Bye bye nanny..... Hello childcare.......

Finally, it's time to say goodbye to Xi Yu's dearest nanny. Today (30th June 2011) is the last day Xi Yu's under the care of her nanny. She will start going to childcare tomorrow (1st July 2011).

I know Xi Yu is going to miss her nanny very, very much, a very kind lady who has given her so much tender loving care for the past 20 months, who has provided such a great environment for her to grow healthily and happily, and who has nurture her to become a well mannered and positive characters. I am going to miss her too, for her kindness, for the little chats I have with her when I dropped off and picked up Xi Yu. We are sure going to keep close contact with her. No words can describe my gratitude towards her. It's probably the little girl's karma to meet such a great person early in her life!

It's been delayed since February this year. Her nanny initially suggested to stop taking care of her once we came back from Chinese New Year holiday. Then she said there was some change in her schedule so she could take care of Xi Yu for a few more months, then May, then June, and finally it's confirmed July. Oh well, as what the nanny said, though it's hard, but she must let go and move on.

So yup. It's hello to childcare, on the 1st July 2011. Surely she is going to the same childcare as Hao Re. Will be joining the playground, full day care. I know she is going to adapt very easily, giving that Hao Re is there to accompany and to protect her, that she is always a sociable toddler, and that she has been to the childcare a few times and she made herself very comfortable every time she was there. I am going to be very hard hearted, to drop her off on Friday morning, leave her to her teacher, and won't accompany her at all. Since it's a Friday, even if she cries, weekends are coming and I would be able to comfort her. Hope my "strategy" is right. Let's see.

The main change, as what I anticipated, is the food. It's going to take her some time to getting use to the food offered at the childcare. No more nutritious and yummy breakfast, lunch and dinner that was purposely cooked, "customised" just for her! And she also has to get use to having dinner at a later time. That's the reason why my parents are here. To help her in transiting to her new routine. Especially that my mum can help to prepare dinner, so we can give her dinner once they reach home. Then slowly drag the dinner time till 7+pm, when I would be on my own again. On the positive note, I think she is going to love the variety of activities she can do and the many little and big friends that she is going to make.

Big change ahead of you, little Xi Yu. Be brave!
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Hao Re is free of medicine for one whole year!!!

Yup, that's right, he didn't visit Dr Keoy or any doctor nor take any medicine for the entire year, 365 days! The very last time he was ill and went to Dr Keoy's clinic was exactly one year ago, on the 28th June 2010. How I remembered the date so clearly? Haha, very obvious, because I noted it down in this blog, it's really a very good platform for us to record down the growing up of the kids. Read this one-year old post about Hao Re being sick.

If I tell you he didn't fall sick for the entire year, it's impossible (or is it possible for 2-3 years old kids?). According to some articles that I read, it's actually pretty common for a young kid to catch flu and other common bugs up to 8 times a year. Hao Re had been ill a few times, but nothing serious - mild fever, mild cough and very mild runny nose. He fight the bugs on his own, without any medicine intervention, and he recovered very fast, fever gone the next day, cough and runny nose lasted 2-3 days. He doesn't take any supplement as we don't think he needs any.

I couldn't help but to link it to the childcare centres, where he spends 9-11 hours a day, 5 days a week. He moved on to this current childcare August last year. His attendance was 100% (except absent when holidaying). I am pretty happy with the hygiene level this childcare is maintaining, and a few extra little things they do to keep the children healthier. There are also enough outdoor time for the kids to run around and sweat it out. When he was in his previous childcare, he had his dinner at the childcare. It's very convenient to me. But came to think of it, we didn't know what kind of food he was getting and how much he was eating, I am not saying it's not good, but it's more of that it's beyond our control. So it's actually a good thing that this childcare doesn't provide dinner. It forces me to cook dinner for him. It's certainly not easy to me, but I try, I am trying very hard, to cook as much as I can. Even if we eat out, I get to control what he should or should not eat and know how much he eats.

