第三篇 - 给孩子一个安定的家

Gonna write in English as it's already 1am, typing English is so much faster :-)

Two incidents happened, which nearly causing me to blow off.

First, when I was cooking in the kitchen, both came in (never happened, usually just Hao Re and I could easily make him go out to the living room to play) to "help" me. I couldn't do anything as the kitchen is very small, with the two of them standing on a stool in front of the stove and the sink, and they touched this and that, asked for this and that, I couldn't cook. I asked them to go out but they refused. I raised my voice a little, also not helping. So eventually I left the kitchen and sat down in the sofa to cool down. They came out and started to play with their toys. Then I continued cooking.

Second, fight with toys. Hao Re was playing Lego again. Out of that many pieces, they must fight for the few pieces (what's new, right?). Both wanted my attention, pushing each other and annoyed each other. I almost blew off if this went on a little longer. Luckily it's under control.

With these 2 incidents, if I was alone at home, surely the next thing would make me jumping up to the ceiling.

I was very lucky. Hubby came back at about 830pm today (very, very rare!). So, hub to the rescue!
Not too bad a day.

And weekend is here! Usually not much problems on weekends as I could share the load with hub. Let's see how it goes.

Have a nice weekend everyone!
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Universal Studio Singapore - the 2nd / 3rd visit

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2nd visit for Xi Yu and hubby. The first time we went to USS with my parents.

3rd visit for me and Hao Re. I brought Hao Re only to USS last year for my ex-company's family day. Couldn't take care of both, so only brought Hao Re as he would be enjoying it more than Xi Yu, who was <2 years old then.
This visit was not pre-planned. It's a very last minute trip. It's the hub who wanted to bring his dear son to take a look and try to new ride - the Transformers! Hao Re is a big fan of transformers and super heros stuff for the past few months (are all boys like that?). Since my brother and his girl friend were around, and there was a 15% discount for Maybank credit card, we bought tickets on Friday night and went on Saturday night. Totally impromptu :-)

The kids enjoyed it, I mean, it's an amusement park, after all. Especially for Xi Yu as this was the first time she tried most of the rides. The first visit she was too young to try anything except the merry go round. But errrr, it's still very different from Disneyland. When they arrived at Disneyland, their eyes were brighten up and there was non-stop "oh", "ah", and "wow", and they wanted to go for the rides the 2nd time and even the 3rd time. While for the Universal Studio, they were a bit loss for the first 30 minutes or so, then they only figured out what it is about and started to explore and enjoy.

We have tried all rides which they can go on. Xi Yu couldn't get on the Transformers ride (height requirement >102cm), so I got to spend a special hour with her alone.

The worst part for this trip was Xi Yu and Hao Re didn't want to walk!! Me and hub piggy back or carried them the entire day, from 10am to 10pm, serious! My arms and my back are still painful till now :-( I just came back from my business trip on Friday, so probably Xi Yu still wanted my attention desperately. While Hao Re, he's smart, he wanted to conserve his energy, no walking means more energy to play! This boy didn't nap at all! Xi Yu took a power nap of 20 minutes or so.

That kind of sums up the trip.

Now some photos and some tips for your on USS :-)

The 5 tips that I shared during our last visit still stand true - READ HERE if you are planning for a visit to USS soon. Very important on the queuing and plan your trip well. Anything that have waiting time of >60min, don't queue, move on and come back later. With 2 children in tow, we can walk around the park 3 times, so don't worry, you can always come back. The queue for this time is a lot more better than the last 2 rounds, most are within one hour waiting time. Queues are so much shorter after 3-4pm, some rides were as short as 5-10 min, including the popular ones.

We watched all the shows available, didn't really plan it, but our timing was pretty good, we didn't waste time waiting for shows to start. They were some new rides like the Transformers and the Madagascar which we haven't tried before, so at least something new to us which made this trip more fun.

Sci-Fi City

The newly open Transformers ride, The Ultimate 3D battle! Apparently it's now the most popular ride, for its novelty and many supporting fans, like Hao Re :-) We chatted with some people while queuing, and they all said this is the best ride. Me and Xi Yu didn't get on, according to the rest, they agreed that it's a nice ride.

The rest of the ride at Sci-Fi city:

- the Accelerator is pretty boring, but most visitors would try as there was no queue most of the time.

