Absolutely wonderful pair of siblings :-)

This happened during Chinese New Year at my parents' house. It's so hilarious! Xi Yu just laughed and laughed so much looking at Hao Re's funny act. And this little big brother certainly knows how to make his sister laugh!

Enjoy the video!

Play and fun time between Hao Re and Xi Yu - Part I from TJ Kam on Vimeo.

Play and fun time between Hao Re and Xi Yu - Part II from TJ Kam on Vimeo.
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Happy Chinese New Year!

Our warmest wishes to all our dear friends!

Right, I am almost done with the packing. In just a few hours time (we plan to start our journey at 3am to avoid traffic), we will be heading back home - "Balik kampung, oh, balik kampung!"

We won't have internet access at our parents' place. So there will be no post entry for the next 16 days (YES, we will be away for ~2 weeks, from 12th all the way till 26th February 2010. Have a rest over the weekend and get back to our routine on the 1st March 2010).

I hope the kids will adapt well to the kampung lifestyle (first visit for Xi Yu, third for Hao Re), hope they will enjoy seeing families and friends (especially Xi Yu, who will be passed from one hand to the next), hope they will be well, happy and healthy (especially not to get any mosquito bites, as Hao Re had it very badly last year).

We are so looking forward to our long break, it's so good to be away from the island and get ourselves refresh - a holiday break is for us to pause for a while and rethink what's most important in our life, do necessary adjustment, and start afresh! I am dreaming to get a break, even a short one, say a couple of  hours, away from the kids. If this dream of mine can't be fulfilled, then at least let me eat lots and lots of great Ipoh food especially dim sum (without having to worry about the weight gain), and meet as many dear families and friends as possible. (p/s: I am already dreaming of Fushan dim sum these last few days..........)

Gonna sleep for a bit now. Do come back at the end of the month.

Wishing all a great year ahead!
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Cinema for a 5 months baby

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We went to Tebrau City last Saturday, right after Hao Re's music class. We decided to take the risk and watch a movie despite having 1 active toddler and 1 young baby in tow. It's a local production, the "大日子Woohoo", to usher in the year of Tiger. Surpisingly, we were able to sit down, without having to stand up/move at all, and watch the entire movie, can't believe our luck!!!

Hao Re was taking his afternoon nap. Probably his nap has been dragged till 4pm (not that we purposely did it, but he was too busy running around earlier on), so he slept soundly for the first half of the movie, with hubby carrying him. He woke up and watched the movie till the end quietly, sitting on hubby's lap.

Xi Yu, who is barely 5 months old, actually sat through and watched the whole movie, without making any fuss at all! Okay, I latched her 2 times (1 for feeding and 1 for comfort) and that's about it. The rest of the time, she was either staring at the screen interestingly or playing with her toys. No fuss in a dark environment for almost 2 hours, can't you believe it?

Yes, we were just pure lucky. More cinema outings to come :-)

(p/s: Suddenly thought of the sound effect in the cinema - is it too loud for a 5 months or would it do any harm to her hearing? Emmm, probably should do a bit of research before bringing them to the cinema again. If someone knows this, please let me know, thanks!)

Did some shopping at Jusco also. Mainly to get milk powder, cereal and biscuits for Xi Yu, as she is approaching 6 months and will start solid soon (and change to Stage 2 formula, Enfapro A+). Also brought hampers for Xi Yu's nanny and Hao Re's teacher (who helped us to take care of him for 1 night on the day Xi Yu was born). Have lunch and dinner at Jusco. Nothing fantastic that worth noting down, though. Reached home at about 8.30pm and we quickly settled the kids to bed.

