Fun weekend - mini bowling + lunch @ Downtown East, followed by playround, cycling and pony riding @ Pasir Ris Park

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Hubby takes all the credits for making all these nice photo collages!!

It's such a lovely day, with so much fun and quality family time!

I arrived back from my work trip on Friday morning. So I got the take the Friday off, how nice :-) I rested and then fetched the kids early to meet hubby for dinner and for the CARS 2 movie. Hao Re did enjoy the movie but he was running up and down the aisle for a little while in the middle of the screening, something he hasn't done. Xi Yu was even worse, she only sat through for maybe 20 minutes or so, then she got restless and moving up and down and even needed me to bring her out a couple of times. They both enjoyed the "Hawaiian Vacation" (a short clip with all the Toy Story characters) shown before the movie very much though. Think the story line for the CARS is a bit too "adults" for the kids liking, young kids like ours. Toy Story is much nicer.

Oh, how did that link it to today's outing? After the movie, we walked pass a bowling alley. Hao Re requested to go in and take a look. Then he insisted he wanted to play with it, though we let him try lifting the balls and he was convinced he couldn't lift the balls, those are for adults to play and not him. But he still said he wanted to play. We somehow was able to distract him with something else.

But this morning when he woke up, he started it again, asking us to bring him to play bowling. So we decided to bring them to Downtown East, which offers kids bowling, according to Mr Google, my most trusted source!

It's a really cute thing, the mini bowling - with mini balls and mini lanes for the little people :-) They were both so happy to be able to play with it! Hao Re did it very well, as in able to throw/roll the balls and kept the balls in the middle of the lane. When he first started the game, he insisted I followed him and helped him with. While Xi Yu didn't need anyone to help, she helped herself with the balls and started throwing them onto the lanes. What a vast different in characters, they are.  

Hao Re and Xi Yu were having such a fabulous time with the mini bowling!!! It doesn't come cheap though - $2 (insert the coin into the slot) for 5 games, which only lasted for <5 minutes. We let them have 2 games and that it is, just for the experience, really.

Then I persuaded hubby to get a lane so that we can have a game of bowling too. Guess what, I have NEVER play bowling in my entire life!!! It's not as difficult as I thought, just for fun.

Then we went for lunch at the Hong Kong Cafe. The food was not fantastic, but the kids somehow was in a very good mood (think Hao Re was hungry), so they have lots of fun even during lunch.
Xi Yu self fed with plain rice. I like the top left photo, she looks she "tam chiak" in this photo :-)

Then she played with the plate and a piece of tissue. She asked us to watch her how she licked the plate clean, and played hide and seek with the piece of tissue. How cute!

Hao Re sticks to me, as usual. Want me to sit with him and feed him. Behave like a little baby boy as compared to his meimei. But I enjoyed it.

Then, it's to the GREAT OUTDOOR!!! Where would be the best place to go, except the Pasir Ris Park, which is just a short few minutes drive from the Downtown East!

The kids spent 2 hours at this playground! So much fun for them, to run, to climb, to laugh and to explore!

Hao Re kinda get a bit bored after 2 hours. He asked if he can go somewhere else. I asked if he wanted to go cycling, he immediately said YES! So we rented bikes for him and for ourselves and cycled to where the Gallop Staple is. And the went for pony riding - first time for Xi Yu!

Our two darlings trying out pony riding. The little girl is so cute with the helmet on, see how round her face is, haha.

Xi Yu was so tired, as she skipped her nap (no chance for her to nap, haha) and with all the heavy physical activities that she finally dozed off after the pony riding :-) While Hao Re was very energetic, didn't show sign of tiredness despite the 2 hours playground and lots of cycling. We have to cycle very fast as it's raining right after the pony riding, no shelter on our way back to the bike rental shop, so just have to ask him to cycle fast to follow us, and he did it! He is a real professional biker (with side wheels) :-)

Xi Yu continued to sleep, meaning she slept since just before 6pm and all the way to the next morning! Poor girl, she must be so tired :-P Hao Re went to the bed at his usual time, about 9+pm. He still wanted to talk to me but I just ignored him as he really need a good rest.

And there is Sunday for more fun!
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Photos taken on Xi Yu 2nd birthday

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Baba doesn't have to work this weekend :-))))

He was in a very good mood to make photo collage. Started with the photos taken on 21st August 2011, Sunday, our little princess 2nd birthday. As I mentioned in my previous post, there was no birthday party nor birthday present. But we got a cake for her lah, at the very least, keke.

Here's the photos taken at home when cutting the cake before I left for my work trip in the late afternoon.

She is very happy with the cake that Hao Re chose for her. Somehow she knew the sequence - sing song then blow the candle, think she might have seen it at the childcare. She sings herself the birthday song before we sang for her. And see how professional she is blowing the candles off, we do not need to help.

Xi Yu and her cake!

Nope, she didn't even a tiny bit of the cake. She ate two raspberry but not the cake. Didn't want to try it. The all 4 of us do not like cake. This small chocolate cake is still present in our fridge after 1 week, keke.

The birthday cake sampling the raspberry but not the cake.
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Castle Beach at East Coast Park

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Have you ever heard of the Castle Beach which is located along the East Coast Park?

I haven't. Until I saw it last Saturday. We don't usually go to this stretch (towards the east ends) of the East Coast Park. We usually go to the middle park where the main amenities are. But this time round, because we came from the airport, after picking up my cousin, we stopped at where the food court is.

And found ourselves to a big castle and with many sand castles built up! We looked around and there is a small signboard saying that this is called Castle Beach :-) It's quite a nice spot, as the food court is there, there is also a bicycle rental shop (also selling drinks and tidbits), and it's much less crowded, cleaner beach, and the sand patch are larger/wider. Perfect for - sand play!!

Once we have put down our stuff, Xi Yu took the pail and said "I want to take water!", and off she went! She did came back with water in the pail, you know, though only very little :-)

While the kids were playing and we were chatting, there was a gentleman announcing that there would be a free sand castle workshop starting in 5 minutes time. So I thought, why not, so me and Hao Re went to join the workshop. Okay, it's not really a workshop, but more like a demonstration on how to build sand castle. The man has set up a small stall by the beach, selling tools that he invented many years ago, to build sand castle. It's a pretty interesting demo, for that we picked up some great tips on how to make a sand castle.

During the workshop, he was telling us that he used to do this in the sailing club at the East Coast Park (I don't know where it it exactly). The club was mainly attracting foreigners from different countries, particularly Japan, Europe and the U.S. He said these kids are pretty hands on, after his demo, they would almost immediately borrow his tools and start building sand castle and have lots of fun.