We are pretty certain he has built up a strong immunity and he stays healthy from now on!

I posted early this year on "How to keep a child healthy and to boast his immunity?" You should take a quick look if you are convinced that we are doing to right thing to raise a healthy child. It's basic and simple "rules" as listed below:

1. SLEEP, SLEEP and more SLEEP
2. HEALTHY DIET - you are what you eat!
3. WATER, WATER and more WATER!
5. Keep CLEAN -wash hands regularly!
7. Think twice when you have to give ANTIBIOTICS!

I have to thank some of the fellow mummies who share with me and make me believe on the importance of healthy diet and go medicine free all the way. It's really useful to know that we are not doing this alone, that they are like-minded parents like us out there. Though for us, we don't stress too much on absolute healthy diet, we are just making sure he has a balanced diet, we get the better (not the best) ingredient, avoid processing food as much as possible, make sure he is getting enough nutrients, and so we do allow a little junk food from time to time :-) We are more serious on the spare the doctor and the antibiotics part. The societies nowadays are too dependant on the doctors, but unfortunately most doctors (in Singapore and in Malaysia at least) are taking the easy way out to quickly prescribe medicine to their patients, and worse still, prescribe antibiotics for viral infection and this happens very often, sadly.

Would like to end this post by sharing a quote shared by a dear friend on her Facebook wall (apparently we have a long way to go):

"The doctor of the future will give no medication but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, diet and in the cause and prevention of diseases." ~ Thomas A Edison (1847 - 1931)

[p.s.: Please kindly leave me a note if you are one of the parents who practice the same like us]

[p.p.s.: I would be overly delighted if after reading this post, you are willing to try out the natural healing way than to depend on the medicine, let me know, okay!]
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Wonderful holiday program at th Singapore Arts Museum!

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I can't remember from where I read about the Arts Garden at SAM (Singapore Arts Museum). Heard good review about it. But I was a little taken a back because of the two pretty disappointed holiday program we attended the weekends before, the story telling at Sentosa, and the Fairy Tales thingy at the National Library (I was so disappointed with the latter that I didn't even want to blog about it).

Anyway, because hubby was finally getting a break for the weekend, the grandparents are here to visit us, and Viv and Isaac came over to our house to play (Isaac was very desperate to meet us :-)), we decided to bring the kids there, thinking that if it's not good, we can leave early and head somewhere else.

It didn't disappoint us. In fact, it's such a great program, with interactive plays at the museum! Though we have to pay for the admission ($10 for adults, free for seniors and kids under 6 years old), but I would rather pay to have this kind of quality than to travel all the way for the free but no quality program :-)
For detailed information, you may visit their website at Many different activities for the children. We spent about 3 hours there and we couldn't finish all of them, think we have done about 70% or so, excluding the animated films. If it's a free thing, I would want to bring the kids to go back again before it ends. Though think the grandparents may not want to follow as it's quite boring for them, keke :-)

First, we went into the glass room. Some big puzzles, the small train set, colouring stuff, not very interesting. But I guess it's a good start for the boys to warm up, while Xi Yu was taking her much needed nap.

Both boys went on to the stage immediately. One was interested in the puzzles, while the other was interested to perform :-)

The boys playing with the small train set. Love the photos of Hao Re taken by hubby. He is most handsome when he is in full focus!

Hubby disturbed Xi Yu and woke her up. She was so happy to find herself in the room full of toys! She immediately warmed up and joined in the fun!

Xi Yu in action! She is putting on (sticking) decorations on a giant cake, very good activity for the little ones, for their gross motor skill and creativity.
Look at the photo with my mum besides Xi Yu, actually Xi Yu looks a bit like her, don't you think :-)

In this room, the kids can help the boy/girl putting on (sticking) different combination of clothes, shoes, and head. The boys understood the concept without us having to explain to them. The little girl understood it after we explained and demonstrated once to her, she was very happy playing with this.

