present for you. Only my most sincere wishes for you - hope you can do what you like/want to do, hope you enjoy your work more while having less stress, and able to strive a balance between work and home.  

[p/s: For the first time (we have know each other for donkey years!), I forgot to wish hubby Happy Birthday when the clock ticked at 12midnight. OMG, can't believe how occupied I am with the kids. Have I been really "neglecting" my dearest? Felt so guilty when I only remembered and wished him happy birthday at about 8am, on the way sending Hao Re to school. Do you think we should have another 1 or 2 kids? By then, I couldn't even remember what's my own surname, let alone birthday :-P]
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A playful baby who likes to stay up late and scream in excitement......

End result - an annoyed toddler and a pair of tired parents!

And the worst thing is I lost my patience on both of them last night. Feeling so guilty after that (and now), and having a hard time falling asleep last night. Luckily, hubby is still holding on to his cool, and able to soothe Hao Re back to sleep.

SIGH......... (I need to let out a big sigh first)..............

Don't know what's happen to me? Too tired? Wonder why I am getting more and more impatience with the kids these few days. What triggered this, I think, was the refuse-to-sleep-baby Xi Yu. This little girl is such a playful baby, who doesn't want to sleep until 11pm (last night even dragged till 12.15am!). Previously (think before she turned 4 months), it's pretty easy, whereby hubby bottlefed Xi Yu and pat her to sleep, while I accompanied Hao Re to sleep. Both of them would be in the lala land by about 10pm. Just these 2 weeks, Xi Yu refused to sleep and wailed fiercely after hubby fed her the EBM. We have no choice but to change the routine. I latch Xi Yu at about 9pm (hoping that she would fall asleep, but it never happened!). Then I accompany Hao Re to the bedroom while hubby attends to Xi Yu. If Hao Re is able to sleep fast, then it would be a more peaceful night. If Xi Yu starts wailing before Hao Re falls asleep, then I have to swap with hubby, because only me (aka the human pacifier) can soothe Xi Yu. Luckily Hao Re has "accepted" daddy to accompany him. But there were some very bad nights - Xi Yu wailed, Hao Re cried for me. What can we do? Have to let either one of them to continue crying lor........

When I thought Hao Re has got used or "immuned" to Xi Yu's crying, I realised I was wrong. He only won't be disturbed if he is already in deep sleep. Otherwise, he would be waken up by Xi Yu's wailing and screaming, and it's difficult for him to fall back to sleep again. There was one night Xi Yu cried quite loud and woke Hao Re up a few times when he attempted to sleep, he was so annoyed and told me "妈妈, 妹妹, 出去, go go go" (asked me to go out to attend to meimei). Poor boy! Once he was waken, he would scratch his whole body (especially when there was outbreak of ezcema), and it took him (feel like) forever to sleep again. This was the point when I might lost my temper. Especially if Xi Yu continued to wail, and Hao Re started to be unreasonable (asking to do 1001 things but to sleep). I had told myself to never lose temper and raise my voice in front of the kids again. I had managed that for the past few months. But these few days, I just can't do it. And last night I had it worst :-(

And about Xi Yu. I seriously hope this is just a passing phase that she wants to play and don't want to sleep at night (she sleeps very well during the day at the nanny, locking in 5-6 hours of sleep every day, which I think it's just nice). If she continues to stay up late, I think my battery is going to be used up too fast and don't have enough time to recharge. She would be very alert after latching (but while she sucks, she already closed her eyes and looked like in deep sleep) and wants to play as soon as she unlatch (smile to you and all). She don't like to sit down, and don't like to lye down or her back or tummy. What she wants is to stand up. It's impossible to carry her for long, so most of time we put her in the exersaucer until she tires of it. And she wants someone to play with her, else she would start screaming in very high pitch. And if she gets excited while playing, she would scream at high pitch, too.

We don't have a solution. There was one night Xi Yu and I slept in another room so that Xi Yu won't wake Hao Re up in the middle of the night, but that's even worse, Hao Re cried so loud when he didn't see me :-( And we are not into sleep-train. I can only hope Hao Re can sleep better with lesser night waking (and lesser eczema outbreak), and Xi Yu is willing to sleep earlier (I already didn't complain about the night feeding, I only want to have some time to myself before going to bed, am I asking for too much?). And for me, I have to remind myself again - keep my cool, CANNOT lose my patience and temper on the kids again!!!

I hope the next post about sleeping time would be a positive one. I can only hope (yes, yes, positive thinking!)
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Happy birthday, Hao Re!

4th January 2010 - Hao Re turns 2!!!

A small and simple birthday celebration we have for Hao Re's 2nd birthday at his childcare centre. We bought a cake for him, and made some simple balloon sculptures for his friends, as we didn't prepare goodies bag (actually we decided not to give out goodies bag since we couldn't think of what to put inside, and we certainly didn't want to put junk food).

His classmates/schoolmates/teachers and of course me/hubby/Xi Yu sang to him 3 birthday songs - in English, Mandarin and Malay. Then only his classmates stay on for the cake cutting, while other classes resumed their curriculum. We waited for them to finish their lunch and then they have the cake as dessert.

Hao Re and his birthday cake. Our wish for Hao Re - STAY HAPPY AND HEALTHY

Except the cake, we didn't buy him any birthday present. We are giving him our best everyday - our unconditional love! And I am sure no birthday present can beat this :-) (ya right, excuses for not getting him a present!)

Later on, we thought we should reward ourselves being a passable parents to Hao Re for the past 2 years (ya, right, excuses and more excuses) - so we left Hao Re at the childcare after the celebration, sent Xi Yu to her nanny, and off we went to watch a movie (Avatar). It's really a nice movie and we had a good time.

Just a short update on Hao Re (and I won't be doing monthly update from now on) - he is growing very well. Didn't weigh him, but we are guessing that he has hit 15kg and 90cm! Thanks goodness that he stays very healthy and hasn't been ill for months (one of my new year resolution will be that Hao Re and Xi Yu don't fall sick at all throughout the year of 2010). He actually has a bit of cough these few days, but since it didn't bother him (and us) much, we just let him fight the bug naturally and didn't give him any medicine. And he is the usual happy boy who loves to play (well, who doesn't?)! He speaks so well, and surprise us with words/sentences everyday. Oh, and he loves his Meimei, though sometimes he would demand for my attention. Can't think of anything special now. Will write again.

My dear boy, mummy and daddy love you, always!
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