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Sunday was a pretty good day.

First thing to perk us up - Xi Yu has no more runny nose and she is all cheerful when she woke up!!!

So we decided to bring them for a morning movie - "Rango" at Lot 1. Let them play at the roof top playground for about an hour (initially wanted to bring them to the library but it's not opened till 11am). I don't enjoy the movie, I think it's not quite suitable for young children as there are lots of violent scene (fighting, gun fire, killing), the story plot is not quite easily understand by young kids, not much funny/laughing scenes, and also because I don't like (read very scare of) snake (there was a huge ugly snake!). Hao Re knew I am scare of snake, when the snake first appeared, he patted on my hand and said, "妈妈, 你不要怕, SNAKE 不会咬你的, 不要怕OK, 我会保护你的." And gave me a quick hug :-) Hao Re kinda enjoyed the movie though he got a bit restless at the end of it. Xi Yu has no problem sitting down and watch a movie in the dark room, she watched the movie in full concentration, then she fell asleep on Baba's arm, and then she woke up and continued to watch, not a single whine.

Went back home and spent some time playing with the kids. Also packed our luggage for our Hong Kong trip in 2 days time. Hao Re has got very excited about Hong Kong Disneyland. He asks when we will be there every now and then. We started the count down with him :-) So glad that both kids are both well and healthy now, all ready for the trip!

At about 4pm, we left home again and this time round, it's to the Botanical Garden for the free outdoor music, the Big Band Bash by Thomson Jazz Club. It's a very popular yearly thingy. Lots of people. Despite the wet ground (rained during the mid day), people were still flooded in. It's still pretty humid but at least there was no glaring hot sun. Both kids fell asleep during the car ride and they continued to sleep after we found a spot to sit down. And continued to sleep when the band started to play Jazz. We woke them up. They sat quietly and enjoyed the music for a while before they went off to play bubbles and to run/walk around, exploring the surrounding, looking at people and the dogs.

Hao Re and Xi Yu watching the band playing jazz before running free.

We then slowly strolled along the lake. There was a very kind girl, who was so willingly to share a few pieces of breads with Hao Re and Xi Yu when Hao Re was whining on not being able to feed the fishes. Thanks so much to the little girl and her parents. Both Hao Re and Xi Yu had a great time feeding the fishes and turtles! Xi Yu said "turtle" whenever she threw a small piece of bread into the pond. She must have repeated >30 times of "turtle" :-) By the time we left the Botanical Garden, it's closed to 7pm already, we have spent a good 2 hours there!

My dear boy has grown up so much! This photo of him is very nice, shows his maturity. You can tell how much my little handsome resembles my big handsome :-)

Made Hao Re jumped for the camera. The effect was not too bad, huh :-)

It would have been just nice to have our dinner at the Case Verda restaurant at the park. But we already had our dinner there on Friday (we brought the kids for a quick run on Friday night after work). So we had our dinner at the Taiwanese restaurant at the Bukit Timah Plaza instead. Reached home really home, quickily bathed them and it's time for bed. Nice day!
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Our 19 months old "cow" girl

Another month has passed and our dear little girl is 19 months old already!

As time goes by, it's become easier and easier to handle Xi Yu. She has become more vocal, more expressive and listen to our instructions (not always though).

She definitely is a "cow" girl - stubborn and bad temper! When she wants a particular thing, she will make sure she gets what she what. If not, she would cry, beat people, throw things onto the floor and worse still, throw herself onto the floor!

But what's really bothering me most is her whining! OMG, I so cannot take whining baby, listening to her whining made me feel like my head is going to explore! Okay, okay, I gonna stay positive and hope this is just a phase and she will eventually go pass this (her nanny was "complaining" to me too!).

What's comforting me is she is sleeping better and better! I think her molars are coming out soon, as she is drooling BIG time! She didn't need to use bib until now. Yes, now, she only uses a bib at the age of 19 months. She is a relatively clean and tidy baby, she didn't drool and she is pretty much remained as clean before and after meal.