Then he decided to move to this public side of the beach, so that he can get in touch with more locals, as he wanted to share the fun of sand castle building with more people. What he observed was that local kids are generally very well dressed, usually wearing branded shoes and clothes, and the older kids would also wear branded watch, etc. And these kids are generally interested to ask questions but rarely wanted to touch the sand or the tools. And some parents even prohibited the kids to touch the sand, warning them of dirtying their shoes or clothes.

How interesting! And I think it's a real story, to some extend, he was telling. He is obviously hoping to sell his tools and to introduce to his company (he runs team building workshop, etc). But I have to say he has a good intention and not doing any hard sell at all. And that he is really creative to come out with this invention, well thought through and most importantly, his has a good intention to start with. We didn't go and look at the tools closely, as we were rushing off for dinner, but I will definitely do so during our next visit. We have never succeeded in making a nice sand castle, as we don't know how. I would be really nice if we can make some nice ones with the help of the appropriate tools.

Can you spot Hao Re? Right in the middle of the photo. He wanted to DESTROY all the sand castles, and he was actually doing it, Xi Yu joined in his force later! Annoyed some of the kids and they came to complain to me :-P
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Hao Re's imaginative cars

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After seeing his very impressive drawing about a month back, he continues to draw to expressing himself whenever he wants to. Sometimes after going to a place or seeing something, I would encourage him and ask him if he would like to draw what he has just seen or been to, but it's not working. It's totally entirely up to him to decide when he wants to draw. Sometimes he wants to paint instead.

Hubby brought him a lot of A1, A2, A3 and A4 size of recycle paper. So we always get them to paint or draw on the recycle paper. We meant for them to use the blank page of the recycle paper, but Hao Re is funny, he doesn't want to use the blank page, he said must draw or paint on the used page. So his drawings get messy at times, and we have to find his drawings on the already very busy page.

One night, after playing with some of his toy cars and read a book on many different funny transports, he wanted to draw some cars. And these are all the cars he drew.

Hao Re with his imaginative cars

We are very glad that we bought the series of books, the one at the top left corner, for them, which helps them to be imaginative. Initially I thought this set of book may be a bit too advance for him, and it's pretty busy, with lots of things going on in each page, but it turned out that this is his favourite set! At this age, when we read to them, we do not emphasis on reading word by word, and do not teach them to recognise any word at all, what we emphasise is story telling. Hao Re has a very broad vocabularies by listening to the stories, but he can hardly recognise any word, except A-Z, which is absolutely fine with us. I do not intend to teach him to recognise words until he is older, or when he initiates word recognition himself. Now, what we want is to encourage their observation, imagination, and creativity.
As I shared here, in the book of 《走进孩子的涂鸦世界》, one of the main points the author, 鸟居昭美 made was that - Activities like colouring within lines and tracing the dots (to form a picture) should be discouraged or avoided totally. Ever since we have read this book, we do not let the kids do colouring within lines any more, have avoided that totally.

But, but, but, they do a fair bit of colouring at school. I think almost as frequent as a daily activity. We haven't done colouring at home for many months, and I have no clue how well he can colour until he brought back a few worksheets from school last Friday. I was so shocked of what I saw - such a neat colouring that I couldn't believe it's done by Hao Re. I am proud that he has such a good control of his motor skills of handling a colouring pencil. But hubby was not happy that the school let them do so much of colouring activities. Oh well, I told him as long as this doesn't kill his imagination, and he is still able to draw like how a 3 year old should draw (according to the book), we shouldn't worry so much, and just be relax about it and see.
Colouring within lines. Though he can do it well, but it's not something that we would encourage him to do.

Hope to share more of his drawings soon. And hope to put up some of Xi Yu's drawing soon.

To end this post with this quote from the book <走进孩子的涂鸦世界>,

~ Drawing is a way for the kid to express themselves, to express their feeling, to express what/how are the people and things they have seen or observed around them. It's a not a skill that they can or they should learn from art/drawing classes ~
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Child-lock for the fridge

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This child-lock that we have for preventing the kids from opening the fridge works wonder! We have tried many different products (locks) to stop Hao Re from opening the fridge, none of the product, except this one, survived the destroying power of Hao Re when he was barely 1+ year old, yes, he was a strong boy :-)

We got this from IKEA, and it works for us for the past 2+ years! But just last week, Hao Re finally managed to unlock it. I guess he has grown even stronger now and also been trying hard to solve the problem of how to unlock. He solved his problem, meaning new problem just created for me!

The very useful lock from IKEA

My mum said we have been so mean to prevent the kids from accessing to the fridge as and when they like. But to us, it's very important to educate them from young, and also to help them control themselves as they do not have strong enough self-control power at this young age. They have to ask our permission and help to open the fridge, whenever they need to get something from the fridge, be it a bottle of yakult or a pack of Ribena, or some biscuits, or candy or chocolate, etc. We don't store much junk, but still we want to control what they can/should eat, till they are later and make decision for themselves.

Now that Hao Re is able to open the fridge, they will be nothing available for him to take, except "approved" food and drink, and with limits everyday.

The lock still works, for Xi Yu.

This must be one of the best child-related gadgets we have got :-)
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Happy birthday to our little princess!

Xi Yu turns 2 years old today, on the August 21st, 2011!

There was no celebration planned for her, as I am going for work trip at 9pm on the day of her birthday (I am on the plane now), and we didn’t plan to let her celebrating her birthday at her childcare since none of us could be around for her.

It doesn’t matter at all, it really doesn't, as she knows very well that Baba, Mama and Gorgor love her all the same!

She woke up in a very good mood, as if she knew it’s her birthday. Her dear Gorgor also remembered it’s her birthday. The first thing he said to me when he woke up was “is today Meimei’s birthday?”

Having a big brother who loves her dearly and who she grows up together with, is the best thing we can provide Xi Yu with (even better than breastmilk, definitely, hehe) :-)

Went to have our breakfast at the food court downstairs, and then we bought a small cake for her, a chocolate cake and what she and Hao Re asked for.