The 3 kids happily helping the boy/girl to change their outfits :-)

In this wonderful and colourful room, Xi Yu and Isaac made a good pair! They played in this room for quite a long time! Isaac really likes to perform, and since my parents were there to watch them, he happily jumping and down and performed for them! Xi Yu happily tagged on to him. I think these two will eventually become good friend. Isaac clicked more with Xi Yu than with Hao Re, we think :-)

The "couple" are having fun while entertaining my parents.

Hao Re didn't stay in that room for more than 5 minutes. He went to the next room and insisted to do the activity which was meant for older kids. We just have to let him try. He was surprisingly cooperative and waited for his turn patiently, without any whining. It's quite a fun game, but the waiting time is long, and it's really not meant for young kids as it's not easy to make. Isaac queued for it also but because of the long waiting time, we let them do together. It's almost impossible to control them, and with the pressure of other people waiting, we eventually just let them put them in randomly. At least they have had fun :-)
In the preparation to make a pattern with the colourful big dots. Hao Re wanted to make 3 letters H.R.L (it's also because mummy has no creativity and not artistic at all, so can only guide him with this, the easiest way. Viv did a much better one than me :-) Nonetheless, see how happy my dear boy is!

In the process. At the end, there is no specific pattern created. Just random. It's also fun that they got to pull out and let the big dots dropped out and then picked them up and rearranged the back on to the wall. I like this activity a lot, minus the waiting/queuing.

Oh, this is the ultimate room, especially for kids who love train track! The first room was for display only, very nicely laid out train track with animal figurines, etc, the entire room, meaning on the floor, on the walls and on the ceiling! The next room was meant for the kids to build their on track and each got a train to play with! We were very lucky to catch the last session before it closed at 6.30pm.

The kids with their train. Xi Yu, who grows up with Hao Re and Isaac, will definitely play with trains a lot.

We wished we went earlier and had more time to visit the rest. But well, I guess 3 hours of fun is just nice for them, not too exhausted, at least. It's a good thing we only went today (the last day of school holiday) but not during the school holiday, else it may be too crowded and the kids won't have as much fun as today. It's still on till August 30. Who knows we might make another trip there :-) Do make a visit to SAM, it's really fun!
Lastly, I hav to make this photo a single one, because Hao Re volunteered to pose in front of this and let hubby to take a photo, as if he knows how to read (he didn't). Mummy Dearest, indeed!
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Xi Yu is 22 months old!!!

Just another 2 months, Xi Yu will be 2 years old! 22 months old went pass so quickly!

Freshly taken photo just a couple of hours ago.

Xi Yu is growing very well, in fact, a bit too well, in term of her speech development.

This will be the last month she is cared for by her super capable nanny (still haven't written a post dedicated to her nanny, whom we truly grateful for). Come 1st July, she will start to go full day childcare (same centre as Hao Re, of course). While under her nanny care, she is growing very well, as expected. Eat well, sleep well, play happily and been nurtured properly.

Her weight has been hovering around at 13.5-13.9kg for the past few months, still hasn't gone pass the 14kg months. She hasn't lost any weight up till 22 months, so I guess I shouldn't be complaining :-) She is really a very tall girl, haven't measured her for a while, but she may have crossed the 90cm already (last measured a couple of months ago was 88cm, so even she only grew 1cm per month, she should be 90cm now). She is the size of a 2.5 - 3 years old toddler, no kidding.