- the high speed roller coaster Galactica. Hubby went to try it! He said it's pretty good. When we were here last time, it's just opened, the queue was 2-3 hours, now it's almost no queue in the afternoon.

Ancient Egypt

The four of us went for the Treasure Hunter while my brother and his girlfriend went for the Revenge of the Mummy.

Treasure Hunter - TOTALLY waste of time!! The queue was long not because of the crowd, but because the belting up of passengers took up so much time. It's sooooooo boring that I couldn't stop complaining, like common on, Universal Studio it's an international standard amusement park, it's seriously boring. A tram ride at the Singapore Zoo beats this for sure :-)

Revenge of the Mummy - according to my brother, very exciting and pretty scary. Not too bad.

The Lost World

This one not bad.

Xi Yu's favourite - the Canopy flyer! OMG! This girl is so brave! We thought it's a bit scary as our legs were hanging in the air and it moved pretty fast. This little girl likes this ride so much, that as soon as we got down, she said "Mama, fly again, I want to fly again!" and she seriously mean it. Though we didn't let her due to time constraint.

The Dino-Sourin was quite fun, especially for the kids, as they can control the dinosaur, making it flying high up or coming down.

Jurassic Park Rapid Adventure - we didn't go because of the height requirement (120cm), both kids couldn't make it. According to my brother, it's not worth getting themselves wet, and let me warn you, you would be VERY wet!

Far Far Away

The 4D Shriek Show is the highlight in this session. I don't like how violently the chairs were shaken, I was a bit worry the impact might be too big for Xi Yu (but she was fine, obviously). The kids enjoyed it.

The other ride was the Enchanted Airway, which is like a junior level roller coaster. It's Xi Yu first time on a roller coaster. You guess it. She was NOT scare at all! Clapped her hands very happily after the ride. Asked her if she wanted to ride again, she said okay :-)

This time round we missed the Donkey show. And didn't even bother to let them see the Magic Potion Spin. Hao Re tried it last time, and it is very very boring.


The Party-Go-Round, is also not nice. Boring. Honestly, the one at the Zoo is much better. It took them forever to finish checking the passengers before they can start the ride. The music was very boring. But it's a must ride for the kids.

Madagascar - A crate Adventure. It's our first time trying. Not too bad. Kids who have watched this movie would like the ride.

And at about 6pm, we caught this parade for the first time too! It's quite interesting. Actually it added a lot more fun to the whole experience. I think it's a new thing they added in, which is definitely a good move. We enjoyed it but though there are rooms for improvement (taking Disneyland as comparison).

We stayed on till 930pm for the Firework show. It's always nice to watch once in a while.

One last photo before we finally left USS at about 10pm!! I think the Baba can act cute better than Xi Yu :)

Till the next visit, probably one year later :-)
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Hao Re and his Lego

Hao Re was playing on his Lego (vehicle set) last night for > 3 hours!

And this is the outcome - 3 very nicely done Lego vehicle!

Hao Re has been playing with this Lego set quite often, and he usually made vehicles randomly using his own methods, fully of creativity :-) I have taken quite a lot of photos of his "creations" in the past but didn't blog about those.

Yesterday, when he took out this set and started playing, he saw the instruction booklet that came with the set. He flipped it open and try to follow the steps. After half an hour or so, he was able to follow about 10 steps correctly. And he shouted so excitedly and said "Mama, see, I can do this!!! You don't have to do for me anymore, I can do it on my own!".

I was very impressed too! I have been doing up the vehicles following the manual, not too difficult but not easy either, especially for a 4 years old. His confidence was boasted and so he continued with the rest of the steps. Before I knew it, he presented to me his yellow truck! It's so nicely made, don't you agree?

Then he was so absolutely proud and happy of himself.

HR: "Mama, I am good right?"
Me: "Yes, you are!"
HR: "I am smart?"
Me (with a big grin): "Yes!".
HR: "I am clever?"
Me: "Yes, you are!"
HR: "Are you very proud of me?"
Me: "Yes, I am very proud of you!".

(Haha, obviously we have been praising them a lot :-))

He then came to me and gave me a big hug and many many kisses :-)

He continued for the rest of the night to complete the other 2 of the vehicles. Very proud of you, my dear darling!