We then decided impromptu to make a trip to the beach. After I told hubby all the good things about the Pahlawan Beach at Sentosa, he wanted to see it for himself. Though we reached there just before noon, it’s okay as there are a lot of well shaded spots. Plus the sun was not too hot. And plus I remembered to bring a tub of sunblock (I don’t usually remember). The kids got changed into their swimming trunk and off they went for the sandplay and waterplay, both at the play area and in the sea. Ordered a pizza and some fries for lunch. Xi Yu was busy walking and running and exploring the place holding a stick of fries in her hand most of the times, she prefers water than sand play. Hao Re likes swimming in the sea so much, he spent a long time in the water, very daring this time round. Spent almost 3 hours there before we headed home. Both of them fell asleep during the car ride.

Birthday girl enjoy her day at the great outdoor!

As what I wrote on my FB, it’s the sun, the beach, the water, the family and the laughter that we have to celebrate Xi Yu’s birthday, not with birthday party and not with a birthday present :-) 淅瑜的生日在阳光、沙滩、海水、及家人与欢笑声的陪伴下渡过。没有party, 连礼物也没有哩,可怜哦 :-)A friend of mine commented that this is called simplicity parenting, and that children do not grow up remembering what we buy for them, but they remember what we give them – something that made me thinking.

Reached home, we made her sang the birthday song, then we sang for her, then she knowingly blew off the candle at the right time without prompting, and then we cut the cake. Only us adults ate the kids, both the 2 of them don't like cake, Hao Re ate the chocolate and Xi Yu ate the raspberry. That’s all we have for her birthday.

After that, I busied myself with some cleaning and washing, and then it’s time to go to airport. Leaving the kids with hubby and my dear cousin, CS, who came purposely from KL to help out with the kids while I am away this coming week. So blessed to have great families, right?

About Xi Yu

At the age of two, she has superb memory and really amazing speech capability! She can memorise all the words of so many nursery rhymes, maybe more than 20, both in English and Chinese. We don't really teach her, but just need to sing to her for a few times, once she is confident with all the words, she would just sing it out, but prior to that, she won't. Like I sang to her a Chinese nursery rhymes 造飞机 for a few times during a bedtime routine, the next day she was humming the full rhymes already! We are really amazed on how fast she can learn and memorised things, and her very advance speech. She sings, she talks, she observes, she learns, she repeats after us, she is just growing fast without us noticing! Just yesterday, she started to say Monday to Sunday pretty accurately, we haven't had a clue where she learns it from.

She is also big size for her age, weighing >14kg and standing at >90cm! That's the size of a 3 year old, no less.

She is still taking her pacifier at night. Blame me who doesn't have to the gut to cut her out on that, as she is still waking up at nights, on most nights, so it's most convenient for me to shove the pacifier into her mouth whenever she wakes, so that she and me, and Hao Re and hubby can all sleep well and not be waken by her loud crying sometimes. Her 2 bottom molars are out and fully grown, I couldn't see her upper ones as she refused to let me check and touch. Once I have made sure all the teeth are out, I would try to make a hole in the pacifier and see how she responds (have a spare one to stand by).

She hasn't really gone into a full blown "Terrible Twos" yet. It could be that she doesn't have a gentle temperament like Hao Re to start with, and she cries a lot more than Hao Re to start with, so maybe we don't feel that much of a different but in actual fact, she could have gone through or going through the "Terrible Twos" now. She has very strong temperament. There is often no rooms for negotiation or compromising, she either makes sure she gets what she wants or she cries loudly, pitifully and throw herself onto the floor. We are all trying to accommodating to her, including Hao Re. But many a times, a fight is unavoidable when she insists to disturb Hao Re or to fight for the things Hao Re has on his hands. I am hopeful things will get even better in a few months time, maybe another 2-3 months.

She is somehow a very lovable girl. She is sweet and she is cute. She knows how to win one's heart. She is the princess at home (the king and prince often give ways to her, but not the queen, hehe) lovable by all people who have had contact with her.

Our only wish for her on her birthday is that she is happy and healthy, and if I can be a little more greedy, I wish she would become more gentle, and cry less :-)

We love you very much, Xi Yu, and I am sure you know that.

I have landed and arrived at the hotel, so can post this post online. Wish I have written a more touchy post but that's all the energy and brain power that I have left :-)

Have a great week ahead, my dear friends!
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"Extra" 2 hours for today

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So nice to have an "extra" of 2 hours to spend today :-)
I knocked off work almost 1.5 hours earlier, as I wanted to go home and pack my luggage, without the kids around, for my upcoming work trip this Sunday night. But ended up I picked them up on the way back. They were so happy to see me earlier.

So our schedule went 1.5 hours earlier than usual, have dinner earlier, done with the washing at 7pm. Thought of bringing them to the library or the park nearby for a walk. But they were not interested. They were playing a game, that I am their toy, their climb up onto me, slided down, pulled my hair, tickled me, I did all the silly things with them, till they started to become pretty rough, and started to fight a little. I went in to the bedroom hoping to break this game. Ended up Hao Re said he wanted milk and wanted to sleep already, and that's only 7.30pm! I didn't expect them to really sleep that early. But they did! When I woke up later and looked at the clock, it's not even 8.30pm yet. Woah, this is the first time they both slept so early.

During this 2 hours, I have done ironing, cleaning the floor, hanging and folding laundry, cleaning the kitchen, and packing the luggage. Amazing, ain't it :-) Yeap, our ex-part time cleaner who has been with us for almost 3 years is still not back. Think she will not be back, seeing that it's already 4 months (or 5?) since she last came. We are still undecided if we should get another part time cleaner or just try our best to survive like how we survive now. True that the house won't be as clean, there are things that need to be compromise. I don't know, let's see.

Now, I am "FREE" already, though there are so many things that I can do around the house, tidying and cleaning in particular. But no, I reckon I have done enough. It's time to sit down, time to go online, watch a little TV, and read the book that I just bought on Sunday "好妈妈胜过好老师", while waiting for hubby to come home.

Forgot to note down that Hao Re was sick on Monday and Tuesday. He suddenly developed high fever on Monday afternoon, around 5pm. His teacher observed that he suddenly became very quiet and didn't want to play with his friends. Took his temperature and he was 38.7C. He was very sticky when he got home, didn't want dinner, but I boiled an egg for him and he finished that. He "manja" a bit then went to bed early willingly. The next morning, fever had not gone. Hubby volunteered to take leave to take care of him. Thought hubby would enjoy a special day with his boy. But Hao Re slept the entire day away, from around 11am all the way till 430pm when I reached home. He knew what's best for him - rest properly! Fever had totally gone when he woke up. Supposed to be medicine free, but the funny hubby fed him one dose of medicine when they came back from the clinic (need to bring him to the doctor to get MC slip). He said such a waste if not to give him any, so gave him one dose. Hao Re loves it. But I stressed that's it, no more med.