I have been enjoying her so much more, been showering lots of love to her, and I bet she feels that too! She still whines at times, and I still can't get through the whining, I still get mad whenever she whines, despite telling myself many times not to, sigh. But it rarely happens nowadays, so I take it as a big improvement already. I really really really regret lots for not listening to hubby, that he warned me, no matter what, I cannot start shouting/screaming/gone mad with the kids, as he said once you started it, you would keep doing it. He is so right!!! It's a very bad habit of me for getting angry and start shouting at them. I remind myself often and it has been improved, but it will still take some times to totally cut it. I will get there one day, jia you! It's Xi Yu who usually gets the scolding as I cannot hear kid cries :-( Hope she cries less and less, and we would all live in peace :-)

Right. Her speech development. She is amazing! She speaks so well that one can hardly believe she is barely 21 months old. She said it very clearly and it's not guessing game, she really says it and we all understand her all right (though of course Mama, Gorgor and her nanny understand her the best, Baba is still trying to understand her as he wasn't able to spend much time with his precious daughter). Because of this, she learns things very fast, at a speed that she sometimes scares me. Take for example, she can recognise and say almost all animals correctly, not just those common animals you know, as in ALL animals, including those rare ones, that she saw from the books or TV or at the Zoo. She can said 0-20, she can say almost all letters, and can recognise some of them already. What freaked me out was she can recite Chinese poem!!! Hao Re was very much into a particular poem that he learned at school. Suddenly one day, she took that book to me and recite the poem to me (though not 100% accurate, but I would give her a 70%). And out of the 4 lines, she can remember one of the lines of a few other poems. Freaking scary, no? Don't tell me this is common. Hao Re didn't do that, he just started to form sentence when he was this age.

And guess what. She started to ask "WHY", and "WHERE" (both in Mandarin)! Hao Re (and most kids) only started to ask why when they are about 2.5-3 years old. But at 21 months old? I just hope I have enough energy and time to guide her. Hope she has enough to learn from her big brother, and so I don't have to worry much, at least not for this few years.

She has superb memory too. Plus she still loves books. That makes her very "knowledageable" at this age, as all the stuff we read to her, she keeps it very well in her huge capacity of hard drive. She can kinda read a simple story book, as in when her turns a page, she can roughly said what that page is about. And from a more advance story book, she can remember part of the story, when I turn to that particular page, she tells the story correctly. This bookworm is always interested in books. Even if she plays with her toys, after a while, she sure ends with sitting down with a book in her hands :-)

She is a very stubborn kid. She wants it means she wants it. She wants THAT book mean only that book, nothing else can change her. I don't want to encourage her on this so now I choose to let her cry it out than to give in (but then again, crying makes me mad :-(). Hope she learns it and changes her stubbornness soon, else I am the one to break down :-P

The advantage of being the second child? The advantage of being such a close age with her brother? She is never lonely! She always has someone to play with her, to fight with her, to make her laugh, to give her a warm big hug, someone to protect her. She is so blessed to have such a great brother to grow up with, and to learn from (she does learn a lot of many different things from Hao Re). Always makes me feel very happy when I see them play and laugh together :-) 

We just did painting again. The cloth on her was made by her nanny, the 3rd one from her so far. Her nanny is going to miss her lots and lots and lots, and vise verse.

You are such a sweet girl that you still make people turn their head when they walk pass you :-) You have a very sweet voice too, when you greet them, all the aunties uncles JieJie Gorgor would sure put a smile on to their face and say "oh, so sweet" :-)

Mama and Baba loves you very, very much! You make our family complete, just perfect!
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East Coast Park, in Hao Re's eyes

I was pretty surprised that Hao Re asked to go to the East Coast Park since the last weekend. I mean he has a very good memory, but when we bring them to a place, we seldom tell them where/what the place is. I thought maybe he learned from our conversation. Since he has been asking for it consistently since last weekend to this weekend, I braved myself to bring two kids to East Coast Park on Saturday afternoon.

I managed to make Hao Re to take a short nap during the car ride. This is to avoid him throwing tantrum when he gets tired if he skips afternoon nap (though he has not been taking naps for many months already, he still throws tantrum, big and small, depending on how tired he is). So it's all looking promising.

