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Supposed to start work today. But I was infected with a very nasty gastric flu since Sunday morning right after we left KL, on the way back to Singapore. Don't think it's from the food since we were all eating the same thing, drinking the same drinks for the past few days. Only me (luckily!!!) was infected, my hub and our kids were spared.

It was so bad that I have to run to the toilet a few times every hour on Sunday, coupled with vomiting, plus high fever, headache and fainting spells :( Monday was slightly better, went to see a GP, she said she can see signs of dehydration! So I was given 2 days of mc to rest and to monitor my conditions. But eh, since I don't take any medicine, I hope I will recover by Tuesday, so that I don't have to revisit the doctor, I couldn't be telling her that I didn't touch the medicine, could I :) I am much better now, still run to the toilet but less frequent and fever was down to low grade fever.

The kids went to school so I could rest very well today. Hopefully get even better tomorrow so that I can run some errands before starting work on Wednesday, and hope to write a few posts about our CNY holidays.

Time to go to bed!

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