The reason why I arrived at 430pm was because I received a call from Xi Yu's teacher, informing me that Xi Yu also developed a mild fever. She was totally okay though, ate her dinner, remained happy and active. But she walked in to the bedroom automatically at 9pm and slept. Fever had totally gone at around 11pm.

Guess it's a minor bout of viral infection. Not sure where they got it. They were having runny nose after swimming for 2 days (close to 2 hours each day) when holidaying in Malacca. Could be from the pool water?
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On (late update) Pahlawan Beach Sentosa, Dinner at Esplanade Mall, visit to JB and Singapore Zoo

Okay. Gonna be short and sweet, and no photos (no time to download and edit and all).

Was pretty busy at work this week, draining up my energy, and so couldn't stay up late to spend time on this blog.

Saturday was a brave attempt of me bringing 2 kids to the beach alone, as hubby had to go back to office. They were sleeping on our way there. First time been to the Pahlawan Beach at Sentosa. It was nice! Nice sand (very fine), not too crowded, have shaded area to hide under, save for the kids to run into the sea for a quick dip, and it also has a waterplay area, a small playground, washing up area, and even eateries!! We have a fabulous time there, for close to 3 hours! They only played with the sand for a while (though the initial main aim was for sand play), then they jumped in to the water. There was a time I had to run in and catch Xi Yu as she went to far in. As a results, I had to wear a wet short pant for the rest of the day :-( Really fun, we would definitely go back, definitely not me alone with the kids (though it went okay, but still too challenging for a visit to the beach, have to watch on them very carefully).

Then we headed to the town to meet hubby for dinner at the Esplanade mall. Had Japanese food. Not particularly nice but very expensive :-( Then while waiting for hubby to pack his stuff from the office, the three of us have ice cream at Hagen Daz. So heartache to pay $5+ for a small piece of not-so-nice waffle, and we didn't even eat half of it :-( There was music performance at the foyer. Hao Re enjoyed it quite a lot. But he was actually waiting and waiting for someone to play on the piano (the performance was only using guitar).

Sunday was for a trip to JB. Nothing in mind in particular. Just wanted to go someway else, away from the island. Hubby felt much more relax when he leaves this island, even for a few hours, he said he can breath better :-) Had breakfast at the usual coffee shop, then shopping and lunching at the Jusco Tebrau.

Came back in the afternoon and it was raining very heavily. The kids were sleeping. But we had promised Hao Re to make a short trip to the Zoo (it's on our way back home anyway). So despite the heavy rain and despite that they were sleeping, we still went, just to keep our promise. A big tree fell and block the entire road just right before the entrance to the Zoo. Traffic was stopped for at least 30 minutes or so, just nice for the kids to sleep on. When we were at the zoo, it was pretty chaotic, fallen trees everywhere, and it looked dirty with lots of fallen leaves and rubbish. Quite a number of exhibits are undergoing renovation, not sure if it's after today's heavy rain. Just walked around, and then went home.

Xi Yu is going to be 2 years old this Sunday!! We didn't plan anything for her, probably just a cake, or maybe a present. Don't know yet. Totally no plan. I would be flying off on her birthday (night flight) for my 2nd work trip. So there will be no celebration in her school either. Never mind. Let it be simple. That's our style anyway.

And yeah, it's Friday. And weekend is coming!!!
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Childhood "goodies"

During the 3 days we were in Malacca, there are quite a number of big advertisement boards advertising this popular tidbit - MAMEE. It used to be one of my favourite tidbits (read junk food) when I was young. During the growing up years all the way till university years, I would still buy a pack to munch on from time to time. It's for the memories sake........
I couldn't resist but to ask hubby to buy a pack for me just right before we left Malacca. Instead of buying one pack, he bought one BIG pack (containing 30 packs of MAMEE). Will last us a long time :-) Luckily the kids are not interested in this, else I would worry as it's quite heavily MSG-laden (that's why it tastes good). If you were to visit us this month, you will be treated to a pack of MAMEE, guaranteed :-)

Apparently MAMEE is manufactured in Malacca! That explains why it's broadly advertise in the town.

I can remember very dearly when we were young, my parents prohibited us from certain tidbits (read JUNK), especially those with heavy colouring. And how we saved all the money given for the break time during school time, and used it to buy tidbits, especially those prohibited by parents, keke. One of the most challenging one is those marinated peach with red colour, after eating it, the whole lip and tongue would turn into bright red colour. So we have to time it very precisely so that by the time we got home, all the colouring would be gone and my mum won't detect it (wonder if she really couldn't detect it or just played a blind eye, haha)!

I have very fond memories of my childhood, lots of freedom, lots of space to run around, lots of things to play with (not toys, just whatever you can grab or make out from), lots of love and care from the parents, fight and quarrel with the siblings....... it's a whole lot of fun! What we can't give our children now is the space and limited freedom, but I hope they would have a fond memories of their childhood nonetheless.

We do munch on tidbits now, usually after the kids have gone to bed so that they don't pick up the habit. The best way to avoid it is don't buy it. Or opt for healthy snack like nuts. But nah, the more "junk" it is, the tastier it is, and the more craving for it, is it not?

What's your favourite tidbit during your childhood, or now?
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Play Clay - one of the kids' favourite activities

Playing with play clay (or play dough) is one of the best activities for the young kids. It helps to fine tuning their fine motor skills, to be creative and imaginative, and most importantly, it offers unlimited hours of fun and kids are very unlikely to get bored with it!

Thanks goodness my kids like to play with it and yes, once they started with it, they would play for a long time until we stopped them.

When the kids are fully engaged with themselves (and the clay). Hao Re insisted to wear the spectacles in his doctor set because he wanted to be a doctor (now he wants to be a chef) :-)

We introduced play-dough to Hao Re after he turned one year old. That was when he received a big set of play-dough from a very kind uncle/auntie (I couldn’t recall who, sorry) on his 1st birthday party. It’s terrible to let him play with the play-dough at the beginning, as he was a clean freak. At the first minute, he touched the play-dough, but at the next minute, he wanted his hand to be totally cleaned, free of the play-dough. This cycle repeated and he hardly really played with it. Not to mention the absolutely horrible smell of the dough (though Hao Re didn’t seem to be bothered with). Only a few months later, he accepted that getting his hands dirty with the play-dough is not such a bad thing, and since, he enjoyed playing.