We brought along his own bicycle. Then I rented a bicycle with a child seat in front for Xi Yu. I am very confident with Hao Re's cycling skill, he can do emergency brake very well, he can turn all directions very well, and he can cycle at my speed! So off we went, did a very nice cycling afternoon. Despite that it's very crowded, Hao Re, as expected, was able to behave as a very professional cyclist, very steady indeed!

We spent a wonderful day at the East Coast Park. Cycling for about 1 hour that we managed to go quite a long distance, and play with the sand for about half an hour when we stopped for a rest.

Our handsome biker! He was very cooperative when I told him to pose with his bike. He immediately went up and posed for the camera :-)

Sandplay. Outdoor does make wonderful photos! Oh yes, even me going with the kids alone, and went cycling and all, I still lugged along the DSLR. Don't ask how can I manage :-) It's worth it to capture some of their happy moment (it may not look nice after I collated them, but the original copies are all very nice!)

Ended the fun with a tub of ice cream!

Then we met hubby in town to have dinner. The kids were very happy to see their Baba. Though both were still stuck to me, can't blame them, as they spend a lot more time with me. I also found out then that when Hao Re said East Coast Park, he didn't really mean the park, park. He later told me during the car ride to town that East Coast Park is a shopping centre, duh! I don't have any clue how he links East Coast Park to shopping centre, I would try to find out if possible.

Arrived home really late. I knocked out totally when putting them to bed. Woke up at 2am to find out that my dear hubby had done the laundry, washing up, etc for me without me having to tell him to. Muack muack! I continue to sleep with a smile on my face :-)
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What we do on weekday night

Weekday nights are pretty manageable nowadays, with me alone and the kids. They have grown more and more mature and independent. On most nights, especially if the routine is followed, the very limited 3-4 hours that I have with them would be great. Only when I am too tired, or either of them throws unreasonable tantrum, or worse, both of them whine uncontrollably (I cannot take kids crying/whining, that makes my blood boils!), than the nights may end up with me shouting at them and giving them black face, ops! Nah, seriously, we go to bed peacefully and happily every night, but the shouting part is true though :-)

The routine being - upon reaching home at close to 7pm, I go straight into the kitchen to cook dinner, while they play with whatever they want. Dinner ready by 730pm, and Hao Re finishes his dinner at 8pm (Xi Yu still has her dinner at her nanny). Then it's more play, usually with one specific theme - painting, jigsaw puzzles, building blocks, Lego, playdoh, Thomas the Train, reading/story telling, etc (I posted quite a number of photos of these on Facebook), or when there is no theme, just random. The play ends at 9-9.30pm. The calming down method is still by watching TV while drinking milk. They only watch 30 minutes of TV per day at home, and seldom ask for more. So I just let them enjoying this precious 30 minutes. Then it's the bedtime routine - brush teeth, reading, story telling, singing, talking, which usually lasts 30-60 minutes. Then another 30-60min to fall asleep. I usually can get out of the room before 11pm.

They have no interest on iPhone anymore. I can leave my iPhone anywhere within their reach, and they won't touch it. Sometimes Hao Re would use it to take photos, very rarely he would want to play game. Xi Yu hasn't touched an iPhone for months already. And I am very glad with this :-) And hope they stay away from this as long as possible.

So ya. That's our weekday nights routine. On a good day, I help them to prepare what they want to do for the night (Hao Re is the one who decides what to do and Xi Yu follows, till she starts to make decision and more fights are foreseen), and then I can just sit back to watch them. Really nice. This is such a big different from merely 2-3 months back where they still demanded a lot of my attention that I have to spend every minute with them. These days, they can play on their own for more than an hour!

Tonight was another good night. And tonight was playing with the playdoh/playclay. I was so relax that I even have to mood to get the DSLR out and took some photos of them. I wouldn't be too greedy to hope every night would be as good as tonight, what I hope is I can control my temper better and better and show them a good example, who doesn't flare up easily and who have lots of patience in handling challenges (I am obviously not, right now). Have to work very hard on this!

The kids during their playtime at night. We still believe in a lot of play for our children. And they do really enjoy that a lot!