On Sunday, we wanted to stay home the whole day. But we failed to, it's actually too challenging for us to be able to stay at home but not able to take nap :-( At about 5pm, we went to the Bottle Tree Park near to the Khatib MRT. Again, it's really nothing worth to note down. And the highlight of the day was to dine at 717 at Highlands Centre (for DURIANS!!!). We met up with Vivien and Isaac and went 717 together. Hao Re and Isaac have (finally) become good freinds, and they ran around so much so that both of them refused to take dinner (packed rice from Viv) or durian. We just let them run while keeping an eye on them and enjoying our durians :-) It was again pretty late when we arrived home, so quickly settled them to bed.

And then, Monday came.......

Good thing is, closer to the day to balik kampung :-)
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Photography, a professional one!

Nice outcome :-)

We were at Joyce's home studio on the 27th Decemeber 2009, to get some nice shots of our kids and to have our family photo taken. We had a great time with Joyce, spent more than the supposedly 1.5 hour at her studio. The two kids were being so cooperative, amazingly. Some credits gonna go to my brother and YW who went along with us and made the effort to play with Hao Re and made him smile for the camera :-) It was pretty busy for me and hubby to get them changed and to make them happy for almost 2 hours!

And the outcome? Well, you judge it for yourself........

(Note: For all the 100 photos that we selected, please click here.)

For us, yes, we are certainly, very happy with the outcome. It's very reasonable price with great photos, and what's more important, we have had a nice studio photography experience :-)
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Video update of Xi Yu

Right, as you can see, I am doing another quick post, making use of the video clips (from my iPhone, of course :-)).

Our dear daughter Xi Yu is 5.5 months now.

Main development for the past few weeks - sitting unassisted. She is getting better and better at it, that now she can easily sit for half an hour without any falling in between!

See how well she can sit while playing with the toys. Note at the end of the video, Hao Re came to disturb meimei, probably to get my attention, or he really wanted to give meimei a hug (pull) at that time?

Sit up unassisted from TJ Kam on Vimeo.

Now she starts to ask to having someone to play with her. I feel sorry at times that I still cannot spend more time with her. While love is definitely multiply after having 2 kids, the time I have is still the same. So Xi Yu would never get the same attention from us like what we gave to Hao Re. That's the fact. But then, she has a big brother to look after her and to love her since day 1, not a bad deal huh :-)

Sometimes, she is able (and willing) to self entertain. Blowing bubble is one of her favourite past time activities :-)

Blowing bubbles (with saliva) from TJ Kam on Vimeo.

Think Xi Yu is growing really well. Happy and chubby and all. Her muscle (neck, hand, leg) grows stronger and stronger also. And getting better and better control of her finger grasp, and eye-hand coordination.

See how she shakes the cot mobile violently! She grabbed the minnie mouse all by herself. Then started to shake it. Then she paused and smiled to me cheekily before continuing with her shaking game!

Xi Yu and her cot mobile from TJ Kam on Vimeo.

Honestly, I think Xi Yu is just such a lovely baby (you would agree with me once you meet up with her personally) that she is not only getting lots of attention from passers-by, but she is also loved by many people. Guess with all the love and care, she surely grows to be a happy and healthy baby!
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Photo update of Hao Re

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It has been 1 week since I last blogged. Fully occupied by Xi Yu at night, left with no time for myself. So do a quick one here - let the photos do the talking...........

Trying the swing for the first time at his childcare centre. Looking very curious. Refused to leave.......

Just came back from childcare/nanny. Hao Re wanted to help me to carry Meimei while I unlock the padlock :-)

Just woke up. Waiting for Baba to retrieve the car from the car park to start the day (going to childcare). He was actually very scared of height, especially when left alone. That smile on his face was actually not a happy smile :-P

Last, but not least, he had a hair cut on Sunday afternoon. Sob sob sob...... what a funny (read awful) haircut he has, this is what we would call  "椰壳头" :-) . Got the hair stylist to blame, and it costs us $13!!! Hubby, don't go back to that shop again, ok!

And he is turning 25th month in less than an hour time...... Dear Hao Hao, mummy loves you very very very much! Please continue to grow happily and healthily!
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