Soon we have another problem. The play-dough can’t be kept well, they dried up pretty quickly. They turn hard after a few rounds of play and I had to throw them away. We then tried some more play-dough, from different manufacturers. Some cheap ones, and some expensive ones. Surprisingly, the cheap ones actually are pretty long lasting, but the smell are absolutely killing, that after washing with soup, you can still feel and smell it for the next few hours, that you would be scared that the kids might get poisoned! The expensive ones are pretty good, reasonably long lasting, and the smell is not that bad but you can still feel it on your hand after washing, kinda like the oily layer that couldn’t be washed away.

One more problem later was when Xi Yu was younger, at the age when she tend to put everything into her mouth, play-dough included, I bet she must have eaten some, and that really made me stopped them from playing for a while. They are made of all sorts of chemical, I bet, with those horrible smell.

And guess what? We then even attempted to make our own play-dough, after getting a recipe from a good friend (strange that I didn’t blog about that very special experience, but it’s on my FB). It’s pretty fun, the kneading part and adding in coloring part, no smell and kind on the hands, cost effective, and kinda safe if it's eaten (accidentally). So it’s definitely the best out of the all that we have tried on, and it’s the cheapest. But, just one problem, it’s difficult to keep, it either turns too soft that it stuck to the fingers or mouldy as no preservative was added.

Call me lazy. I should have continued making home made play dough since it's the best. But no, I didn't keep it up. I turned to the commercial one, again, and hoping for the perfect product to arrive.

Am I lucky or what? Finally, the absolutely-meet-all-the-criteria-play-clay - the Kanten Play Studio is here to the rescue!!!

Honestly, I doubted it when I first read on the product line, it says - Kanten Play Studio - "The all-natural play clay that doesn't smell nor leave that sticky feeling behind." It would really solve all my problems/worries - all natural (safe for the little ones), no smell, and non sticky, and best of all, it can last a long, long time. Just perfect.

Okay, time for the test. Me and the kids are the testers.

It's very true, that:

1) It's totally no smell!!!
2) The texture is a bit different from the play clay and play dough that we have had, funny feel at first, but once we get used to it, it's just okay. A bit harder though, but still easy for the kids to handle. 
3) This is already the 3rd week we were playing it, and we played with it almost every other day. And it still hasn't got harden despite being so heavily play with (we left it exposed for a few hours till the kids went to bed then only kept it away). 

Like any other activities, we don't interrupt how they should play with the play clay. They use they imagination and creativity. We provide them with the tool and stuff and just be right beside them to enjoy :-)
Hao Re's creation of the day - a birthday cake (right bottom) for Mama!

This is a close-up of how it can be rolled flat nicely, get imprinted with a shape, and be cut out nicely! Honestly, many of the products we have tried couldn't give this kind of non-sticky, clear cut effect. I was pretty glad with this (yes, I like to play with play clay myself, though my creativity and imagination sucks big time!).

Here are more information taken from the product website:

* Made of natural material called agar (Japanese Isinglass), natural food colouring and brine
* Safe for small children even if accidentally consumed
* Safe for sensitive skin in young children
* Natural aroma, unlike oil based clay
* Does not stick to tables, plates, and does not leave an oily stain
* Does not dry and get hard easily, just like normal flour-based clays
* Can make new colours by mixing two or more colours together.
* Conforms to European standard EN-71 standards
* Patented formula
* Made in Japan

It may be great for those children with sensitive skin as it's made of natural material and colouring (we cannot test this though as our kids don't have sensitive skin).

So if you are looking for the perfect play clay (similar to play dough) for your kids, go for Kanten Play Studio, give it a try! You can get just one tub to try out. Only buy more if you are happy with it (so that you won't blame me, keke!).

Leave me a note at or leave a comment in this post if you are interested to try this out. I may be, just may be, able to get a discout for you from the distributor, no promise though!

(Disclaimer: We have received 3 free tubs of the Kanten Studio Clay from the very generous distributor, Sophie & Friends, to try out the product. We are not paid to do this review).

GOOD NEWS: Sophie & Friends is extending a 20% offer to 's blog readers for the Kanten Play Studio! You may contact them and place order with them directly, quoting to get the 20% off and that is it. Though, the offer is only valid for the 4-colour set Kanten play clay.

(Disclaimer: We don't earn anytihng for getting this offer for our dear readers).
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How many times you kiss and hug your kids each day?


Lovely photos of our lovely pair kissing each other :-) It's actually the very first time when Xi Yu gave her gorgor such a nice sweet kiss! Hao Re was so happy to receive it!

We kiss them many times a day (usually on the lips, ops, yes, not so good practice, but we love it and the kids love it). We teach the kids to give us and to give each other hugs and kisses, and say "I love you" to one another.

The "scheduled" kisses and hugs would be early morning when waking up, dropping off them at the childcare, fetching up from the childcare, and right before bedtime.

And there are "unscheduled" ones when we would just plant kisses and hug them whenever we feel like, or when they do something cute, or they do something good, etc.

The more the better, we reckon, as it helps to strengten the bond and cultivate the love :-)

It's Friday night! Have a good weekend everyone!

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A 3D2N trip to the historical Malacca!

(In addition to doing all the housework and brought us to the Zoo, hubby helped to do up all the photo collages in this post, as he knew it would take me forever to get this done, so happy!!)

Hubby suggested to go for a short getaway. Wanted to go Kota Kinabalu to visit my brother or to Penang to drown ourselves with good food, Penang Assam Laksa for my hub especially, but because it's very last minute, air ticket for the 4 of us with budget airline would cost >$1k, not worth it. So decided to go to Malacca, which is only 2 hours away from Singapore and it's an easy drive.

Left home at 6.45am, arrived at my sister-in-law at about 9am, she lives at a town near to Malacca. Have breakfast at a food court and went to her house to rest. We only get to see her and her family once a year during Chinese New Year. The kids were having fun at her place with lots of toys to play with and big space to run around. Hub got to take a short rest. Went for a quick lunch then headed to the hotel.

We booked the Philea Resort and Spa, which is located just right beside the Ayer Keroh toll. What attracted me to this hotel was that it's a very new establishment, only started in 2010. I like new hotel. It's very convenient especially if you have driven a long way, as it's so near to the highway that you need to turn left into the road leading to the hotel within the first minute you leave the Ayer Keroh toll. Checked in was fast, and the kids got really excited right away, because there is buggy to ferry us around the resort (it's pretty big). When we reached to our room, yes, it's very new, to my liking, and the amenities are, well, standard, nothing to boast about. All rooms are spread out in small huts, each hut have 4 units, we got one of the 2 units one second level. The room is of good size, all furniture and the hut are made of wood, so have a very resort feel. Lots of greens surrounding. Hao Re was very funny, when he first entered the room, he said, "oh, mama, it's like Disneyland hor". On the first 2 days, he kept asking us to bring him to Disneyland (for the rides). He loves hotel stay, we reckon. What he (and Xi Yu) like most is to "swim" in the bathtub, they could play in the bathtub for an hour or longer if we don't pull them out.