Hope you continue to enjoy with your Lego (think we will add more sets soon, hehe), be it with your creativity or following the manul, as long as you are happy :-)
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第二篇 - 给孩子一个安定的家

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皓日坚持要做多一个Lego,刚好老公回到来了,就让老公陪他。我和淅瑜先进房去,准备睡觉了。让她喝了奶,读了一本书,在她就要睡着的时候,皓日开门进来闹,一定要我去冲奶给他。我已经也差不多睡着了,已经非常累了,是在最脆弱的点。我就硬着不起来给他冲奶,叫他去叫爸爸给他冲,他也不肯妥协,不听我说,也不要跟我讲话,继续闹。爆发啦!幸好老公进来把皓日带出去了 (但我心里是在怪老公为什么让皓日进来,有了这个念头,心情就更坏了)。

淅瑜当然也精神起来啦!我只是说了一句 “好了,要睡觉了,把眼睛关上好好睡觉了。我才一说玩,她就哇的哭了起来,而且还踢了我两脚!我就很严厉的说,无论怎样也不能打妈妈!”。他就哭得更厉害了。我气在头就不睬她,没去安抚她。 他最后是哭着睡着的,可怜吧!






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第一篇 - 给孩子一个安定的家





愿于妈妈们共勉之 - 好好的保护自己的心。

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(Photos) Snippet of our life - January to March 2012

To "compensate" for the lacks of posts for the past few months :-)

(Note: All photos taken using my Samsung Galaxy Note, edited and collacted using Picasa)

20120131 - Received a great birthday present from Aunty Jennifer. The kids enjoy messing with the paints :-)

The kids bedroom, very basic and simple - no more co-sleeping (after 4 years!) with the kids after we moved. Surprised that I didn't miss that at all, I thought I would :-P Bunk bed from IKEA, Hao Re happily slept on the upper deck for one month. After came back from CNY holiday, he refused to go up and insists to sleep on the floor.

20120203 - A Friday outing (after work) to the Bottle Tree park. The kids have lots of fun with their kick scooters! Hao Re is already a pro, while Xi Yu is getting better and better at it.

20120205 - Exploring our new neighbourhood. Went for breakfast and groceries shopping at the Yishun Central. Photo taken while waiting for our shuttle bus.

20120210 - Another Friday outing (after work) to the Sembawang Shopping Centre. Great place for the kids and us. We usually have dinner, let them run at the playground and then do groceries shopping. Great for everyone!

20122011 - Swimming pool at our place! The kids love the pools! Really nice to have one just downstairs and can swim anytime.

20120302 - Again, Friday. Brought the kids to the Zoo as it's my off day (just came back from business trip the same morning). Xi Yu is super cute with her tiger umbrealla :-)

20120304 - Mama made fried wanton for afternoon tea. The kids loved the crunchiness of it. I have not done deep frying for years! We had fried wanton at a restaurant the day before, the taste and the quality was so poor that made me decided to DIY :-) So eary to make and it's 100x better than the one at the restaurant.

20120308 - another outing on working day. Brought them to Northpoint Shopping Centre for dinner and then to the library. The kids enjoying their ice cream treat before exploring the library.
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妈妈知道 - 完了!妈妈完全的迷失了!

每次都告诉自己 - 不会再有下一次了。


对孩子所造成的伤害(特别是那可怜的淅瑜)也别再去介怀 。


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An enjoyable trip to the Bird Park

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We wanted to go to the Bird Park last week, but we ended up at the Zoo. The kids have been asking for Bird Park the whole week. I made a call to Bird Park to make sure the waterplay is functioning well. And so we brought to the kids to Bird Park on the Saturday before (10th March 2012).

This time round, no disappointment! We spent a great time at the Bird Park. The kids were so independent that me and hub were able to have some time chatting and hold hands to walk around the park while watching them at a distance :-)

We just focused on a few activities, mostly demanded by Hao Re.

Oh, before we started exploring, we had our breakfast at the cafe in front of the entrance. Took some nice photos of Xi Yu. My favourite photo of the day - the top left one. She is so adorable (whenever she is NOT whining).

1. The Penguin house. A must take photo in front of the Penguin house. The last time we were here in October 2011, Xi Yu was just about 90cm, and now she is clearly above 90cm, probably 95cm-ish. Yes, she is tall.