Playdoh/playcaly is a wonderful activity for the little hands :-)
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Great Saturday despite "solo-ing"

We gonna drag ourselved out of the bed (though it's nearly 9am already!) as we would be meeting up with Hao Re's teachers for the half-yearly progress report. We are very lucky for the past few months that we get to sleep in quite a bit as the kids enjoy lazy mornings like us too :-)

After we got ready, we were already late. No time for a breakfast. It's nice to talk to his teachers and it's all good (details will come in another post, when I received the electronic copy from his teachers).

Then the poor hubby has to go the office for his never ending piles and piles of work :-( I decided to bring the kids to the CCK park rather than go home and get mad with each other. They enjoyed the running around very much! It's a groomy morning and it started to rain about 11+am, so I have to stop them from fun.

Hao Re kicked off a big tantrum. Sigh..... he has been pretty difficult to deal with for the past few weeks, or even longer. What he wants, he wants it. He doesn't take to reasons now, most of the time, when we say go right, he must go left, that kind of stuff. It's been very tiring dealing with his tantrums. I trust that it's a passing phase and I hope we (mainly I, as hubby has been so busy lately) have enough patience to guide him and support him through this period. I have to keep reminding myself not to get agitated easily, not to scream and not to shout, the more he is heating up, the more I should be cool and calm. I must try harder, for the sake of building up his good temperament.

The rest of the day was fantastic!!! As soon as we arrived home, he stopped his tantrum and has been a darling the whole day! Xi Yu is at the very lovely age, so it's very easy to keep her happy. But there is another problem with her, she isn't interested in eating while at home. I don't force her, just let her be, she has enough reserve to miss a meal or two anyway :-)

The things we have done today are Thomas the Train set, lunch, 30min of TV, nap (Xi Yu only, Hao Re didn't nap at all), painting, shower, dinner, a trip to the library, arts and crafts, 30min of TV and finally off to bed at 10pm (and read them 5-6 books after they brushed their teeth!). After this I have to do some ironing and then I can finally sit down to read a novel to end my Saturday.

There was no shouting from me at all. It makes me feel so good. Feel that all my positive energy is back! Hope things get improve from now on (that I can control my temper better).

Now, couldn't resist to share some photos of my little artists! You can tell how much they enjoy their painting session. We don't teach them how to paint or tell them what should they do. Just help them set up the stuff, and off they go, it's all free-style :-)

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Not the right timing

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About blogging

Just when our blog started to get a pretty steady crowd of readers and a pretty good increase of readers....

Just when our blog started to get interesting invite for events......
Just when our blog started to attract requests to do product reviews......

......which was what I have been waiting/hoping for the past year. Now that various opportunities finally knocked on our door, but I couldn't spend as much time on blogging as I used to. Oh well, never mind :-) Our intention of starting this blog is to note down the growing up of our little precious, and not the above anyway.

凡是都不能强求,得要配合天时,地利, 人和,对吧?!!

That being said, I welcome any invites for events, and requests to do product reviews. Anytime! I will do my best to attend to it.

Most importantly, to my dear readers, please continue to drop by to read up on The Kam Family! Your comments and e-mails are almost welcome and appreciated!
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Baking, Story-telling session at Sentosa, and shows at Esplanade

It's a very, very busy Saturday!

First up. Hao Re requested to make cupcakes. It's only because he wanted to eat marshmallows and all those decorative colorful stuff :-) Luckily my brother is around. So while he helped the kids with the baking, I was busy preparing lunch.

Look how happy he is to see the marshmallows and their friends :-) 
Xi Yu was very happy to be given egg shelves to play with.
Hao Re and his favorite Jiujiu!