She still likes books a lot. She often takes a book from the shelve, walk to the sofa, get on it, sit down and flip a book on her own for a good amount of time. She loves all sort of books. She especially likes to get Baba to read to her. Ya right, Baba's princess mah :-)

She is smiling/laughing more and more. We all can sense that she is becoming a happy toddler, just like her gorgor.

I feel that she is good with arts and crafts and music too. Let's see if my observation is right.

I still have to say the same thing - I don't spend enough time on her. I promise, I will try harder, okay.
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The Gingerbread Man

Today's main program was to bring the kids to watch "The Gingerbread Man" show, a live theatre (with some puppets) that caters for children as young as 2 years old. So it's just ideal for our 2 little ones.

Went to have breakfast at the Rider's Club off Eng Neo Avenue. We have not come here for a long while (it's closed for private function the last time we came, and not open for business the last last time we came). Nice lush green environment, kids get to watch the beautiful horses walking pass elegantly. The food was not as good as I remembered though. I would prefer to go back to the friendlier Picotin :-)

The show started at 12noon (the very last show after a week's long performance). The performers are very good, the show is very lively and it engaged the audience (children in particular) throughout the show. Both Hao Re and Xi Yu enjoyed it to the max! Our little girl even laughed out loud and clapped her hands :-) Hao Re would surely enjoy such show. It's good!

Hao Re refused to leave the place (Alliance Franchisa Singapore) after the 55 minutes show ended. So we brought them upstairs to walk around. It's pretty, with a small cafe, a small library (all books in French), a very small gallery, and some classrooms. We didn't intend to stay so long but was caught in by a heavy rain pour. Finally reached home at about 230pm (the car ride was quite a disaster with 2 tired kids fighting for my attention).

Didn't go anywhere as it's still gloomy. The kids have fun at home all the same. And also because Xi Yu is still ill (bad runny nose with a little cough). Wanted to let her rest more, but she only took 1 hour nap. Thankfully Hao Re has more or less recovered. I told Hao Re that they got sick because of waterplay at the zoo and so we should not go for the waterplay again, and he agreed! I was wrong to say Xi Yu has a stronger immunity than Hao Re. She is not. Though Hao Re had cough and runny nose first, but he recovered very fast (without any medicine intervention) and it didn't bother him at all. While with Xi Yu, when I thought she had fight the bugs, it went to full blown only on Wednesday. Her runny nose was very bad and that making her can't sleep well at night. She cried so much on Wednesday night that she lost her voice. Equally bad on Thursday night. She seems better today so we didn't bring her to her PD. She is sleeping a lot better tonight, and it's much cheerful today. Hope she recovers and all well again tomorrow morning! We will be traveling to Hong Kong on Thursday, hope she would be at tip top condition before that.

Tomorrow will be botanical garden - free jazz music at the park! Anyone :-)

(Note: Hao Re hasn't been ill since June and Xi Yu since August. We are still keeping the holistic approach though that they have been medicine-free since June/August. See if we can make it passes one year mark. Jia you!)

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Singapore Zoo with thier buddy, and 2 days in a row

Yes, you are right, it's the ZOO again, for The Kam Family :-)

This trip was special as we went together with Isaac, Hao Re's best mate, who was 25 days younger than Hao Re. The cute thing with kids this age is, they don't talk to each other much but they enjoy each other's presence, like how we treasure to have friends around us. Before this, they went to the Zoo together (their very first) when they were about 8 months old. They are now 38 months already! People used to think they are twins, they were more alike when they were younger, but now, I think they have developed their own distinct features, but still, both are still very handsome and charming :-)

This trip started at 11am. Our "twins" boys exploring the Zoo, and not forgetting our little Xi Yu. She likes to have Isaac around too, because Isaac adores her and sayang her a lot :-) Hao Re insisted to bring this toy along. While Xi Yu and Isaac were being pushed around in their stroller, Hao Re was busy with his toy.

Isaac called this "the Sea Lion playground"! The three of them had a blast here climbing up and down the sculpture of the sea lions. Xi Yu fell down once.

