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If only judged by how the kids respond when it's time hair cut, think we must be one of the luckiest parents on earth.

Yup, there is no resistance at all when we brought them to the hair salon. Never needed those specialized in children type of fancy and expensive ones, never needed to attempt to cut them while they are asleep. Just bring them to the neighborhood $7 hair cut and they go in happy, come out happy.

When they were younger, we needed to bribe them with sweets and ice cream and have iPhone ready for entertaining them.

In the recent 2-3 hair cuts, none of the above is needed. In fact, just today, Hao Re asked to be brought to the hair salon, because his hair was poking his eyes, he complained :) For Xi Yu, the hairdressers praised her that she is the most cooperative kid (of her age) they have ever seen :-)

Don't you agree this make us re luckiest parents on earth, kekeke :-)

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