(Note: We grabbed a deal from, and paid about $165 per night. The published rate on the hotel website is a whopping RM780!! You shouldn't pay anything more than what we paid in principle).

At the hotel. Top: hotel lobby. Bottom: the buggy that made the kids very happy :-)

We all took a shower and ready to explore the Malacca town. First stop was to the Butterfly Farm, which is literally right next to the hotel! The buggy can even send us there, though we drove as we knew we were going to the town next. The Butterfly Farm is, surprisingly, very well maintained and it has quite some interesting animals to see except the butterfly. Even the butterflies are a lot more interesting than to one we visited in Cameron Highland. The museum has a very good collections of butterflies and insects samples and introduction to the eco lives. What scared me most is there is a giant lizard and it's left free. I was so happy when the lady at the ticketing counter told me the snake garden is under renovation, hohoho :-) The kids enjoyed the tour very much, think we could have spent about an hour there.
We don't usually plan our travel itinerary, but would google and know a little bit about the place before travelling. Same as this time round. But because it's our home country, and we have been here a few years before, so we kinda knew what to expect. Just follow our gut feel and the behavior and request of the kids, and it worked out very well. Also note we don't do shopping at all, so no tips on shopping.

It's about half an hour drive from the hotel to the city centre. Very easy, you won't get lose, basically it's just go straight without any turning. First we went for a river tour (one of the websites said it's a new thing). It's about 45 minutes for a round trip. It's nothing really that interesting to see, if you were to compare to those infamous river tour in scenic China river town), but it's good to have a feel of how the city is. The kids enjoyed the tour.
On the boat. The most exciting part was when we spotted a few big lizards climbing up the tree. Oh boy, Malacca has A LOT of lizards, no kidding, they are everywhere! Hubby said that's because the city is ran through by a river.

Hao Re was laughing listening to the Malay songs. It sounded really funny to him.

After got off from the boat, we first came to this place, as when Hao Re saw it during the river tour, he said he must come here. He wanted to boom all the buildings with the cannon, LOL!

After that, we went to the Jonker Street for dinner. We were so utterly disappointed with the supposedly the most famous chicken rice shop, the Famosa 古城鸡粒饭. The rice ball was bad, the rice grains were meshed up, and didn't taste good. The chicken was kinda okay if we tried not to be picky. But the char-siew, oh my goodness, it's the most disgusting char-siew I have ever tasted in my entire life, no joke. It's hard, tasted funny, like sweet and salty, mainly it's so hard and dry, yuck! Both kids didn't want to eat anything :-( Walked through the pasar malam, had a bowl of chendol, with very nice gula melaka. And then went back to hotel.

The next morning, we have breakfast at the hotel (complimentary buffet breakfast). But eh, the food was not nice and the buffet spread was not good. But never mind, as long as we can get our stomach filled up and the kids were willing to sit long enough for us to eat.

Went to the pool. A kid's playroom is next to the pool. Very simple room with quite a good collection of toys for young kids (maybe most suitable for pre-schoolers). The room is air-coned and pretty well maintained (very clean). Let them play for a while with the toys while we got changed.

The pool was very nice! A man-made waterfall surrounding the pool. There is a children pool and a adult pool. The kids were so happy playing at the pool. Think we could have played in the pool for 1.5hours or so. Have to literally drag them away from the pool :-:P

Shower them and went to the Botanical Garden (was named Recreational Jungle previously). It's near to the hotel. They have this electrical operated motorbike for rent (RM10 for single seat that me and Hao Re were sharing, RM18 for the double seater for the dad and daughter, for 30 minutes rental, but this price only applied to Malaysians, foreigners pay double).

Hao Re enjoyed the entire 30 minutes so much, while Xi Yu dozed off half way through :-) It's really a jungle, a real jungle, so nothing much to see. But we got to see some squirrels, some beautiful butterflies and heard some bird chirping, all very exciting for the kids. Hao Re was very concern about the tree being cut down (which he learned from the Rainforest's show at the Singapore Zoo that the bad guy Wabush trying to cut down the trees to build shopping centre). He kept pointing to me whenever he saw one. Then he concluded that he must be strong enough so that he can protect the trees from Wabush. He then saw some trees that were tilted. He concluded that not only Wabush, but the sun/rain/wind may destroy the trees as well! I was so surprised that he could think this way. Couldn't be happier that he learned a good lesson during this 30 minutes. After we left the jungle, he still mentioned about how he has to protect the trees. It really left a big impression on him :-)
Exciting ride through the jungle! See how hubby has to carry Xi Yu after she dozed off half way.

During the river tour yesterday, Hao Re already told us he HAS TO visit this pirate ship (a maritime museum) and the Ferris wheel (no pictures taken, not the Eyes on Malaysia though, apparently that has stopped operation). He did enjoy this maritime museum very much, as same as Xi Yu, as there are a lot of model of ships, cannons, and guns, and paintings, and they got to climb up and down the stairs, and he asked tons of questions of why this why that. Again, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality that the museum has to offer!
Visit to the Maritime Museum (the pirate ship in Hao Re's eyes).

Next walked through the Dataran Pahlawan and walked through the shopping centre (by the way, there is a A&W restaurant in this shopping centre!!!). Have our root beer at A&W, then went to the A Famosa and the Church/Cathedral up the hill.

Photos, photos and more photos!

Xi Yu loves walking the stairs. The longer the stairs, to happier she is! While Hao Re loves the cannon!

Up on the hill. He was thinking of and looking for his next stop, the ferry wheel.

The little girl ran so fast and fell :-( Cried so loud that everyone turned their heads, keke. But soon she was okay.

It's SO RARE that my boy is willing to pose for the camera. My super handsome boy, love him!