2. Visited the Owls. We were very lucky this time round. I saw most of the owls! The house was in total darkness, so not easy to spot them. They all came out and stood up right in front of the glass panel, as if like saying hi to us. Xi Yu was so happy to see them!

3. Taking the tram (new thing to the Bird Park which we found better than the monorail)

4. Went to the sandplay area in front of the ostriches, as Hao Re remembered there is this place in the Bird Park where he can dig out a dinosaur. They spent quite a long time here. Hao Re understood exactly what this meant and was very determined to do it. Xi Yu kinda got it but she lost her interest pretty soon.

5. Fed the bird at the . Hao Re wanted to do it at first, but it was Xi Yu who enjoyed it most. One bird landed on her shoulder, she was scared but she was being very brave to not to cry.

6. Have buffet lunch at the restaurant. So that we can catch the "Lunch with parrots show". The show was not that good, and the buffet was totally not worth it, very lousy spread and equally lousy food.
Took this set of photos right after lunch, with the flamingo lake as backdrop. It's difficult to get Hao Re to look into the camera these days. He was in a very good mood then, as he just had a go at the old small playground beside the restaurant, and the next program would be waterplay. So he was willingly making funny faces for the camera :-)

7. Finally, waterplay, the all new waterplay! First time here. Pretty similar to the one at the Zoo. But not many kids around, as compared to the one at the Zoo, more kids seemed to be chaotic but it's better to have the crowd, the noise, made the whole thing more fun. The kids did enjoy themselves.

8. Left the Bird Park right after the waterplay as it started to drizzle. The kids dozed off after getting into the car. We drove slowly so that took about an hour nap. Reached Ang Mo Kio hub (been there for the very first time), and we watched the Lorax. Had dinner, did grocery shopping and went home.

A fun filled day! Totally enjoyable!
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What the kids at the childcare before being picked up by parents?

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The kids get to draw / colour / scribble a lot at the childcare centre, especially at the late hours when the kids are waiting to be picked up. It's unstructured activity, meaning the kids are given colour pencils and crayon and some papers, and they are left to draw what they want to.

Both Hao Re and Xi Yu are very excited to show me what they have drawn for the day as soon as they see me standing at the door waving to them.

These are what they drew on last Friday 20120316.

Hao Re said they were a house, a tree, blue sky, sun, some animals in the cages, and the tallest building is meant to be a station (?). Oh, and the second thing from the left is a rubbish bin :-)

While for Xi Yu. She said she drew a dinosaur, LOL!!

During our 2 visits to this childcare centre, their director/owner told us there will not be TV at all. And it's true that there was no TV at that time, only a big computer screen, which she said it's going to be used for teaching purpose. There were quite a lot of changes happened to this childcare in the past 2 months, the major one was the other branch was closed down so some students were transferred to this branch. Suddenly there were a lot of students. Both Hao Re's class (N2) and Xi Yu's (N1) have to be divided into 2 classes for better management of the kids. So the childcare is still making adjustments here and there.

During the past 2 months, I noticed that they have got a TV. So during the 5.30-7pm period, sometimes TV is turned on to entertain the kids. For the few instances that I saw the kids watching TV, it's mainly nursery rhymes, or phonics / learning kind of programs, and the kids are given the choice whether they want to watch TV or not. If they do not want to, they can engage in other activities. TV is not turned on on most of the day, that's a good thing. Unlike the 2 previous childcare Hao Re has been to and a few more that we have visited, children were left with no choice but to sit down and watch TV during that 1-2 hours period.

So, ya, I am not complaining. Not at all. I am totally okay with this, as we have no intention to cut the kids off the TV altogether, as long as they don't get too attached to it, and they are watching age appropriate programs.

On most of the day when the TV is not turned on, the kids are either having outdoor play at the playground, or drawing with chalk on the floor, or playing with toys, or drawing/colouring.

We are happy. And the kids are happy. So far so good **finger crossed** and hope things would only get better and better :-)))

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No more crying, finally!!

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It took Hao Re two months plus to FINALLY get use to and accept the new routine, the childcare, and other changes associated to our moving house. Xi Yu is doing much better than Hao Re, probably because she is still young, so just accepted whatever it is in front of her.