We reached at the Kidzworld at about 12.30pm. We were worrying on how to control the kids if Hao Re refused to go for the waterplay (he had been refusing it for more than one year already!). But to our surprise, when we reached there, Hao Re called out excitedly "WATER", and let us change him willingly and straight away jump (literally) into the water! Isaac had gone missing once he changed into his swimming trunks. Xi Yu ran every where, impossible to stop her. All there of us were very busy looking after them, often they disappeared from our view. We were there for about an hour, and we didn't notice our arms were sun-burnt till we took bath in the evening!

Ready........ go!!!

I just love to look at Hao Re's smiling photos. I can sense that he is a happy boy from within, 发自内心的微笑, he is very easy to satisfy, and smiles/laughs at simple things. Oh my darling boy!

And this little Xi Yu, she enjoys the water soooooo much! She was not scared of anything, any people. She just ran off to have fun, lots of it (and drank some water too!).

Dear Isaac is a little more serious looking :-) He runs fast too. He appeared and disappeared in front of us within the minute. Hao Re was looking for him in the beginning, but after 5 minutes or so, they both have forgotten about each other and went off to have fun on their own.

Couldn't resist to do one more collage of our happy boy :-)

Had lunch at KFC. Xi Yu fell asleep right after a milk feed after waterplay. They boys were still energetic. Feeding the goats next.

Xi Yu was first to KO. Hao Re was the second one, about 3pm, when we were about to leave the zoo. Isaac started to get cranky but didn't fall asleep until almost 6pm, after we left the zoo!

Hao Re hasn't had enough fun. He was bugging us to bring him for sand play since morning. So after departed with Isaac and Viv at about 7pm, we brought them to the CCK park to have some sand play. Hao Re gets whiny these days when we didn't meet his requests (a sign of the start of Terrible Threes phase?). So we try our best to meet his requests within reasonable and doable means. We were all totally exhausted at the end of the day!

On Sunday, we stayed home for most of the day till in the late afternoon. Initially thought of bringing them a park (either Botanical Garden or West Coast Park) for some fun and that's about it. But Hao Re requested for waterplay at the zoo!! Oh well, since it's late already and Zoo being the closest to us, why not!

Bad decision! Though Zoo opens till 6.30pm, the waterplay only opens till 5.30pm. So the kids only have about 30 min of waterply. And to our horror, the water already turned cloudy, it feels so yucky (as compared to yesterday, the water was cleared). But we didn't want to stop them from playing, else we would have two super whinny kids to handle. To stop them playing after 30min, already made them unhappy, can't imagine if we don't let them play at all. Left the Zoo right before it's closed.

WARNING: It's NOT recommended to go for the waterplay in the evening. Hao Re developed a very low grade fever at night. Though fever was gone the next morning, it indicated that Hao Re was infected by some bugs, which he most likely caught from the dirty water, imagined hundreds and hundreds of kids had played in the same pool of water for the entire day. He started coughing a little, and runny nose started on Tuesday. Xi Yu is surprisingly stronger than Hao Re though being younger by 18 months, she didn't cough (touch wood!) but has blocked nose on Tuesday night, which irritated her and made her woke up and unable to fall back to sleep in the middle of the night. Honestly, if it's not because of their strong immunity, I think we would have to make a visit to their peadiatrician already. Cough and runny nose are of very low/mild grade, so I am hoping they self recover in a few days time.

No more waterply in the late afternoon / evening. Have to remember this!
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Our two precious

Both knocked out pretty early tonight after a waterplay session in the late afternoon (more on this in the next post). Wanna write a few things about our precious before I forgot about them.


Hao Re said to Baba (without me prompting him):


Baba didn't respond immediately.

Hao Re repeated the sentence again till Mama was kissed by Baba. We have a very lovingly sweet boy :-)

Hao Re has been diaperless at night for a few weeks now. There was no bed wetting at all! He controls his bladder so well.

Sometimes he comes to me in the middle of the night (he sleeps in the cot-converted bed right next to me). Though he didn't say anything to me, I would bring him to pee and he does pee, a lot.