Again, went to Jonker Street for dinner. Malacca assam laksa, not the same taste as Penang one (still prefer the latter). Xi Yu fell asleep already at about 7pm and she slept till the next morning about 830am. Poor baby was so tired :-) After dinner, went to where the Ferris wheel is, when Hao Re said he wanted to do something and once we promised him, we must make sure we would do it, else he would nag and nag and whine and whine and nag and whine. This was the 3rd time we drove to this Ferris wheel place. First time in the afternoon, it was not opened yet. Second time around 7pm, they went for break (buka puasa), and only the third time, he finally got to get on! It's, erm, nothing to talk about. Simple one. After that went back to the hotel and called it a day. Xi Yu woke up briefly, got changed, and continued to sleep.

The last day in Malacca. Same thing, have breakfast, then went to the pool. Lots of fun, and the kids were more daring, wanting to go in to the adults pool. After we took shower and packed up, it's close to noon and time for checking out. The kids missed the buggy.

Initially didn't plan to go to the town again. But because we haven't bought any of the locally made biscuits, and were not happy with the chicken rice, so thinking of giving it a try. This time round went to the small shop house at the corner, right at the entrance to the Jonker Street from the "Red House" side, 中华海南鸡饭. Oh, this was so so so much better, did the justice for Malacca being famous for it! Then went to visit the "Red House", I am always fond of these building, so beautiful! Then went to visit the church, there were some musical instrument there and the piano was covered by a piece of cloth. Hao Re requested to go back for the second time to check if the cloth has been removed so he can see the piano :-) 

Also went to visit the museum (forgot about the name of the museum though, I am bad with names). Again, Hao Re loves the museum, asked so many questions about anything and everything! Hubby said I was so noisy :-) It's a pretty rich museums with lots of interesting stuff, non air-coned though, so it's pretty stuffy. For a RM5 entrance ticket, it's well worth it. I dare say it's better (as in more things to see and well thought out displays) than the National Museum of Singapore (ops, dear Singaporean readers don't hate me for saying this, I am just saying the truth), for that it's richer in its history and culture. Then went to buy the biscuits and alike (total damage RM130!), have a bowl of chendol and durian chendol each, and it's bye-bye Malacca! Both kids knocked out within minutes when we got on the car :-)

Beautiful "Red House". It has a special place in me since I was young, and it still is :-)

Malacca has changed quite a lot, for good, since our last visit back in year 2004. They have done up quite a bit to boast tourism and I would say they have succeeded! A lot of things were thought of, including the easy access to public toilets (relatively clean) and added in more places and museums to visit. Entrance fees to most places of attraction are reasonably priced. Good food to offer. And most importantly, for its rich and unique history and culture (and architecture)! And a few new (they were not there in 2004) and big shopping centres are available for shoppers!

We are sure to come back one day!
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A wonderful husband!

Today's Singapore National Day, meaning a public holiday for us :-)

Both me and hubby took a day off on Monday, so we are off work for 4 days! We spent the first 3 days on a last minute (only decided and booked hotel on the same week) getaway to Malacca (post and pictures coming up soon). The last day, which is today, we spent it in Singapore, so that we all can rest well and go back work and to the childcare, the normal routine.
What does this have to do with the title of this post?
My dear hubby has, unfortunately, a very busy working schedule. He has to work late during weekdays (by late, I mean really late, that is the kids have already gone to bed when he arrives home) and often on the weekends too :-( He wants to strive a work-life balance, but with the nature of his line, it's not possible, not for now, at least. But whenever he is at home, he would spend all his time with the family, all his time. Especially on the weekends when he doesn't have to work, he would bring the kids out for some great family bonding time for sure.

What made him deserved a post titled "A wonderful husband!" was that today, he spent the whole morning cleaning the entire house, he did everything including cleaning of the ceiling fans, scrubbing the toilets, wiping everything he can see. Not only that, when I was putting the kids to bed at night, he did ironing and the floor, and the laundry! He has done it all!!! I am so touched (though he didn't touch MY kitchen) :-)

This helps a lot as we do not have a part time cleaner now (which has been almost 4 months, really don't know how we survive, now we are pondering do we really need one as we have survived 4 months already). All that he has done today helps to free up a lot of my time for the rest of the week, hurray!

Hubby is a TV addict, he would sit in front of the TV and watch any TV programs for hours if no one or nothing distracts him. For today though, because I said the kids cannot watch TV for the entire day because Hao Re hasn't been behaving well. As a TV addict, he managed to hold on to the "craving" and supported me all day! And we succeeded - no TV at all for the entire day!!! I reckon it's such a great thing for the kids to find things to do, than to sit in front of the TV passively, plus Hao Re always fusses when it's time to turn off the TV.

In the afternoon, we brought the kids to the Zoo for some fresh air. In the morning though, I had been a pretty bad mum though, kept shouting and scolding the kids, all started with Xi Yu non-stop whining early in the morning :-( Really can't control it when she whines :-(

What else can I ask for - a wonderful husband and two lovely kids. I do think I am the luckiest and happiest women in the world!
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Adapted to changes

Lesson learnt from the past 2 months - don't think/worry too much or unnessarily, don't proscatinate for too long, do what's the best you can do at that time, and then just live day by day! Live at the present moment 活在当下 is the key!!

About my little girl
To observe and note how Xi Yu adapted to the change, i.e., from the delicate care of her ultra capable nanny to a group environment of a childcare, made me realised that things would just fall into place without having worry too much for it. Somehow it would work out. But I am surely grateful of the help of my parents, their help in the month of July certainly did help to ease a lot of my burden. Without them, we might do just fine, but with more struggles associated, probably.

Today, 5th August 2011, is the first day she didn't cry when I left the childcare since 1st July. Though she has adapted to the schedule on the 3rd of week of attending the childcare, whereby she can take her nap well, eat well, enjoy the lessons, and play with her friends. But she still cried pretty badly every morning when we dropped her off. Even though her dotting brother is there to comfort her and to sayang her, she still cries. Hao Re complains to me almost everyday "妈妈,我要生病了叻,妹妹一直哭,一直哭,哭到我要生病了!"  It's so funny that he said that, I told him Xi Yu's whining/crying makes me headache, but he translated to getting sick, ha! Hope from next week onwards, she would be crying less and less or best of all, really stop crying!

I worried that she won't eat well. According to her teacher, she is eating very well, self-feed very well, and often ask for a second helping. Was thinking that she sure lost weight after attending childcare, but she is not, she is still maintaining her weight at 14+kg.

She quit her pacifier for the nap time. And she can sleep well.

I worried that after I fetch them, reach home and cook dinner, it may be a bit too late for her dinner time, as she used to have dinner right before 6pm at her nanny, now dinner delays till 7 or 7+pm. But she is totally fine with the change. In fact, she doesn't mind at all as I would offer them biscuits or cheese or yogurt till dinner is served.