We have tried very hard to understand what Hao Re is thinking/feeling about his new school/routine. Wanted to know so much what made him refused to go to the childcare or rather cried so badly every morning when we dropped him off. We have eliminated the possible common causes like the childcare, the teachers, the classmates, etc, none of these seemed to be the linking to his crying. We have also used rewards of all sorts, reasoning, scolding, threatening, etc, and none seemed to be working.

We have even gone all the way to try to find out if this was due to his ex-classmate WJ, who was his best friend, whom he spent so much time with everyday for the past year. We knew he missed this best mate of him dearly, as they were very closed. Hao Re would tell me what WJ likes, the colors, the cartoons, the food, etc, they were chatting so much everyday like how we adults chatted. Their teachers said they couldn't be separated, they took nap side by side, had lunch and tea break together, did arts and crafts and worksheet together.

So I got the help of the principle of the ex-childcare, got into contact with WJ's mum, and asked if we can let the boys meet up. His mum was so happy that I contacted her. She immediately agreed to meet up. Because she had similar problem with her son!! Ever since Hao Re left that childcare, WJ had become very quiet. He refused to play with others, didn't want to talk, and isolated himself to a corner. So bad so that his parents decided to withdraw him from the childcare. He did much better at the new childcare and seemed to have pulled through this "tragedy". They are only 4 years old! So amazed by how strong their friendship is!!!

And so the boys met. They didn't glue to each other and they didn't chat at all, but we can feel that they were comforted after seeing each other. We promised to put in effort to let the boys meet up often, hoping this special friendship will continue to grow and flourish!

Then 2 weeks after the meet up, Hao Re decided he didn't want to cry anymore in the morning. He bid us goodbye and walked in to the childcare as what he should be. We are not sure if meeting up with his best mate has helped to soothe him.

Until now, we still don't know what exactly was the reason he cried so badly in the morning for the past 2 months. But that is not important anymore, isn't it?

Such a big relief to see them walk into the centre happily! One big big big load was taken off our shoulder, phew!! Hope the kids enjoy spending time at the childcare centre with their friends and teachers.

They were going for a field trip to Marina Barrage! In very good mood heading to school! Hao Re's first time wearing the school uniform (no stock for the past 2 months).

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Where have all the time gone???

It's unbelievable. Time just passes like that, day by day.

I am so exhausted after work nowadays. After cooking and feeding them dinner, played with them for a while, putting them to bed, it's already 11pm. Last time, I managed to stay up a little longer to do something, like housework, surfing net, blogging, FBing, etc. Be it for another hour or two, I managed to enjoy some "free" or "me" time, to at least complete some basis things that need to be done.

But lately. Toys left unkempt. Laundry left unfolded. Dishes left unwashed. Floor left uncleaned. No blog post posted. Less FB posts posted. I still stayed up a little longer after they go to bed, but mostly I was just stoning and not able to do anything, at all.


I noticed that since I started this current job, I am a lot more tired after work. Not because I have to do more work than my previous job, but it's the stress! It really has taken on me, I didn't realised it till I calmed down one day and reflected. Not only affected myself mentally and physically, it affected the entire family too. I have become such a terrible person to my kids and to my dearest husband, bad tempered and impatient.

I knew I need to do something about it. So I have tendered my resignation. I have made my priority very clear - family ALWAYS comes first, nothing can beat this. So for the sake of the family and my own wellness, I discussed with my hub and we decided I need to move on. My dear hub is forever supportive of me, thanks dear!

So, less than 2 months from now, I would be starting another job. A job that need no traveling - my main criteria set when I was looking for a job, and made it clear to my potential employers.

Things won't just change like magic once I change job. A huge lot of effort I need to put in to make myself becoming a better person - a loving and understanding wife, and a loving, caring, patient mum. To become to wife and mum that my hub and kids used to have.

I know I can do it. Give me some time, okay!
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Kids' arts is about the process......

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..... but not the outcome.

A piece of arts and crafts made by a young kid doesn't have to be perfect.
It doesn't have to be cut straight without any flaw.
It doesn't need to be colour till perfection.
It doesn't have to be in perfect symmetry.
It doesn't need to follow any logic (adult's perception to be exact).
It doesn't need to be made into a final usable or displayable product.

It is about enjoying the process and having fun.
It is about learning through play.
Gross and fine motor skills.
Spatial arrangement.
Learning new objects.
Mastering new tools.