Sometimes he comes to me, but I am too lazy to wake up, I just let him continues to sleep besides me, on my bed. He would wet his pant a little (never the bed) and manage to hold his pee till the next morning.

Sometimes he is too lazy to wake up. I would find a wet patch on his pant, but again, never wet the bed.

And sometimes he stays dry throughout the night! I didn't know how can he so it, as he still drinks 240ml of milk right before and he doesn't go o toilet after his milk feed.

Well, I am definitely the happiest mum, need not worry how to train him and how many time I have to change the bedsheets. I have bought a mattress protector though, you know, just in case.

Xi Yu sleeps A LOT better!!! Phew, finally! I think it was a mix problems of teething and growth spurt. She sometimes still wants a bottle milk in the middle f the night, sometimes in the early morning before she totally wakes up (she goes back to sleep right after her milk), and sometimes she doesn't need any milk till she totally wakes up at about 730am.

And there is no waking up in between at all! Compared to when she woke up a few times a night for the past few months, waking up 1 time for milk or no waking up at all, is, heavenly (to me that is)!

Gosh, I couldn't believe I forgot how it was, to be able to sleep through! When it first happened last week, when Xi Yu didn't wake at all and Hao Re didn't need the toilet, I still woke up to check on them :-) When it happened again a few times last week and this week (not every night though), I realised that I actually have to learn to sleep through the night myself, haha!

Xi Yu is speaking more and more words. Don't think we can count how many, as it's definitely more than 50 or even 100! Either single or two syllabus words. Like Hao Re, she speaks a mixture of English and Chinese, probably at the 50-50 ratio.

Her favorite word when we were at the zoo - turtle, when she saw them. She loves animals. Her eyes would follow the animals when they move, and she would do the roaring sound. She can point correctly to all main body parts, and says a few of them. She calls us correctly. She can now easily repeat after us when we teach her a new word. She knows how to use some new words the next time round. She speaks in a very cute voice, really cute :-)

Life's just so wonderful with my two precious and my darling hubby!


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Yay, it's Friday today!

At the very last minute, I made plan to leave work slightly earlier (by 15 minutes). This precious 15 minutes is enough for me to have a wonderful evening with the kids!

Arrived home slightly before 6pm (traffic was so much better when I left work 15 minutes earlier). Quickly cooked dinner for Hao Re, organic tofu with sliced pork, fresh mushroom and egg. Packed his dinner into his Thomas the train lunch box (his Christmas gift from his girl friend at the childcare :-)). Also cut half a mango into cubes for him.

Fetched both of them and we headed to the Choa Chu Kang park, where we haven't visited for quite a long while. We usually go to Lot 1 on Friday night for a family dinner, followed by either library or the rooftop playground, but Hao Re doesn't eat well at the restaurants, any restaurant, any type of food. That's why I wanted to try CCK park with home cook food.

First was to let them explore the playground. Hao Re was having his dinner at the same time. He ate so well today, finished everything happily without me have to utter a word to hurry him :-) I am so happy as this could mean he thinks my cooking is better than the restaurant food, kekeke (thick skinned mama) But in actual fact, it's the open space and fresh air that improve his appetite. Oh well, as long as he eats well, whatever reason is not important. They were a few older kids (probably about the age of 5-8) there and they are very nice, taking care of Hao Re and Xi Yu and playing with them gently. Both Hao Re and Xi Yu like the big Gorgor and Jiejie very much.

The kids (four of them and I guess they are siblings) said goodbye at around 8pm. So we left the playground too. Brought them to the empty space to kick a ball. It's such a fun thing to do with them (good exercise too). Hubby arrived then. Hubby joined in while I took a short break.

Then when they have enough, we brought out the bubble gun, which is sure a hit with the kids. There was so much laughter!!

We spent about 2 hours there and the kids perspired so much that their clothes were soaking wet! A very, very nice evening at the park. Nice company, fresh air, open space, family bonding. I think we should do it again, soon and more often!