I worried how am I able to feed 2 kids at the same time. When my parents were around, no problem, as my mum helped me to feed her. On the same week when my parents left, Xi Yu decided to go full on self-feeding, she doesn't even let me feed her! Nothing to worry at all. She is doing pretty well on self-feeding, really.

Everything seems to go smoothly. Thanks goodness. As I expected, it's less hassle for me when dropping them off and picking them up, as I only need to go one place instead of two. It also makes it easier for both of them to get on the same schedule.

Now the only thing is to hope that Xi Yu will accept more vegetables, would accept more varieties, then it would be perfect (am I asking for too much?!). Hao Re shows an excellent example, he is not picky at all, he eats whatever I cook, he eats all types of vegetables, except bitter gourd, and he even accepts more non-homecook food now, making my life easier whenever I want to take a breather from cooking dinner on weekdays.

Hope Xi Yu would be like that one day. Now she eats mostly meat and fish, rice, noodle, egg, and only 1 vegetable - broccoli. It's so funny that she likes broccoli so much that she can eat a lot of it and never seems to get bored. Hopefully, hopefully, she will become a veg lovers like the 3 of us.
About me
Have been with this new job for almost 2.5 months already. If I were to think to much, to worry to much at the beginning (that I need to travel etc), I may not even take up this offer.

For this, I have to really thank my dear hubby, who encouraged me to give it a try, who ensured me that things will be and can be worked out, we just have to make adjustments from time to time, and to find a solution whenever a problem arises, which is absolutely true, he is absolutely correct.

So far so good with the job. Most importantly, it's really, really very important for me as a full time working mum, that I am able to leave office on the dot, for the past 2.5 months! Guess what? There is even bonus added - compared to my previous job, this current job required me to report to work half an hour later and able to knock off half an hour earlier. This translated to 1) the kids (and me) can sleep later in the morning, and because there is no traffic in the later part of the morning, the kids actually arrive at the childcare almost an hour later; 2) same thing happened to the evening rush hour, because I can knock off at 5.30pm, traffic hasn't built up yet, so on a really good day, I can fetch them before 6pm, or usually just pass 6pm; 3) arrive home earlier so cooking dinner is not as rush. This means they spend less time in the childcare and more time at home!

Finally, I like this job. I like the nature of the business that it helps people. It's all good. I am such a lucky woman and I certainly be grateful for that. Positive thinking and having a right attitude bring me a long, long way!  
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Our weekend outings - Zoo, Botanical Garden, rail track, McRitchie Reservior Park

It's a very, very nice weekend, especially for me. Because hubby didn't have to work at all, it's so rare for hubby to have a totally free weekend nowadays. So poor thing, he must have been missing spending time with his darlings a lot. The kids were obviously excited about having Baba to bring them around for fun, to shower them and to play with them :-)

Hao Re has been asking to go to the Zoo for almost the entire week. Guess it's because we haven't visited the Zoo for slightly more than a month already. But it's such an uneventful visit - spent half an hour having breakfast, another half an hour waiting and getting our membership renewed. Then when we finally got in the park, Hao Re didn't want to leave the picnic area, which is between where the otter and the flamingo are. They were happily playing with the stones at the picnic area. Since they refused to leave the area, we decided to call it a day and went home. Glad that we got to see some very beautiful dragonfly near the picnic area. Visited a Zoo without seeing any animal, haha!

Reached home, quickly cooked noodle, they had lunch and rested. The kids refused to take nap. Hubby managed to take a nap though!

About 4pm, we went out again to the Botanical Garden, to attend a free outdoor cultural performance organised by OKTO TV. Xi Yu felt asleep almost as soon as being put down in her car seat. Hao Re took a nap too during the car ride. Basically it's a performance by very talented kids, where the theme was to showcase their culture through dance or song. The kids enjoyed the show very much, they were able to sit through and watch the entire 2.5 hours show! Some of the performers were really good, Hao Re said he liked the little boy who played Kung Fu, he was really good!

The kids enjoying the show while munching on some biscuits (Hao Re ate a lot!)

When we walked pass the Casa Verde restaurant near the entrance to the park, Hao Re insisted that we must have dinner there. We quite like the food (Italian) offered anyway, so we didn't mind to dine there, though have to queue for a while. Ordered a pizza to share, they both ate about half a slice each, the rest went into our tummy, we were so full. Luckily didn't order any pasta dish.


Sunday we started late. Went to have a brunch at one of the restaurants at Rail Mall. Not as nice as I have expected (after reading some good reviews on FB). Good thing is they have toys and books to keep the kids entertained! The breakfast, coffee and juices were not nice. We surely prefer Picotin than this.

Can rate this a family friendly restaurants, judging by the quality toys and books they have for the kids!

Xi Yu is really a cutie! She wanted to drink from the cup, and ended up with a orange juice stained nose :-)

The very cool Hao Re :-)

The reason why we chose Rail Mall was because we wanted to do the most "IN" thing in town - walk to rail track! The kids enjoyed the new experience. We were there around noon time, so it's perfect for photography. Here are some of the photos taken:

We finally did the "IN" thing!

Huh, this was taken near our block. The super whiny Xi Yu. When she whines, she can whine and whine for ages! But when she is in good mood, she laughs and talks a lot!

Went back home to rest. Xi Yu asked to be put to a nap, how nice! Hao Re didn't take any nap though.

Went out again at about 4pm to the McRitchie Reservoir Park. It's a park which we haven't visited before. It's pretty nice. But with no children playground though (later we saw a small playground is under construction). We got them to play some pretend play with the grass and leaves. When they got bored of that and asked for playground, we walked along the reservoir and they were happily singing, hopping on and off the benches, playing with the chain, walking, running, and skipping. It's nice that they did enjoy the park without a playground. No photo taken though.

Later we have dinner at a nearby food court, think it's called the Long Beach, surprisingly, the food was pretty good. We actually prefer food court/hawker centre than restaurants. Now the kids have grown up, think we may dine in restaurants less. The kids were pretty well behave. They were able to have their dinner without a high chair.

Then we got some nice durians from the 717 stall at Highland Centre. Got Mao Shan Wang and D24. During the car ride home, both kids knocked out at around 8pm, and they continued to sleep when we reached home till the next morning, without changing their clothes :-)

Me and hubby got to enjoy a nice kids-free night, with some really yummy durian. What a special weekend!
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