We dated Isaac and Viv to go to the Sentosa for the story-telling at the Imbiah Lookout at Sentosa. Hao Re and Isaac enjoyed it a lot. Though Hao Re was pretty scared of the head puppet (to be honest, it looked very scary to me too) that he hide behind me and asked me to cover his eyes. Head puppet meaning cut off the head off a doll and use the headless doll as your body, meaning human head on a doll body, got what I mean? I don't like the idea. Plus the way the girl told the story was not very engaging, and she was using pretty boring tune, and not gentle enough. Thought story telling for kids should be a lot more interesting than this.

Anyway, at least the boys enjoyed it! Xi Yu couldn't sit through the entire session. The story was "Goldilock and the Three Bears". The story itself is pretty okay. 
(p/s: we happened to listen to the same story on one of the TV program on the same day, it's really a pretty nice story for young kids!)

Xi Yu was very busy climbing up and down the props for the story telling. She didn't know how to place her head at the correct position for the photo taking though. Still cute :-) 

The weather was very kid to us. It's been cloudy day, so it's not too hot. It's still hot, but not too hot. Xi Yu was in a very good mood, admiring those pretty flowers. 
Isaac got so happy and excited when Xi Yu allowed him to hug her! Hao Re hugs his meimei very often. 
Hao Re tried drinking from the water cooler for the very first time, Xi Yu was still too short for this. 

After that, we made our way to the Esplanade, as we have dated my hubby (who has to work over the weekend :-() to have ice-cream at Haagen-Dazs (free voucher courtesy of M1 :-)) To our (and the kids') excitement, they were running a few free shows inside the Esplanade Mall as well as outside the mall. We caught 2 shows, 1 before the ice-cream and 1 after the ice-cream.

Isaac didn't eat much, he is not too keen on ice-cream. Hao Re chose green tea flavor and he did finish at least half of it.

Xi Yu plays with the headphone. She is so cute, isn't she :-) 

It's been such a long day! We left the house at 3pm and only arrived home at close to 11pm! Xi Yu took a quick nap, while Hao Re didn't nap at all! There was a big meltdown when we were walking back from the car park back to our house. It's also because I refused to let him play with the iPhone while walking. I just let him cry and scream.

Quickly bathed them. They have they milk feed. And both fell asleep within 5-10 minutes. Poor me have to stay awake to finish off all the ironing :-( By the time I headed to the bed, it's already 2am! Luckily it's a Saturday :-)
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Air Force Open House 2011 and East Coast Park

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On Saturday, brought the kids to meet some of my friends for a dim sum brunch in town, while hub went back to office to get some work done. Then went to National Library as it's just opposite where we have our brunch. Hubby, my brother, Viv and Isaac all met up at the library, and off we went to the RSAF Air Force Open House 2011 at the camp near to Eunos.

It's so hot! And that killed half of our enthusiasm :-( The boys watched the air show which was pretty good. Hao Re totally enjoyed it. Isaac was scared of the loud sound. He was okay when my brother carried him to watch, but once passed him back to Viv, he cried badly, haha! It's free entrance. Remember many years ago we went to an air show and have to pay quite a hefty entrance fee. And because it's free, it's very crowded. There were queues to get on any of the vehicles, they even put up a notice to warm visitors about the waiting time, like how the theme parks do it. Because of the queue, the kids only got to get on a couple of the vehicles, those with short queues, and then we called it a day. Viv was so kind to buy me a very nice Swensens mango ice cream cake, just nice for the hot weather.
Only took very few photos using our iPhone. Ice cream is very popular because of the hot weather!

On Sunday, brought them to East Coast Park for some sandplay and cycling. My brother and my cousin went with us. So it's a pretty relaxing day for me.

It's only the 2nd time Xi Yu got to sit on a bike. The first time was very long ago already. Hao Re still chose the smallest bicycle, but this time round, he got annoyed cycling it as it moved so slowly compared to his own bike. He was in very bad mood, annoyed by the bike, tired (only napped for about 10 minutes when we were about to arrive at the park), and hungry (as we had porridge for lunch).

The usual activities at the East Coast Park - cycling and sandplay!
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