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The weekend - Sembawang Splash Park, Hort Park, Shopping at JB

Saturday 05 March 2011

Today was meant to be a special day for our little girl, as Mama has planned for her to meet with a group of her friends at the Splash Park @Sembawang Shopping Centre. We dropped hubby at the nearby MRT station so that he could get some work done in the office.

Xi Yu fell asleep during the car ride. Usually she would wake up immediately once the car is stopped unless she's very tired. But just that day, a day that was planned especially for her, she didn't want to wake up. I left her to sleep in the stroller, and she continued to sleep despite the glaringly hot weather. Hao Re happily joined the toddlers for the water play fun, without me having to prompt him. I later have to wake Xi Yu, else she's gonna to miss all the fun, as the day's getting so hot that even the padded floor felt like a hot stone (almost)! It only took her a few minutes to fully wake up and join in the fun. When it's approaching noon time, it's way too hot and we had to stop them playing.

Hao Re happily playing (and drinking!) with the water! He's equally happy to play with a younger group of toddlers or on his own.

Xi Yu only managed to catch some fun, like a quick 10  minutes also, before the session ended. She is never a lady-like girly girl, too brave :-)

After that, let them continue to play at the dry playground. Some mummies made their way home after the waterplay while the rest stayed back to have lunch. I was thinking if I should join in for lunch or not. I decided that I should - which was a wrong choice :-( Both Hao Re and Xi Yu didn't want to eat but wanted to play. Refused my home cooked fried rice (wasted my effort rushing for the morning, duh!). Luckily I managed to "attract" Xi Yu by offering her some fries, and she sat on the high chair obediently. Our good boy, on the other hand, refused everything, even Root Beer! He insisted I couldn't have my lunch and should continue playing with him. Initially he was okay to play on his own, but later on, he came to look for me, and started throwing a big tantrum, which he hasn't done for a long, long time. I brought him for a toilet trip (thanks to other mummies who helped me to keep an eye on Xi Yu, and thanks to Xi Yu who was very well behaved), and managed to soothe him down. I quickly finished my lunch.

Then he decided he didn't want to play at the playground anymore when we have already said goodbye to the rest. So I Let him have a go at the craft shop, doing his very first sand craft. He was very happy playing with that and he really enjoyed a lot. I let him do it slowly and thought he would have had enough when he has completely the craft. So I told them we should leave now and fetch Baba from work to have some outdoor fun somewhere else. Guess what? Apparently he hasn't had enough! He was expecting to do another craft as well (squeeze the colors from bottles onto a medal plate thingy). I didn't realise that until we left the place. That brought to his second big (bigger than the first one) tantrum of the day :-( He was wailing all the way, and at one point, he even attempted to open the door and wanted to get down from the car! (of course he didn't/couldn't do it as he was belt up). I shouted at him and he finally cried it out (exactly like how Xi Yu cries) and calmed down after a long while. He hasn't cried for ages too, it hurt me to see him like this. He is usually very easy to talk to and listen to reasoning. Guess today he was a bit hungry (didn't eat lunch) and a bit tired (after the waterplay), and I suspect he hurt himself a little at the playground too. Luckily Xi Yu was, in general, pretty well behave, else I would have gone mad. She cried a bit also when Hao Re cried in the car, but I knew there was nothing wrong with her, just affected by her brother.

The first sand art Hao Re did at a shop at Sembawang Shopping Centre. He chose the colors, scooped, and added the sand. I helped him by taking out the sticker of the session he wanted to sand. You can see how I automatically take out both sides (e.g., eyes) at the same time, so the symmetrical often in the same colours. Mr Bean is one of his favourite TV programs :-)

Finally, reached hubby's office after a 30 minutes or so driving. All problems were off when hubby got on the car! Phew!

We thought of going to a (kinda) nearby shopping centre that may have children activities, to keep Hao Re happy. So we decided to go to the Great World City. To our big disappointment, it doesn't have any activities for the kids, except some coin operated rides. I have heard/read that it has been awarded as one of the most family friendly or children friendly shopping malls. Obviously what I expect it to be children friendly is very different from how it got voted for. Anyway, hubby was having his late lunch there and Hao Re was happier after eating some food.