So, just keep your cool (don't bother about the mess) and let them explore!

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Just another trip to the Zoo

It's not supposed to be a visit to the Zoo.

We wanted to visit Bird Park. We actually did go to Bird Park. We had breakfast at Bird Park. But when we were ready to start exploring, only to find out the waterplay was closed for maintenance :-((( That's the purpose we went to the Bird Park, to let the kids try out the new waterplay. And Hao Re had planted that idea in his mind, that Saturday MUST BE a day for waterplay.

(Note to self: remember to ring bird park before going down to make sure the waterplay is open)

(Just ranting: How could they close during weekends, thought maintenance is usually done on weekdays where there was less visitors, so less disappointment?)

Luckily, we managed to convince him that we could go to the Zoo and had the waterplay there. Nowadays, he threw tantrum, big tantrum very easily. Honestly. He is in a changing phase now. Don't know what he is thinking. Can only remind ourselves - be cool, be patient, be cool, be patient.......

Anyway. So the day ended up in the Zoo. Went to the waterplay straight!

The kids went off for their long waited waterplay on their own. We sat at the outdoor seats of the KFC and watched them from afar. They played for about an hour or so, and said they have enough. Had KFC for lunch and then continued with the playground. Then watched the animal show, went for all 3 of the rides, the carousel, the horse riding and the horse carriage. Spent almost 4 hours at the Kidzworld.

Hopefully we would make it to the waterplay at Bird Park soon (school holiday is coming and not sure we want to fight with the crowd).

Highlights of the day:

1. Rope rafting - they were on their own, Hao Re was doing very well, pulling the raft from one end to another all on his own! He just simply refused to leave, he was too proud of his achievement :-)

2. Carousel ride. They were very happy to get on this, have been a while.

3. Horse riding. Xi Yu looks so big on the horse. And she is very brave too!

4. Horse carriage. They were on their own, again. In fact, no adult was on the carriage. Just our 2 kids plus one older kid from another family. They survived :-)

After this trip, we realised they have grown up so much!!! So much so that we are okay to let them explore things on their own without tagging them along closely, even for things that are seemingly "dangerous" in many parents' eyes.

For Xi Yu, she is much more mature and takes instructions much better now, and most importantly, she starts to understands and knows the danger that she could land on. Probably she knows it could be hurtful if she does something silly, i.e., not to listen to us.

For Hao Re, he is always a very steady kid. He knows the limits, very very well. What's more in him, is that he loves his Meimei so much that his first and main priority will be taking care of his little sister when we are not there. More important than himself having fun. We trust him.

Oh dear, oh dear, how to slow down their growing up??? Though I want to have more "free" time from the kids, to have more couple time with hubby, who has been ignored/abandoned for the past few years, I am so dreading that one day (hope not too soon), the kids would say to me, "Mama, don't follow us, we don't need you, let us alone!".

Yes, yes, I know, I would definitely appreciate of the present moment, and enjoy every minute spent with them. But still, how to slow down their growing up???
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Stop LYNAS!!!

So emotional reading all the news and posts and watching all the clips.......

Why, why, why? Why LYNAS has come to destroy Malaysia?

The life of Malaysians are less precious than Australians?
At least Orang Utans are more precious than Kangaroos.

Though we are probably, maybe, a little more thick-skin than you, but not thick enough the shield away radioactive woh.

Though most of the Australians don't know Chinese, but ask those Chinese immigrants to translate and tell you what's the meaning of 己所不欲,勿施于人!

So angry to watch the clips where those people from LYNAS telling white lies on the screen. Hello, we are not fool!

Recycle radioactive waste and make money, damn you! Then do it at your country!

How can you still sleep? You really think it's REALLY, ACTUALLY okay, that it's REALLY, ACTUALLY SAFE? Make money by putting so many life at risk, how can you sleep?

Okay. We have those few stupid greedy moron Malaysians to blame, but still, why, why come to Malaysia? If you say there is no problem, there is no safety, no environment issue, why not do it at your countries?

What can we do? What can we do to stop this?

When do we know if the project will be call off or continue?

What about our people in Kuantan? What should they do? Those with families and young kids might have started to plan to move away? So worry for them.

What can we do?

STOP this, please!

Fxxx off, LYNAS!!!

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