Car accident

We were hit by a car from the back last night while our car was stationary in front of a traffic light. I was alone with 2 kids. Though it was a minor bump, but it did freak me out, as I was so worried that the kids might get hurt. So stress that I even swear, ops, in front of a stranger first time ever in my entire life :-p Luckily no one was hurt.

I could still drive the car home. So I put the kids to bed as soon as possible and I knocked off top. Figured that's the best way to handle stress, as long as I can fall asleep, just sleep all the problems/worries/stress away. Left everything to the next day.

Today was such an eventful day, and I survived! So busy that I didn't have a chance to sit down and rest. First thing was to report the accident. Claim fully on the other party, including a replacement car. So we are a temporarily Nissan Latio driver, for a week or so. Good thing was we met a kind driver who readily admitted his fault and let us do full claiming. Then have to rush back to office as there are so many things waiting to be settled, cannot afford to take a day off, as I have already asked to postpone a meeting yesterday as I have to rush to our new house for the SP services guy to turn on the electricity and water.

As if life is not challenging enough, Xi Yu's cough got worse and woke up with mild fevet this morning. My dear hubby offered to take care of her. Hubby brought Xi Yu to see Dr Keoy. Nothing to worry about, just lots of phlegm stuck. She refused to take medicine, so the $130+ like goes down the drain. She seems to get better. Hopefully she can sleep better. Last night she coughed so badly that both of us hardly slept.

Hao Re went to childcare as usual, and cried bucket when I left him. He has been like that for the past 2 weeks or so. So heart pain to see him cries so badly every morning. I have talked to him many times, and also talked to his teachers, but couldn't figure why. Probably it's the upcoming change?

I realised I am so good in time management and stress management, hehe :-)) For this month, I am juggling packing, moving preparation, DIYing the new house, business trip, double workload, the kids. As if not enough for me on the plate, added in the car accident and a sick toddler. Prioritization works for me. Know what's most important and readjust the stuff on the to do list every now and then. From this week onwards, i have stopped cooking dinner, don't want to over burden myself.

Stay positive always!

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Minimal or no post for the next 2 weeks or so

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We just got the keys to our new home today. Confirmed moving on the 23rd Dec 2011. Meaning only 2 weeks to go.

We are not going to do any renovation. We are going for DIY on adding a new coat of paint and then a thorough cleaning of the house. Yes, all by ourselves, to get the house ready in 2 weeks time. We are not taking any time off work, mind you, maybe we would, depending on how's the progress.

Packing has just started, which we do these nights after the kids go to bed. Going quite well though, >50% done. We are living a simplicity life, we usually just buy enough for use, seldom buy things that we don't need, we don't go to sales to stock things up. So not that difficult to pack,
I think. Now I am, at 1.42am, taking a break from packing since 11pm :-)

To make things worse, I am super busy at work too. Just came back from a 3-day business trip on wednesday night. Lots of stuff to be settled, all urgent, all need immediate action. This is the first time I wish I could have a few more hours at work. But no, I still knock off at work at 530pm sharp. Just gonna try harder to do more stuff, time management is crucial!

So, yeap, taking the moving and the work, the kids, (plus my age), I am so exhausted everyday, so lacking of time everyday. Don't think would be able to write any post, though there are a lot of happening that I would really like to pen down, guess I have to keep to the priorities :-p See if I can manage to do some short photo posts, from iPhone.

My parents are supposed to be here to help, with the kids mainly. But my dad had a fall on last Sunday. Luckily it's not serious. I asked him doesn't have to worry about us, asked him to stay home till he's healed. So, it's still us :-) Hao Re has been of great help! Xi Yu was not well, hope she gets well soon and joins in the fun!

Till the next post :-)

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