Initially we wanted to go home right after that. But when we were on the AYE, hubby suggested to go to the Hort Park. Sure, why not! It's such a nice afternoon spent at the park, though it's a bit hot. The kids were happily exploring the playground and the plants. Especially Xi Yu, oh gosh, she didn't stop walking for a minute!! She loves the park so much - looking at the flowers/plants, picking up something from the ground, climbing up and down the chairs/structures, walking up and down stairs (without holding onto anything!), etc etc. While Hao Re was mainly playing at the playground. I picked up a flower from the floor and gave it to him. He did the same, he went to search for a flower on the ground and gave it to me, so sweeeeeeeet! But eh, no photos taken at the Hort Park as the camera was left in the car :-< We also played with the bubble (again!) and fed the fishes before we left the park.

(Note: Feeding the fish is a new activity at the Hort Park. You can buy a small container of fish feed from the vending machine near the pond. Similar to that at Botanical Garden).

Busy and tiring day :-)


Sunday 06 March 2011

Time to stock up the formula milk. So we headed to JB. Heard from a fellow mummy that there's an A&W restaurant at the Jusco @ Permas Jaya. We haven't been to this shopping centre before. So decided to try it out. Much smaller than Jusco @ Tebrau. Only single storey, mainly occupied by Jusco, plus some small shops. We did the usual eating, shopping and let the kids have fun at the Jusco playground.

Hao Re was very happy as we saw the similar craft shop here, so he can do his coloring that he had been nagging on since his second big tantrum on Saturday. The shop assistant said that this is the most colorful tiger she had ever seen! When I was there waiting for Hao Re to complete his craft, I saw most parents interfered how the kids should color the photo and what colors they should use. Most of the art pieces created are near perfection, as in trees are in green, sky is in blue, eyes should be black, both sides should be of the same color, etc. Only Hao Re's one is out of the "normal" colour scheme. It made me relates to this wonderful book that we (me and hub, yes, hub is reading a parenting book!!) are reading - 《走进孩子的涂鸦世界》by a Japanese author 鸟居昭美. He described how parents often teach/guide the children when they draw that would kill a kid's creativity totally. After today, I can totally agree and relate to what he said, it's so true! We have to keep reminding ourselves what we have learnt from this great early childhood educator. Great lesson learnt (by paying RM7 for the craft session).

Came back to Singapore after lunch. Hao Re knocked out at 6.30pm! I think he was too exhausted from yesterday activities. Xi Yu slept at her usual bedtime at around 9.30pm.

Weekend ended.

The very colorful tiger that Hao Re did at Jusco @ Permas Jaya. He chose all the colors without any of my intervention. See they usually don't color both hands (symmetrical) the same colors. Compare the color selection of the Mr Bean above.
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Fun waterplay at NEX shopping mall

We finally went to the newest shopping mall in Singapore (hope I am right to say this) - the NEX shopping mall. Our main aim was to "look see look see" and to let the kids try out the water playground. Like same as most shopping malls in Singapore, this is (just) another big-ish mall that is out of the town, and comes with most of the "standard" shops :-)

Went directly to the water playground. Nothing to shout about, really. The kids had a wonderful play time nonetheless. It's big so even it's pretty crowded, it's still not too bad. The water equipment is pretty much similar to those we saw at other waterplay, like the one at Lot 1. It's pretty windy, some younger children, Xi Yu included, were shivering after a while. The kids have to keep moving to generate enough heat, once they stop moving, and the strong wind blows, they start to shake. Luckily that day was not a hot day, else we could have been burnt, as it's totally unsheltered and it's on roof top (on 4th or 5th level).

Here's the photos to show how our kids enjoying the water play for about an hour!

Warming up. Still dry :-)

Hubby is doing the hard work to run around with the kids while trying to keep himself dry.

Warmed up! He explores the place without us. But he comes back to look for us every now and then. So grown up already!

Xi Yu loves waterplay. But she doesn't want to let go of daddy's hand. A girl is a girl :-)

So thristy meh?

Finally let go of daddy's hand! She also tastes/drinks some water like her gorgor

The small "dry" area. Very simple. Just a few slides attached to this structure and it's really small (thus very crowded with kids). Those older kids can be very rough and they push everyone, especially the younger ones around.

See how he uses the bar as monkey bar, to lift up his body and swing. He must do this everytime before he slides down.

It's one of the places that we may not come back for a long long long time. There is only 1 plus point for us - it's very close to our durian makan place :-) So the next time when we are back, it's probably during durian season. And yes, we went to have durians after that. Though didn't have much choices, but they were still not too bad. Hao Re had 3 seeds! He was almost dozing off after the waterplay and a quick bite. But when we told him we were going to eat durians, he regained his energy! Xi Yu is the opposite, she doesn't like durian at all. I joked that probably I had too much durians when I was carrying her in my tummy that she is sick of the taste already :-)
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Bubbles, sand play and water play @ East Coast Park

A wonderful afternoon spent at the East Coast Park. We arrived at about 4pm. We were very lucky that it's not a hot day, it's a bit cloudy with some cooling breeze, just perfect. The kids have a great time, for about 2 hours, playing with bubbles, then cycling (Hao Re only), then the sand, and then the sea/water.

Now, the photos!

Starting playing bubbles. It's a windy day. So the wind helped us to blow the bubbles at time, saving us some energy :-) It's Jiujiu who's doing the hard work most of the time.

Kids just love bubbles, don't they? Instead of trying to blow bubbles, Xi Yu actually lick/bite the stick and I think she did take in a bit of the soap, ops! Hao Re is now able to blow bubbles pretty well, except sometimes he puts his mouth to near and touches with the soap, ops!

Next on - cycling! He's happy that Jiujiu and Yiyi cycle together with him. We didn't bring his bike as it's cheap to rent it, so we save our effort of lugging his bike along.
(p/s: I think this bike rental shop at the Big Splash is more expensive than the one at the Burger King)

Xi Yu plays with our shoes when Gorgor went cycling. She has lots of fun trying to walk in Baba's gigantic (to her) shoes :-)

Started off with sand play. She was very scared of sand when she was young. She didn't want to be put on sand, let alone touch/play with the sand. But she changed since. She enjoys sand play now. But still, she wants her hands to be cleaned on and off.

More sand play......... (which is a very good activity helping them to develop their motor skill)

Hao Re joined in the fun. He didn't play with the sand for long. He wanted to play with the water instead.

Actually at this time, we wanted to get them changed and leave as they were already soaking wet and played for quite a long while already. But after we took off their clothes, they refused to leave and wanted to play with the wave some more. So they can only play topless :-)

See how "meaty" Xi Yu is! Look at her tummy! 13.2kg is not play-play one.
Hao Re on the other hand, though still have a big-ish tummy, he is not as "meaty" as Xi Yu, can see his bones already :-)

Completed with a nice family photo of the 4 of us :-)
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A fun morning, with a ball and a bicycle

We brought the kids downstairs for them to run around. Exercising and having fun at the same time. Mummy went to do a quick marketing at the wet market. Then it's daddy's turn to get some small tool at the shop. They have lots of fun, and perspired madly for that half an hour or so.

Simple ~ Fun ~ Happy ~ Healthy ~ Family ~ Bonding

His "Good Boy" bicycle which he loves and be very proud of! The gun was his newly added favourite (bought from Daiso, $2).

Simply love the left side photo! Our very active gal!

It's surprising/amazing how Xi Yu doesn't fuss to want to ride on the bike. She happily follows behind the bike. And quickly approach her Gorgor when he stops.

Hao Re can run very fast (see the right hand photo, captured him in fast motion). He cycles well and he can kick a ball well :-)

Oh, and look at our little Xi Yu - she is very good in kicking the ball too! She loves the baseball cap a lot! She won't let us put anything (clips, hat, etc) on her hair/head except this one. Ermm.... tomboy in the making :-)

Oh, oh, Gorgor is not looking. Let me quickly get on and ride it away!

The best thing in our life - our prince and princess, and their growing up!
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